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Boehner Brine Recipe updated here: http://youtu.be/7rnrlikPjeQ

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Published on Mar 28, 2012

For the Boehner Brine video, visit here: http://youtu.be/7rnrlikPjeQ
"Ours is the only responsible budget in town," House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) says in this video released to coincide with the beginning of floor consideration on Republicans' fiscal year 2013 budget resolution, and "all the effort Democrats put into attacking it would be better spent offering a credible alternative." The White House's budget, Boehner notes, would lead to more spending and higher taxes, while the Democratic-controlled Senate hasn't even passed a budget in more than 1,000 days.


  1. 373

    If the President Is Looking for a To-Do List, Start with House-Passed Jobs Bills

  2. 374

    "All Options Are On the Table" re: Fast & Furious

  3. 375

    Speaker Boehner on "Free People & Free Markets: A Vision for the Future of the Americas"

  4. 376

    House Votes to Stop Student Loan Rates from Doubling

  5. 377

    White House Should Reimburse Taxpayers for Cost of Campaign Trips

  6. 378

    Obama Administration Believes Govt Should Control Internet

  7. 379

    House Will Vote to Extend Student Loan Rates, Cut ObamaCare Slush Fund

  8. 380

    The House Celebrates the Life of the Late Rep. Donald M. Payne

  9. 381

    House GOP Continues Focus on Jobs with Action on Keystone Pipeline, Cybersecurity Bills

  10. 382

    Challenging POTUS to Stop the Gimmicks & Start Working with GOP on Jobs & Gas Prices

  11. 383

    Welcome to Ohio, Mr. President

  12. 384

    Highlighting House Action on Small Business Tax Cut, Keystone Pipeline Bills

  13. 385

    On Tax Day, Keeping Our Pledge to Focus on Jobs & Small Businesses

  14. 386

    President Obama's Policies "Have Only Made Things Worse"

  15. 387

    21st Annual Eighth District Farm Forum

  16. 388

    Weekly Republican Address: Challenging President Obama to Back House-Passed Energy Bills

  17. 389

    Boehner Calls for Passage of GOP's "Path to Prosperity" Budget

  18. 390

    House Honors Outgoing Parliamentarian John Sullivan

  19. 391

    Taxpayers Deserve the Truth About Failed Solyndra-Style 'Stimulus' Loans

  20. 392

    2012 Congressional Art Competition "An Artistic Discovery"

  21. 393

    Time for Senate Dems to "Step Up to the Plate" & Offer a Budget

  22. 394

    #ObamaGap Between Words & Actions on Energy

  23. 395

    Only Way to Truly Fix ObamaCare Is to Fully Repeal It

  24. 396

    2012 Eighth District Farm Forum

  25. 397

    Democrats Upset with House GOP for Cutting Spending

  26. 398

    Senate Should Quickly Pass Bipartisan JOBS Act

  27. 399

    President Owes Americans Explanation for Lobbying Against Keystone Energy Jobs

  28. 400

    Previewing House Action on Bipartisan Energy & Jobs Bills

  29. 401

    Highlighting Areas of Common Ground Waiting on Action in Dem Senate

  30. 402

    Discussing WH Meeting on House-Passed Energy Bills & JOBS Act

  31. 403

    Boehner Calls for Passage of CA Farming Jobs Bill

  32. 404

    Remarks at the Unveiling of Marker Commemorating Slave Laborers of U.S. Capitol

  33. 405

    Speaker Boehner, GOP Leaders Unveil Bipartisan JOBS Act

  34. 406

    "About Damn Time That We Actually Have a National Energy Policy"

  35. 407

    POTUS' "All-of-the-Above" Rhetoric Doesn't Match Energy Record

  36. 408

    Justice Dept Must Be Held Accountable for 'Fast & Furious'

  37. 409

    House Will Pass Bipartisan Relief Package Because President's Economic Policies Have Failed

  38. 410

    President's Budget "Shows a Real Lack of Leadership"

  39. 411

    A 180-Degree Turn from POTUS' Failed 'Stimulus' Approach

  40. 412

    Obama Admin. Attack on Religious Freedom "Will Not Stand"

  41. 413

    Senate Dems "Have Never Come to the Table" with Responsible Payroll Tax Plan

  42. 414

    We Must Do Better

  43. 415

    Senate Dems Delaying Jobs Bills Backed by POTUS

  44. 416

    Boehner Highlights American Energy & Infrastructure Jobs Act

  45. 417

    American Energy & Infrastructure Jobs Act

  46. 418

    Waiting for Senate Democrats' Full-Year Payroll Tax Relief Plan

  47. 419

    Interview with ABC's Jake Tapper on GOP Jobs Bills

  48. 420

    Republican Address to the Nation: Gov. Mitch Daniels

  49. 421

    Boehner on CBS Evening News: The President's Economic Policies Have Failed

  50. 422

    State of the Union Preview

  51. 423

    Ask Your Question Using #SOTUGOP or on GOP.gov/SOTU

  52. 424

    Speaker Boehner Discusses Jobs on Fox News Sunday

  53. 425

    Republican Address to the Nation

  54. 426

    President Obama's Policies "Hurting the Ability of Small Businesses to Create Jobs"

  55. 427

    COMING SOON: 1000 Days Without a Budget

  56. 428

    "This is Not the End of the Fight" for Keystone Energy Jobs

  57. 429

    "Jobs Bill After Jobs Bill" Has Been Blocked by Democratic-Run Senate

  58. 430

    Obama Admin Policies Have "Made the Economy Worse"

  59. 431

    Behind the Scenes in Mexico City: U.S.-Mexico Jobs Talks

  60. 432

    If you were president...

  61. 433

    Behind the Scenes in Bogota: Speaker Boehner & President Santos

  62. 434

    Speaker Boehner Discusses Energy & Jobs With Brazilian Reporters

  63. 435

    Speaker Boehner Visits Economic Renewal Site in Rio's Videgal Favela

  64. 436

    A Special Holiday Message from Congressman Boehner

  65. 437

    Efforts to Enact a Full-Year Extension of Payroll Tax Relief Continue

  66. 438

    A Mere Two-Month Extension of Payroll Tax Cut May Hamper Job Creation

  67. 439

    "We're Here, We're Ready to Work" to Extend Full-Year Payroll Tax Relief

  68. 440

    President Must Call on Senate Dems to Sit Down & Work Towards Full-Year Payroll Tax Cut Extension

  69. 441

    Let's Do This Once and Let's Do This the Right Way for Once

  70. 442

    On Extending Payroll Tax Relief for a Full Year: "Let's Solve This Problem Now"

  71. 443

    Speaker Boehner Honors Sir Winston Churchill

  72. 444

    Full-Year Payroll Tax Cut Extension Needed to Give Job Creators Certainty

  73. 445

    Speaker Boehner Observes Moment of Silence for End of US Military Operations in Iraq

  74. 446

    Bipartisan Path Forward to Fund the Government, Help Create New Jobs

  75. 447

    Democrats Should Stop Holding Government Funding Hostage

  76. 448

    "Outrageous": Dems Hold Government Funding Hostage, Risking Shutdown

  77. 449

    Boehner Discusses Keystone Pipeline with Politico

  78. 450

    Boehner Urges Senate Democrats to Act on Bipartisan Jobs Proposals

  79. 451

    Now Senate Democrats Must Act

  80. 452

    A "Big Step Toward Creating Jobs in America"

  81. 453

    Only Thing "Arbitrary" is POTUS' Decision to Delay Action on Keystone Jobs Initiative

  82. 454

    House to Vote on Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act

  83. 455

    Weekly Republican Address: Speaker Boehner on the Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act

  84. 456

    American People 'Can't Wait' for Keystone XL Pipeline Jobs

  85. 457

    TIME-LAPSE: The 2011 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

  86. 458

    Speaker Boehner: REINS Act Is Great Example of How the House Is Listening & Acting on Jobs

  87. 459

    Speaker Boehner Lights the Capitol Christmas Tree

  88. 460

    Speaker Boehner Update on GOP Jobs Plan

  89. 461

    Boehner: "The American People Want Action on Jobs, and They Want It Now"

  90. 462

    Boehner: GOP Ready to Work with Dems on Jobs, Payroll Tax Break Extension

  91. 463

    Speaker Boehner Honors Gabe Zimmerman, First Congressional Staffer Killed in Line of Duty

  92. 464

    "No Debate" That Payroll Tax Break Must Be Paid For

  93. 465

    Boehner Highlights House Action on Bipartisan Jobs Bills, Calls on Senate Democrats to Act

  94. 466

    GOP Highlights American Energy Production & Infrastructure Jobs Bill

  95. 467

    Boehner Highlights American Energy Production & Infrastructure Jobs Bill

  96. 468

    Norah Jones Sings 'America the Beautiful' at Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony

  97. 469

    Speaker Boehner Remarks at NASA Gold Medal Ceremony

  98. 470

    Boehner Urges Senate Dems to Consider 20 House-Passed Jobs Bills

  99. 471

    Speaker Boehner on ABC's "This Week"

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