2. Farting in Public

  3. Food Hazards.

  4. R U K U S ! Trolling in Walmart.

  5. Narcissistic Personality Disorder? You Decide.

  6. Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Cops vs The Helpless Hobo. Police. First Amendment. Right?

  8. LMAO vol. 2. LOL. Laughing Hysterically. Laughing in Public.

  9. I Love You! A Video about Love. Hobo Love. Loving Strangers.

  10. How to Make Friends. I Have No Friends. No One Likes Me.

  11. NJ Mom Arrested and Charged for Taking her 5 Year Old Daughter into a Tanning Booth

  12. Fart. Farting. I Farted. Farting in Public.

  13. Ellen's Dance Dare (Mother's Day!)

  14. Ellen's Dance Dare (Re-Upload for Quality & Bonus Footage)

  15. R u k u s !

  16. Trolling. Public Trolling

  17. Randumb Trolling at a College

  18. Gangsta Gangsta!

  19. Singing in Public Vol. 2

  20. Public Trolling. Trolling. Clyde's Adventures. Meet'n Greets Around A "Peaceful" Park

  21. Taking Stuff From People's Carts. Vol. 2

  22. Farting in Public. Oops . I farted. Farts! I Love Farting.

  23. This WOULD Look Good on You! ! !

  24. LMAO! ! ! Laughing Hysterically. In Public.

  25. Clyde's Adventures. Searching for Easter Eggs

  26. Public Trolling. Trolling. Clyde's Adventures. I Ain't No Virgin Ma'am.

  27. Clyde's Adventures: Vandals Caught in the Act

  28. Male or Female? You Decide. Pt. 2. + Trolling

  29. Male or Female? You Decide. Part 1

  30. Emissions Testing. . .Will I Pass!?

  31. Do You Love Me?

  32. Mirror Man Does Whole Foods

  33. Farting in Walmart

  34. Mad Man in Target

  35. Taking Stuff From People's Carts

  36. Bumpin Uglies

  37. Will You Marry Me?

  38. Rukus in Whole Foods vs Employees Part 2

  39. Rukus in Whole Foods vs Customers

  40. I had BAD Diarrhea

  41. Singing in Public

  42. Mirror Man in Walmart

  43. I Love You

  44. How to Avoid Talking to People You Don't Want to Talk to. . .AKA Deliverance Boy Method

  45. Picking my Nose in Walmart

  46. Rukus in Target in Search of Oatmeal

  47. Stop Interrupting Me!

  48. Luci! Lexi! Leave Me Alone!

  49. Rukus. . .in Walmart.

  50. Ellen's Dance Dare