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  1. Sunshine and a little warmer today

  2. Much cooler tonight

  3. Yet another cool down

  4. Hottest day of year so far today, major cool down tomorrow

  5. Summer sunshine and heat on the way!

  6. Sun and heat to start the week

  7. [Deleted Video]

  8. Hotter weather coming

  9. Summer is coming back!

  10. Chilly tonight, then a warming trend begins

  11. Possible record cold high temps today

  12. Weather repeats, then improves

  13. Chilly rain and a breeze Tuesday

  14. A couple of cool days with some rain

  15. Warm today, then a taste of Fall tomorrow!

  16. Storms likely overnight

  17. Unsettled weekend weather

  18. Great Friday, stormy weekend ahead!

  19. Cool tonight, warm tomorrow afternoon

  20. Sunshine ahead for Mid-Michigan!

  21. A few more showers today

  22. Cooler temps, some rain continues

  23. More showers and storms today

  24. Morning storms possible again

  25. Sunny skies ahead after last night's storms

  26. A beautiful Independence Day ahead!

  27. Beautiful weather for the 4th

  28. Rain now, but a great fireworks and Independence Day forecast ahead!

  29. Chance of rain continues tomorrow

  30. Rain showers return today

  31. Cooler air arriving

  32. Severe storms are gone, nice day ahead!

  33. Damaging winds possible tonight

  34. Chance for severe thunderstorms today and tonight

  35. Slight severe threat late Monday

  36. Weekend heat, storms

  37. Sunny skies today and tomorrow, storms return Sunday

  38. Get ready for a mini heat wave!

  39. Humidity leaves, sunshine returns!

  40. Decreasing clouds today with isolated storms

  41. A soaking rain on the way

  42. Non severe storms expected

  43. Showers & storms today, isolated severe risk

  44. Time to welcome heat and more rain

  45. And now the summer begins

  46. First day of summer Saturday

  47. Scattered showers and storms today

  48. Thunderstorms make a quick return

  49. No storms today!

  50. Storms move south of us Thursday

  51. Several rounds of storms today, some severe

  52. Heat and humidity will trigger storms

  53. Hottest day of the year so far!

  54. Fathers Day forecast

  55. Father's Day weekend forecast looks great!

  56. Major cool down coming

  57. Storms, cooler weather, then Father's Day heat

  58. Scattered showers today

  59. Rain returns late today into tonight

  60. Needed rain on the way

  61. Monday sun-day with rain on the way

  62. Sun for weekend start

  63. Beautiful weather ahead!

  64. Sunshine returning, but waiting for warmer temps

  65. Gusty winds today

  66. A break from the storms is coming

  67. Showers and storms today

  68. Sun ends the weekend, week starts with rain

  69. Hello Summer!!!

  70. Cool nights, warm afternoons

  71. Great stretch of weather ahead!

  72. Showers move away for awhile

  73. Lower humidity and a little cooler today

  74. Cooler, more comfortable weather

  75. Showers and thunderstorms today

  76. Memorial Day Forecast is looking great!

  77. More sun, a little rain, on the way for Memorial Day

  78. Memorial Day Weekend Forecast!

  79. Drier weather returns, fantastic holiday weekend forecast!

  80. Another risk for strong storms this afternoon

  81. Storms end, nice weather begins

  82. Showers & storms today, isolated severe risk

  83. Spring warmth this week!

  84. Warming up with more sun than rain next week

  85. Staying chilly but relief is on the way

  86. The chill hangs on

  87. More rain and cool temps

  88. A cold, wet Thursday

  89. Another soaker on the way

  90. The rain just won't go away!

  91. Another chance for strong storms and flooding today

  92. More rain, then a cool down

  93. Severe thunderstorms likely today

  94. Severe threat Monday and Tuesday

  95. Mother's Day storm chance

  96. Storms today, some strong to severe

  97. Another round of storms

  98. A taste of Summer today in Mid-Michigan!

  99. More sun, warmer temps

  100. Showers & storms today, 81º tomorrow!

  101. Warm and sunny day today

  102. From frosty to thunderstorms

  103. Cinco de Mayo forecast!

  104. May the 4th be with this frosty then hot forecast

  105. Frost, heat, and storms

  106. Another day of clouds & showers, better weather soon!

  107. Finally, a month that's warmer than average!

  108. More clouds and rain today

  109. Colder with scattered light showers

  110. Another round of showers and storms

  111. Strong to severe storms possible

  112. Warmer with more rain

  113. Rain for the next 7 days?

  114. Staying cool this weekend

  115. Next storm brings rain and cooler weather

  116. Milder, but wetter weather coming

  117. Slight warm up ahead!

  118. A chilly last week of April

  119. 25-30º colder today

  120. Temps take a nose dive!

  121. Last really warm day

  122. Mid 70's for another day

  123. Sunny Easter weekend ahead

  124. A beautiful Easter weekend ahead!

  125. Warmer weather has returned!

  126. Lower water, higher temps

  127. Record breaking cold this morning

  128. From record cold back to 60

  129. Frigid cold behind last night's snow

  130. Here comes the snow

  131. Flooding, 45º temp drop, and snow!

  132. Warm weather replaced by the cold next week

  133. 60s for highs today!

  134. An April variety of weather

  135. Mid-50s and sunny skies today!

  136. Cooler tomorrow, but warmer air will return

  137. 60's in the forecast, plus Loons Home Opener!

  138. Selective showers

  139. AM sunshine, PM rain showers

  140. In comes the rain, and in comes the heat

  141. Only one day below 50

  142. Wind Advisory begins at 3 PM

  143. April thundershowers

  144. A light icing coming

  145. Nice today, wintry mix tomorrow morning

  146. One of our coldest Marches ever!

  147. Another warm day today!

  148. Cooler with a few showers

  149. Warmest day since Mid-November!

  150. Spring has finally arrived in Mid-Michigan!

  151. Rain/snow mess to end work week, 50s coming soon!

  152. Next storm arrives tonight, brings warmer weather

  153. Temperatures hit rock bottom

  154. Snow showers today, more on the way

  155. Light at the end of the snow tunnel

  156. Winter... give up already!

  157. Rain and snow tonight

  158. No Spring for us just yet... snow returns tonight!

  159. Mild Friday, then temps crash again

  160. Wild temperature swings ahead!

  161. Last day of Winter!

  162. Soggy weather ahead

  163. A return to more normal temps

  164. Brief taste of Spring today

  165. A mild end to the workweek!

  166. Winter today, Spring tomorrow!