1. Ian Paisley - Staggering Increase in Fuel Smuggling

  2. Nigel Dodds - Response to Terror Threat Statement

  3. Peter Robinson - Interview on The View

  4. Ian Paisley - Unite to "Maintain, Sustain and Support" the Union

  5. Human Trafficking Consultation Event

  6. First Minister at Covenant Parade

  7. Lord Mayor Gavin Robinson Working at Belfast Zoo

  8. Call for Apology from RoI Government

  9. Edwin Poots - Assembly Tribute to Spence Family

  10. Diane Dodds MEP speaking on Electronic identification of bovine animals.mp4

  11. Diane Dodds MEP speaking about Direct Payments to Farmers

  12. Diane Dodds MEP speaking about Direct Payments to Farmers

  13. Diane Dodds MEP speaking on the Common organisation of the markets in Fishery and Aquaculture

  14. Diane Dodds MEP speaking about agricultural product quality schemes

  15. Finance Minister - Executive's Action on the Economy

  16. First Minister & Enterprise Minister Comment on FG Wilson Job Losses

  17. DUP Proposal to cut VAT for Hospitality Sector

  18. Edwin Poots - Childrens Cardiac Services

  19. Nigel Dodds on North Belfast Rioting

  20. Nelson McCausland condemns North Belfast rioting

  21. First Minister Unveils Titanic Plaque

  22. Jeffrey Donaldson Comments on Bloody Sunday Police Investigation

  23. Call for Parliamentary Statement on Ulster Bank Crisis

  24. MPs Press Government on Ulster Bank

  25. Jeffrey Donaldson - Inquests & National Security

  26. Gregory Campbell - Retention of Coleraine DVLA Office

  27. William McCrea - NI Questions - Bank Lending

  28. David Simpson - NIQs - Regional Aid Importance for Economy

  29. Sammy Wilson - NIQs - Fuel Laundering

  30. First Minister Comments on Ulster Bank Crisis

  31. First Minister Comments on Visit of HM Queen to NI

  32. Diamond Jubilee Party At Stormont

  33. McCrea Calls on Government to Protect Belfast to Heathrow Route

  34. DUP Leads Call for Touger Sentences for Murder of Police Officers

  35. First Minister on Hearts & Minds

  36. Call to Maintain Ban on Prisoner Voting

  37. Tougher Sentences For Murderers of Police Officers

  38. Enterprise Minister On Irish Open & Corporation Tax

  39. Nelson McCausland Comments on Development of Girdwood Site

  40. Nigel Dodds Comments on Human Body Part Retention

  41. Nigel Dodds at NI Questions - Retention of Body Parts by PSNI

  42. Nigel Dodds at PMQs - Retention of Body Parts by Police

  43. Gregory Campbell at NI Questions - Dissident Fundraising

  44. Ian Paisley at NI Questions - Flexibility in Welfare Reform

  45. William McCrea at NI Questions - Effect of SOCA Replacement on Fight Against Terrorism

  46. Jim Shannon at NI Questions - Air Passenger Duty

  47. David Simpson at NI Questions - Support for SMEs

  48. Alastair Ross on Proposals for 'The Gathering'

  49. DSD Minister Debates with Childrens Commissioner on Welfare Reform

  50. FM Comments about Smithwick Claims on Martin McGuinness

  51. David Simpson Calls on PM to Abandon Planned Fuel Duty Increase

  52. Nigel Dodds Comments on Peter Hain Case

  53. Call for PM to Meet With Kingsmills Families

  54. Paul Givan on Prisons Reform

  55. Sammy Wilson Interviewed After 2012 Budget Announcement

  56. Sammy Wilson - DUP Response to Budget 2012

  57. Nigel Dodds Humble Address to HM Queen on her Diamond Jubilee

  58. Sammy Wilson @ NIQs - Focus on Bank Lending

  59. David Simpson @ NIQs - Investment in Upper Bann

  60. Ian Paisley @ NIQs - Criticism of Oversight Panel in Murder Investigation

  61. Nigel Dodds @ NIQs - Befits of the Union

  62. Jim Shannon @ NIQs - Consultation with Stakeholders on Bill of Rights

  63. Gregory Campbell @ NIQs - Resources to Tackle Dissident Terrorism

  64. Call for Statement from Attorney General Supergrass Trials

  65. Call for Proper Debate on European Human Rights Reform

  66. PM Can Help Happiness in UK Through Lower Fuel Prices

  67. Diane Dodds MEP- Contractual Relations in the Milk and Milk Products Sector

  68. Diane Dodds MEP- Situation in Syria

  69. Diane Dodds MEP- TAC and Quotas regulation for 2012

  70. Encouraging Organ Donation

  71. Jeffrey Donaldson - Monarchy Debate

  72. Paul Frew - Organised Criminals Targeting Farmers

  73. Nigel Dodds on Welfare Reform Bill

  74. Nigel Dodds on Unionist Co-operation

  75. Nigel Dodds Highlights 2012 Opportunities

  76. Health Minister Speaks on Pseudomonas Outbreak

  77. Interview With Economy Minister Arlene Foster

  78. New Year Interivew with First Minister

  79. Nelson McCausland reports on failures within Helm Housing

  80. PM Pressed to Maintain UK Stance on EU Treaty

  81. Health Minister Interviewed on Health Service Reform

  82. Prime Minister has Mis-Sold European Changes to British Public

  83. Finance Minister Comments after Chancellor's Autumn Statement

  84. Nelson McCausland - Post-Conference Intervnew

  85. First Minister - Post-Conference Interview

  86. DUP 2011 Pre-Conference Broadcast

  87. Introducing New MLAs - Brenda Hale

  88. DUP Blocks Change to Symbols & Title of Prison Service

  89. Sammy Wilson - Fuel Price Debate in Parliament

  90. Nigel Dodds - Fuel Price Debate in Parliament

  91. Jim Shannon - Fisheries Debate in House of Commons

  92. Ian Paisley - Fisheries Debate in House of Commons

  93. Gregory Campbell - Promoting the Poppy

  94. Nigel Dodds at PMQs - Call to Reverse Cut in Winter Fuel Payment.

  95. Diane Dodds MEP - Debate on Abuse & Exploitation of Children - 26th Oct

  96. Diane Dodds MEP - Debate on Skills & Jobs - 25th Oct

  97. Diane Dodds MEP - Support for Construction Sector - 12th October 2011

  98. Diane Dodds Slams European Leaders - 28th September 2011

  99. Diane Dodds MEP - Activity at UN General Assembly, & Middle East - 27th Sept 2011