1. What i got for 2012 christmas!!

  2. I got some tech deck stuff from my dads mom for 2012 Christmas Eve

  3. I got a tech deck ryan sheckler new and thrashed and some of my current plan b tech decks!!

  4. I got a tech deck penny board from my local Walmart

  5. I got the pretty sweet film unboxing featuring sean malto!!!

  6. a tech deck november 2012 mini sesh!!

  7. Unboxing the stuff i won from a ricta facebook giveaway

  8. my real life sk8boarding slow mode test video!!

  9. the best of mike esinhuars and pkyle146's summer 2012 vidoes!!

  10. action shot camera bike test video (not dirt bike)

  11. action shot camera skateboard test video!!!

  12. me unboxing my dads birthday gifts including sk8 stuff

  13. one of my home made tech deck sk8parks at one of my grandmas house!!

  14. mike eisnhaurs 2012 trick line summer clips!!

  15. me unboxing some street league tech deck/fingerboards toys from target!!

  16. a 2012 birthday unboxing from 1 of my best youtube friends fssrocking!!!

  17. my freind ryan doing a couple fakie big spins at basil skatepark in greece ny

  18. unboxing my street league mikey taylor flex figure

  19. I'm working on my Ollie's on my tech decks

  20. unboxing my alien workshop tech deck sk8 shop set!!

  21. a shout out video for fssrockings 2012 14th birthday!!

  22. some quater pipe free styleing!!

  23. an august 2012 tech deck film

  24. My custom made Ryan sheckler park in skate 3 on Xbox 360

  25. i got 2 of rob dyrdek purple silver trucks from zumiez+unboxing some 2012 street league stuff !!!

  26. A recap of my small tiny basement skatepark !!!

  27. my summer movie for 2012!!

  28. 2012 june 21st go skateboard day video with my freinds

  29. my random sk8 video!!!!

  30. go check out jdog2231 youtube channel!!!

  31. a tech deck ryan sheckler warehouse 04 review and some of my plan b tech decks

  32. all my current gold and white dipped tech decks plus one extra board.

  33. SOME cool finger boards i found at my local dollar tree store

  34. my tiny basement skatepark skateboarding video!!

  35. mike esihnhuar doing a short skate line.

  36. mike eisenhour doing a perfect switch trey flip off a drop in ramp at basil skate park in greece ny

  37. cullen yager doing some tricks at basil skate park in greece ny.

  38. random tech decking

  39. A custom made xgames obi course that I made.

  40. Me taking off from Rochester International ny airport at 6:00 am on feb break 2011

  41. remembering sarah burke part 2 winter x 2012

  42. remembering sarah burke r.i.p part1 winter x 2012

  43. my girl skate brand sk8ologly tech deck review

  44. my review of tech deck wood competion boards

  45. tech deck stuff i got for christmas 2011

  46. a quik unboxing from bubba3165

  47. old fss 2 finger tuseday homework asseinment.

  48. Skate 3 intro For the xbox 360 game

  49. One of my favorite finger sports videos.

  50. another awsome tech deck/fingerboard unboxing from oliviaogden

  51. Me practicing a 50-50 grind in real life

  52. My first 50-50 grind in real life

  53. an unboxing tech deck trade from olivia ogden

  54. pkyle146's ROBLOX video at a xgames place on roblox

  55. Me tech decking at shcool when i got bored part1

  56. Some paul Rodriguez tech decks sets I got and a xgames picnic table.

  57. pkyle146's ROBLOX video on megaramp

  58. Mike eisenhauer doing a 50-50 grind

  59. Eric eisenhaur which is mike eisenhaurs twin brother doing a 180. Big flip at basil skatepark

  60. Mike Eisenhauer doing an awsome tre flip at basil skate park in greece

  61. Mike Eisenhauer trying to do a 50-50 grin d 180 off off a hubba

  62. Mike Eisenhauer doing a 50-50 off of a hubba at basil skatepark in greece ny

  63. Mike Eisenhauer doing a 50-5 at basil skatepark in greece ny

  64. an old skateboarding vid of me at basil skate park in greece ny.

  65. me opening mail from jdog2231 its a prize/present for my b-day

  66. the yes and no argument with Talking Ben

  67. my rare gold plated plan b tech deck!!!!

  68. one of my freinds going down a Drop in ramp at basil skate park in greece ny.

  69. my 1st tech deck slow mo movie???

  70. me opening awsome mail from finger skate selective including his fss chair???

  71. my all nighter tech deck halfpipe sesh on my almost cheese and crackers halfpipe

  72. my review on the tech almost cheese and crackers halfpipe from target

  73. me using manycam to be funny lolzing

  74. me and my little brother doing a tech deck mini skate game

  75. a awsome mail opening from finger skate selective??? and some news for fssrocking

  76. a letter i got from fssrocking in the mail????

  77. a reveiw on a x stunz ramp with a flic trix bike

  78. Me scaring my grandma while she is sleeping very funny.

  79. Talking Ben me talking to ben on the phone

  80. Talking Ben me being funny

  81. A Random old tech deck video I did

  82. I got some mini tech decks from target

  83. a nerf zombie movie

  84. a zombie movie does have 2 swear words in the video.

  85. Are tech decks/finger boards better than skateboarding in real life??

  86. a shout out video to finger skate selective and some mini tech decks I got only at target.

  87. what i got in the mail from nerf the 50 free darts giveaway

  88. my dog snoring and sleeping on my bed

  89. my cool nerf basketball idea

  90. my little bostin terrier howling

  91. my cool skateboard idea

  92. me and my freind skateboarding my 1st sakteboarding vid

  93. my first edited tech deck video !!!!

  94. me using some many cam specail effects

  95. a nerf dart tag target system review

  96. Nerf war bloopers

  97. my 2 year old little brother jason

  98. nerf war funnys and setting up a nerf arena.

  99. me and my brother nerf battiling in my small bedroom arena