1. Kuhn on Scientific Progress and Relativism of Truth (Lecture 8, Part 2 of 3)

  2. Thomas Kuhn on the Incommensurability of Paradigms (Lecture 8, Part 1 of 3)

  3. Kuhn on Scientific Revolutions (Lecture 7, part 2 of 2)

  4. Thomas Kuhn on Normal Science (Lecture 7, Part 1 of 2)

  5. Problems with Popperian Falsificationism (Lecture 6, Video 3 of 3)

  6. Popper on Demarcation Science vs Pseudoscience (Lecture 6, Video 2 of 3)

  7. Popper on Observation and Hypotheses (Lecture 6, Video 1 of 3)

  8. The Hypothetico-Deductive Method and The Ravens Paradox (Lecture 5, Video 2 of 3)

  9. The Problem of Induction and Russell's Chicken (Lecture 5, video #1 of 3)

  10. Goodman's New Riddle of Induction (Lecture 5, video #3 of 3)

  11. Where is the Love? Three Theories on the Nature of Love

  12. Dying Without God

  13. My Discussion with TogetherForPeace on Gay Marriage (Part 4 of 4)

  14. My Discussion with TogetherForPeace on Gay Marriage (Part 3 of 4)

  15. My Discussion with TogetherForPeace on Gay Marriage (Part 2 of 4)

  16. My Discussion with TogetherForPeace on Gay Marriage (Part 1 of 4)

  17. Interviews & BlogTV

  18. Games of Life and Death

  19. Badasses in the History of Science: Archimedes

  20. Badasses in the History of Science (Teaser)

  21. Cthulhu Strong

  22. What's so Queer About Gay Marriage?

  23. Death Penalty Follow Up

  24. The Death Penalty and the Strange Paradox of Innocence

  25. Rapture BlogTV, and Doctors Without Borders Charity Event

  26. The Kalam Cosmological Fallacy: A Brief History of the Failures of Intuition

  27. You Have No Idea How Wrong You Are

  28. We All Preach The End of the World

  29. Coming Distractions

  30. Insane Clown Posse feat. Bill O'Reilly -- Miracles (You Can't Explain That.)

  31. Life Feeds on Life, Evil Feeds on Ignorance

  32. How to Dissolve the Problem of Free Will and Determinism

  33. Consuming Kids

  34. Faith, Certainty and Doubt--Kierkegaard and c0nc0rdance

  35. Euthyphro's Trilemma

  36. The Messy Objective/Subjective Distinction

  37. Thoughts on Jared Lee Loughner

  38. One day, Pablo PIcasso was on a Train... (A Defense of Modern Art)

  39. William Lane Craig is not the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics

  40. In Praise of Failure (or "If At First You Don't Succeed, Fail, Fail Again.")

  41. A Moment in Intellectual History

  42. The Damnation of Philosophy

  43. The Fall of Logical Positivism (Part 4-3)

  44. The Rise of Logical Positivism (Part 4-2)

  45. Classical Empiricism and Logical Positivism (Part 4-1)

  46. How Does Science Work? Three Views (Part 3-1)

  47. A Brief History of Science, Part 3: The Copernican Revolution to the Neo-Darwinian Synthesis (2-3)

  48. More on Misology: Using Reason Against Reason

  49. The League of Christian Misology

  50. A Brief History of Science, Part 2: Renaissance to the Copernican Revolution (Part 2-2)

  51. A Few Facts and One Lie

  52. A Brief History of Science: Antiquity to the Late Middle Ages (Part 2-1)

  53. Two Statues: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science (Part 1-1)

  54. Noelplum99's Naive Moral Relativism

  55. Evidence for Skepticism

  56. A Statisical Portrait of Abortion in the US

  57. Fetal Pain, Fetal Consciousness and Abortion

  58. Why aren't there more one-eyed Christians?

  59. Do Christians Really Believe What They Think They Believe? An Introduction

  60. Rebellion

  61. The Ethics of Belief: a Critique of Clifford's Evidentialism

  62. More on Miracles

  63. The Treachery of Images of Muhammad

  64. Why (And How) I am Participating in Everybody Draw Mohammad Day

  65. Mereology is a Harsh Mistress: Why William Lane Craig (and migkillertwo) are wrong

  66. You'll Never Believe How Close We Came

  67. On Virtue Ethics

  68. Upon Meeting God - A Clarificaiton

  69. Glenn Beck Answers My Question!

  70. 1 Answer for Veritas

  71. Antybu on Moral Vegetarianism

  72. Antybu on Vegetarianism

  73. Unsung Philosophers: Blaise Pascal

  74. My Moment of Status Anxiety

  75. Free Will and Divine Foreknowledge

  76. Apologies, Gratitude and Promises

  77. Militant Apatheism-Sketch of an Argument (3 of 3)

  78. Militant Apatheism-Sketch of an Argument (2 of 3)

  79. Militant Apatheism-Sketch of an Argument (1 of 3)

  80. Logic and Belief (A Response to Matt Dillahunty)

  81. What is defamation? (A lesson for HowTheWorldWorks)

  82. Miracles Prove Nothing

  83. What if Glenn Beck is Actually Mentally Retarded?

  84. How Could You Know It's GOD? (A Response to Theoretical Bullshit)

  85. Aborting Mind-Body Dualism (Part 2: Rebutting Migkillertwo's Arguments)

  86. Aborting Mind-Body Dualism (Part 1: A Primer on Mind-Body Dualism)

  87. Portrait of an Apatheist: Sisyphus Redeemed

  88. Disproving Biblical Literalism (In Three Words)

  89. Evil, Free Will and the Library of Babel

  90. Secular Humanism and Transcendent Morality (2 of 2)

  91. Secular Humanism and Transcendent Morality (1 of 2)

  92. A Moral and Legal Thought Experiment

  93. Atheism and Faith

  94. Schrodinger's Cat TAGs Logical Absolutes (in the Nuts)

  95. Thoughts on the Burka (Reply to XOmniverse)

  96. Do We Choose What We Believe

  97. Is the Violinist Analogous to a Fetus? (A Reply to MiggetyMike1)

  98. Bid Time Return (A Response to Migkillertwo on Arm-Chair Philosophy)

  99. Designing Women (And Men)