1. April 17, 2014: Special Task Force on Racial Discrimination

  2. April 3, 2014: Special Task Force on Racial Discrimination

  3. Assembly Committee on Campus Climate

  4. March 20, 2014: Special Task Force on Racial Discrimination

  5. Michael Eric Dyson at SJSU

  6. March 6, 2014: Special Task Force on Racial Discrimination

  7. Feb. 21, 2014: Special Task Force on Racial Discrimination

  8. Feb. 6, 2014: Special Task Force on Racial Discrimination

  9. The Power of Philanthropy - Annual Giving

  10. The Power of Philanthropy -- Acceleration: The Campaign for San Jose State University

  11. Sammy Graduates: The Film

  12. SJSU Zip Car

  13. Spartan Vision: Football

  14. Spartan Vision: Campus Tour

  15. SJSU Global Dialogue Event 1/6: Starting the Dialogue (15:55 minutes)

  16. SJSU Global Dialogue Event 5/6: Role Play Demonstration of Scripts (12:22 minutes)

  17. SJSU Global Dialogue Event 6/6: Effective Dialogue (9:37 minutes)

  18. SJSU Global Dialogue Event 4/6: Role Play Exercise (11:36 minutes)

  19. SJSU Global Dialogue Event 3/6: Dialogue Skills, Tools and Concepts (6:42 minutes)

  20. SJSU Global Dialogue Event 2/6: Global Dialogue in a Multi-Cultural World (5:35 minutes)

  21. SJSU Beats Louisiana Tech 52-43

  22. SJSU Beats Idaho 45-13

  23. Spartans at the Movies: Campus MovieFest 2010

  24. Diploma Project SJSU

  25. Diploma Project State Universities

  26. Flipped: Reinventing Teaching

  27. SJSU Beats Navy 12-0!!

  28. The Ultimate Spartan, a Washington Square magazine web extra

  29. Spartans at Work: At Tesla, "It's Just a Great Work Environment to Learn and to Challenge Yourself"

  30. Spartans at Work: At the San Jose Rep, "I Get to Work With Kids and See Their Imagination Grow"

  31. Spartans at Work: At GGV Capital, I "Get to Meet Great Entrepreneurs"

  32. Spartans at Work: At Twitter, I Am More Sensitive Toward Different Cultural Perspectives

  33. Spartans at Work: At The Walt Disney Family Museum, I'm "Inspired to Keep Pursuing My Own Goals"

  34. Spartans at Work: At NASA Ames, "I'm Pursuing My Childhood Dream"

  35. Spartans at Work: At SolutionSet, "I'm Learning All the Steps From Conception to Final Product"

  36. Jenny Ming - SJSU's 2012 Commencement Speaker

  37. Major Decisions: Daniel Matthews Works Towards a Degree in Music

  38. Major Decisions: Jessica Savage Seeks a Degree in Broadcast Journalism

  39. Community Leaders Share Their Support for Mo Qayoumi

  40. Major Decisions: Alyssa Wong Takes on Sports Management

  41. You're Invited: Celebrate SJSU's Presidential Inauguration April 20

  42. Major Decisions: Kevin Cheong Pursues a B.F.A. in Graphic Design

  43. Major Decisions: Theodore Reid Talks About Being An SJSU Radio-Television-Film Major

  44. Dr. Du and Students Take Robotics to a New Level at SJSU

  45. SJSU Writing Center Gives Elementary Students Grammar Tips and a Glimpse of College

  46. SJSU Provost Search Candidate Visits: Ellen N. Junn

  47. SJSU Provost Search Candidate Visits: Timothy J.L. Chandler

  48. SJSU Provost Search Candidate Visits: Charles (Charlie) Bullock

  49. SJSU Homecoming 2011

  50. SJSU ESPN Commercial

  51. SJSU: Supporting Faculty Excellence

  52. SJSU: Shaping Tomorrows Leaders

  53. SJSU: Advancing Research That Matters

  54. SJSU: Powering Silicon Valley

  55. SJSU: Enriching Student Lives

  56. Spartans in Action: Special Event Management Team Training

  57. Acceleration: The Campaign for San José State University

  58. Fall Welcome Address 2011

  59. Alumnus Michael Hawk on photographing SJSU

  60. Freshmen Orientation 2011

  61. 7th Annual College of Science Student Research Day

  62. Spartans in Action: Students Create Chevy 7th Street Invasion Campaign

  63. SJSU 2011 Honors Convocation with Keynote by LA Times Columnist Steve Lopez

  64. Get Ready for 2011 Honors Convocation Celebrating Excellence at SJSU

  65. SJSU Students in Action: A Day Without Shoes

  66. College Life Causing Stress? SJSU Can Help!

  67. SJSU Hockey Team Gears Up for Tournament

  68. Spartan Daily Tests New iPhone App, Transforming Photojournalism

  69. Spartans In Action

  70. "Enrique Wrecks the World": SJSU Professors Earn Top Prizes for Films

  71. Reel Spartans: The History Behind The Music with Professor Gwendolyn Mok

  72. Reel Spartans: SJSU Student Cooks With Passion

  73. Why do international students choose SJSU?

  74. Why Are You Voting in the Upcoming Election?

  75. Why are you a nursing student?

  76. Students Come to See His Holiness the Dalai Lama

  77. Reel Spartans: Professor David Chai Brings Animation to Life

  78. SJSU - No Better Place to go to college!

  79. 2010 Fall Address: President Don Kassing Kicks-off New Academic Year

  80. How Do You Get To SJSU?