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    2014 Charge to the Class with Professor Greg Mitchell

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    2014 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal Talk with Kenneth R. Feinberg

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    2014 William Minor Lile Moot Court Competition

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    Marcia Coyle Delivers the Henry J. Abraham Distinguished Lecture at UVA Law

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    "The Law of Nations as Constitutional Law," Virginia Law Review Centennial Symposium Panel

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    Nina Morrison Discusses Michael Morton Case at UVA Criminal Law Symposium

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    Deputy General Counsel at World Bank Delivers Keynote at UVA Law Symposium on Development

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    UVA Law National Security Law Career Panel

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    "After Windsor," A UVA Law Talk on LGBT Rights Following United States v. Windsor

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    Linda Fairstein '72 Speaks on her Career as a Prosecutor

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    Staci Riordan Delivers Keynote at UVA Law Fashion Law Symposium

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    Community MLK Celebration at UVA Law with Justice John Charles Thomas '75

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    "Town of Greece v. Galloway" with UVA Law Professor Douglas Laycock

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    "A Constitutional History of the Long 1960s" with UVA Law Professor Risa Goluboff

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    "Must Government Ignore Racial Inequality?" with UVA Law Professor Kim Forde-Mazrui

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    "Compelled Commercial Speech," with Yale Law Dean Robert Post

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    "The Promise and Limits of Presidential Action on Climate Change," with Robert Sussman

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    "Legal Innovation and the Progress of Law," with Professor John Duffy

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    "What Every Lawyer Should Know About Client Relationships," with Jim Donovan

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    "Democracy as Consumption," with Professor Dan Ortiz

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    "Corporate Liability in U.S. Courts for Global Actions"

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    "The Struggle Over Secret Disclosures," with Ron Suskind and Kurt Wimmer

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    John W. Glynn, Jr. '65 on UVA's Law & Business Program

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    2013 Supreme Court Roundup

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    "Tips for Law School Success for Women"

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    The International Human Rights Clinic at UVA Law

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    UVA Law Class of 2016 Orientation Speaker Sarah Borders

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    The Child Advocacy Clinic at UVA Law

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    First-Year Oral Arguments at the University of Virginia School of Law

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    The Innocence Project Clinic at UVA Law

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    Author John Grisham Finds Troubled Story Behind "Innocent Man"

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    UVA Law Conference Examines Diversity in the Legal Profession

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    International Deal-Maker of the Year Philip Stopford L.L.M. '78 Offers Tips on Project Finance

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    Louise Sams '85 Welcomes UVA Law Class of 2010

  35. 35 Thumbnail

    John Charles Thomas '75 Welcomes UVA Law Class of 2009

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    UVA Law Professors Review Supreme Court Term, Rehnquist Legacy, 2005

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    Linda Fairstein '72 Describes Life as Top Sex Crimes Prosecutor

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    "Closing the Leadership Gap" with Governor Janet Napolitano '83

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    Earl Washington Case Shows Reforms to Death Penalty, Criminal Cases Needed, Peter Neufeld Says

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    Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Speaks on Supreme Court and Democracy

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    UVA Law and UVA Business Panelists Discuss Origins of Economic Crisis

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    UVA Law Professor George Yin Delivers Chair Lecture on Fiscal Responsibility

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    Federal Appeals Court Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III '72 Shares "View from the Bench"

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    Professional Responsibility and Ethics at UVA Law with Professor George Cohen

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    UVA Law Alumni Discuss Life as General Counsel

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    "How Constitutional Ideas Travel" with Professor A.E. Dick Howard

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    Dean Paul G. Mahoney on the State of UVA Law, May 2013

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    2013 UVA Law School Graduation Time-lapse

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    University of Virginia School of Law 2013 Graduation

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    Professor Anne Coughlin Discusses the Molly Pitcher Project

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    The Advocacy for the Elderly Clinic at the University of Virginia School of Law

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    Students Discuss the Supreme Court Litigation Clinic

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    "Drones, Detentions and the Dilemmas of 21st-Century Foreign Policy," with Anne-Marie Slaughter

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    2013 Charge to the Class with Professor Caleb Nelson

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    FBI Director Robert Mueller at UVA Law

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    2013 William Minor Lile Moot Court Competition

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    "Religious Liberty and the Culture Wars," with UVA Law Professor Douglas Laycock

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    "Eyewitness Memory and the Social Science Research"

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    Richard Hasen on the State of Election Law After the 2012 Election

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    "The Law of Agency," with University of Virginia School of Law Vice Dean George Geis

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    The Prosecution Clinic at the University of Virginia School of Law

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    "Fact and Fiction: The Role of Super PACs in the 2012 Elections"

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    "Poverty as Disability: Neuroscience, Poor Children and Special Education"

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    Professor Risa Goluboff Discusses Brown v. Board of Education

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    "Democracy and Markets in Criminal Adjudication"

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    "The Fight to Fight: Eliminating the Ban on Women in Combat"

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    'The Capitalist Dilemma: Disruptive Technology in a Recovering Economy,' with Clayton Christensen

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    "The Arab Spring and the Future of the Arab World," with Ahmad Masa'deh LL.M. '92

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    "Bending Toward Justice: The Struggle for Civil Rights Today," with Mary Bauer '90

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    "Finding Your Voice in Law School: Mastering Classroom Cold Calls and Other Verbal Challenges"

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    "Effective Visual Presentations": Inside the Classroom with Professor Molly Shadel

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    "Civil Rights in the Shadow of Slavery"

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    How to Be a Better Public Speaker, with UVA Law Professor Molly Shadel

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    The Public Speaking Program at Virginia Law

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    "Too Big to Jail?" A Student Scholarly Lunch with UVA Law Professor Brandon Garrett

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    Human Rights Career Panel at UVA Law

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    Judge Paul Michel on the U.S. Patent System, UVA Law School Symposium

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    Virginia Assistant Attorney General Michelle Welch Discusses Animal Cruelty Laws at UVA Symposium

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    Virginia Law Community Members Sign Diversity Pledge

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    Becoming a Law Professor

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    2012 Supreme Court Roundup

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    Using Technology to Teach Leonard v. Pepsico

  83. 83 Thumbnail

    Using Technology to Teach the Capacity Doctrine in Professor Rip Verkerke's Contracts Course

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    Transactional Law Clinic at the University of Virginia School of Law

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    Class of 2015 Orientation Address, with Rebecca Vallas '09

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    Nonprofit Clinic at the University of Virginia School of Law

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    "The Knockoff Economy: How Imitation Sparks Innovation"

  88. 88 Thumbnail

    First Amendment Clinic at the University of Virginia School of Law

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    Health Law at the University of Virginia School of Law

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    Retiring Professor Jeffrey O'Connell Speaks at Alumni Weekend