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  1. 313-2 Scrapbook Soup host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer uses glue as paint to create a unique resist

  2. 312-1 Joe Rotella creates a mini book from a three dimensional kaleidoscope on Scrapbook Soup

  3. 311-2 Kelly Purkey demonstrates scrapbook sketches on Scrapbook Soup

  4. 310-2 Ronda Palazzari changes patterned paper into unique embellishments on Scrapbook Soup

  5. 309-2 Nancy Nally creates a project life page using Instagram photos on Scrapbook Soup

  6. 308-2 Build on a core to add dimension with Stacey Caron for a cherished layout on Scrapbook Soup

  7. 307-2 Learn about packing tape photo transfer with Sara Naumann on Scrapbook Soup

  8. 306-5 Scrapbook Soup host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer com demonstrates easy doodling

  9. 306-1 Scrapbook Soup host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer combines art techniques with using gesso

  10. 305-2 Make a die cut frame with Jenny Barnett Rohrs on Scrapbook Soup

  11. 304-5 Joe Rotella creates an owl tote bag using Kaleidoscope software on Scrapbook Soup

  12. 304-3 Celebrate daily life using a scrapbook grid layout designed by Ali Edwards on Scrapbook Soup

  13. 303-2 Paula Nelson-Hart creates a vintage collage layout using paints on Scrapbook Soup

  14. 302-2 Sara Naumann demonstrates tasty treat cards featuring a lemonade stand on Scrapbook Soup

  15. 302-1 Scrapbook Soup host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shows how to create lacy pop up cards

  16. 301-4 Learn how to make a project life double page spread with Ali Edwards on Scrapbook Soup

  17. 301-2 Learn a heat embossing technique with Kelly Purkey on Scrapbook Soup

  18. 301-1 Scrapbook Soup host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer uses a resist technique to embellish a scrapbook page

  19. 212-4 Jenny Barnett Rohrs has some tips for using tools to make crafting easier on Scrapbook Soup

  20. 208-1 Host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shows how to make a template for your doodles on Scrapbook Soup

  21. 207-1 Host Julie McGuffee shows how to create a wildlife photo on canvas on Scrapbook Soup

  22. 206-3 Host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer uses old photos to create a welcome banner on Scrapbook Soup

  23. 206-1 Stacey Caron uses a die cut machine to embellish butterfly party favors on Scrapbook Soup

  24. 205-4 Marion Emberson enhances 3D embellishments with embossing powder on Scrapbook Soup

  25. 204-3 Host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer presents a lettering tutorial on Scrapbook Soup

  26. 203-3 Nancy Nally shows how to make your scrapbooking more contemporary on Scrapbook Soup

  27. 203-1 Marion Emberson demonstrates uses embossing powders for card design on Scrapbook Soup

  28. 202-4 Joe Rotella shares ideas for storing memorabilia within an album on Scrapbook Soup

  29. 202-1 Host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer creates a micro album on Scrapbook Soup

  30. 201-3 Joe Rotella discusses how to maximize your time online on Scrapbook Soup

  31. 201-2 Patty Debowski teaches how to use software & online resources on Scrapbook Soup

  32. 212-3 Suzy West uses translucent embossing powders to embellish gift tags on Scrapbook Soup

  33. 212-1 Host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer remakes a card with transparent inks on Scrapbook Soup

  34. 211-4 Stacey Caron creates a baby page layout on Scrapbook Soup

  35. 211-1 Patty Debowski uses a printer to print right on 12 x 12 paper on Scrapbook Soup

  36. 210-4 Host Julie McGuffee shows how to make a kid's bulletin or dry erase board on Scrapbook Soup

  37. 210-1 Host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer uses kaleidoscope software for a framed design on Scrapbook Soup

  38. 209-2 Susan Lenart Kazmer creates an altered journal cover on Scrapbook Soup

  39. 112-1 Jenn Mason shows how to create a recycled pocket journal on Scrapbook Soup

  40. 110-1 Julie Fei-Fan Balzer demonstrates simple art journaling on Scrapbook Soup

  41. 109-3 Julie Fei-Fan Balzer decorates drawer knobs with colored pens on Scrapbook Soup

  42. 104-1 Julie Fei-Fan Balzer uses pen and ink techniques on calling cards on Scrapbook Soup

  43. 103-2 Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shows how to make zentangle earrings on Scrapbook Soup

  44. 113-2 Julianna Hudgins creates embellished journal using die cutting machine on Scrapbook Soup

  45. 111-2 Julie Fei-Fan Balzer uses oil pastels with a scratch art technique on Scrapbook Soup

  46. 109-4 Julie Fei-Fan Balzer uses software to create funky kaleidoscope pendants on Scrapbook Soup

  47. 109-2 Lynell Harlow uses double glitter techniques for card designs on Scrapbook Soup

  48. 107-3 Jo Pearson shows how to make a canvas wall hanging on Scrapbook Soup

  49. 106-1 Jenn Mason shows how to create a 3D mixed media shadow box on Scrapbook Soup

  50. 105-1 Jo Pearson demonstrates fun and festive banners on Scrapbook Soup

  51. 102-4 Kathy Peterson gives tips for designing a military shadow box on Scrapbook Soup

  52. 101-1 Julie Fei-Fan Balzer demos a technique for upcycling wrapping paper on Scrapbook Soup