1. Just Cause 2 fun

  2. i suck at street fighter

  3. my fanexpo experience

  4. reply for capcom unity

  5. RE: Favorite Curse Words

  6. how was your day?

  7. what is or was your favorite place to go to in the world.

  8. the re-review of monster hunter tri

  9. what would you do with time travel?

  10. who inspires you to be on youtube.

  11. i am back and ready for action

  12. Super Mario Bros.

  13. Swift ran into another crazy person

  14. Neo goes Mario on Chingy... and regrets it

  15. Sam Fisher's REAL Mission

  16. that one spooky night

  17. the misadventures of nobunaga bonn

  18. oh look some explosions and bewbs

  19. swiftor montage

  20. 20 things in my room

  21. William Fail

  22. So buuTeful

  23. Travis and Roommate tales

  24. Travis interrupts love with rape and Jesus

  25. Griefing turns into epicness!

  26. Fat Princess vs. Pain Train

  27. Only One Survives.... and Three are Left 4 Dead!

  28. Boom Blox is Violent

  29. Toneh's Airplane Getaway FAIL

  30. Swift Undresses for the Viewers

  31. IT'S A TARP!!!!!1

  32. brad threatens chat

  33. Being Nick (Brad, SR2)

  34. Cooking with AzN NooB - Pinched by the Crab

  35. Poke-battle!

  36. David Stares into your soul

  37. Giant spook elevator

  38. Travis has a song for us

  39. Manikin Scare and Clamm Runs Out of the Room

  40. David's Friendly Hands On Nick

  41. The Great 4pp CookieGate Scandal

  42. Brad has relationship issues.

  43. benny hill chase

  44. Brad the Ventriloquist

  45. Brad holds the foot of a blow-up man!

  46. David's on DRUGS!

  47. Pow! Brad vs. Fly

  48. tickle his man bone?

  49. Safety First!!!

  50. Travis makes sweet love to Chat

  51. Who is Swiftor?

  52. Lullaby room (Brad playing Hotel 626)

  53. More Bible of Douchery Readings

  54. Readings from the Bible of Douchery

  55. Karilynn runs like the wind

  56. davids great music choice

  57. Warning peggle causes brad-gasms

  58. the chris crocker gulpy style

  59. Up Close and Personal

  60. David Versus the Helicopter (David playing Max Payne- Xbox)

  61. Travis' Let's Get It On Masterpiece (Fallout 3)

  62. noo she fell on me

  63. Its happy halo3 time

  64. Travis wants to be the juggernaut

  65. 4pp poparazzi

  66. major wreckage and deaths gta4

  67. When Travis shit his pants in viva pinata

  68. Greatest Headshot.

  69. Behold, the insanity Bongo Bongo brings

  70. Fallout 3- NUCLEAR BEARREL ROLL!!

  71. Left4Dead: Brad's Plan

  72. 4PP: Brad Falls??

  73. Brad wants his Gameboy!!

  74. 4PP Sack Boy doesn't want to die

  75. Little Big Planet - Swift Caught Being A Perv

  76. Backseat failtography

  77. Travis's life story

  78. LBP: To Zanarkand

  79. Always the Woman

  80. Pan1c's 4pp LBP level

  81. Brad gets Rick Rolled