1. DeLaval EnDurance™ parallel parlour (Green Meadow Farms, Michigan, USA)

  2. DeLaval EnDurance™ parallel parlour (Al Safi Dairy Farm, Saudi Arabia)

  3. DeLaval Contour™ herringbone parlour (Green Meadow Farms, Michigan, USA)

  4. DeLaval Herringbone stall 30°

  5. DeLaval EnDurance™ herringbone parlour

  6. DeLaval cow mover C

  7. DeLaval comfort start

  8. DeLaval Liners & Tubes

  9. DeLaval About us

  10. Herd Navigator for VMS

  11. Optifeeding automatic feeding

  12. DeLaval ALPRO™ general management

  13. DeLaval activity meter (Venice view dairy, New York, USA)

  14. DeLaval activity meter (Abbazia farm and Soniga farm, Italy)

  15. DeLaval cell counter DCC

  16. Swinging cow brush

  17. DeLaval vacuum pump

  18. DeLaval calf feeder CF150

  19. DeLaval cow mat RM30F

  20. DeLaval footbath AFB1000

  21. VMS Touch Screen 2m.

  22. Wash down systems

  23. Udder care after milking teat dips

  24. Harmony plus cluster

  25. Mixer wagon

  26. Stationary mixer

  27. Family farm parlours

  28. Sheep and goat midiline SG300

  29. Milking parlour Champion

  30. P2100 parallel parlour

  31. Marcus Kraft VMS DeLaval Östergård

  32. Morten Nielsen VMS DeLaval Lögumkloster

  33. Svend-Erik Nielsen VMS DeLaval Hesselager

  34. Swinging cow brush SCB DeLaval

  35. DeLaval VMS voluntary milking system