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  2. Rep. Kelly Speaks from the House floor on H. Res. 834

  3. Foreign Affairs Benghazi Hearing December 20, 2012

  4. The Government Employee Accountability Act

  5. Rep. Kelly Talks to Neil Cavuto about the "Fiscal Cliff"

  6. Rep Kelly and Bradley McGarry at OGR Hearing 112912

  7. Rep. Kelly Votes In Support of PNTR for Russia, Cites Lord Corporation support from House floor

  8. FNC_11-16-2012_Fox and Friends on Benghazi and Ambassador Rice.mp4

  9. Foreign Affairs Hearing on Benghazi 111512

  10. Rep. Kelly Demands Answers from Obama Administration on Benghazi

  11. Rep. Kelly discusses the latest information in the investigation into the Libya terrorist attack

  12. Rep. Kelly talks to Fox & Friends about the terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi

  13. Rep. Kelly at Libya Hearing 10.10.12

  14. Rep. Kelly talks to Fox & Friends about House Hearing on Libya

  15. Rep. Kelly Offers Reaction to the OGR Hearing on Libya

  16. Rep. Kelly Talks to FOX about the Attacks in Libya

  17. Rep. Kelly Decries Cuts to Military Spending, Affirms US Leadership in the World Amid Recent Attacks

  18. Governor Mike Huckabee on Rep. Kelly: "There are some in Washington who have our backs."

  19. Rep. Kelly Talks Sequestration on Money with Melissa Francis

  20. Neil Cavuto on Rep. Kelly's Floor Speech: "I think a star was just born."

  21. Rep. Kelly's Rousing Floor Speech Receives Standing Ovation and Chants of "USA!"

  22. Rep. Kelly Discusses Arms Trade Treaty on Special Report with Bret Baier

  23. 7 24 12 Kelly OGR FinServ Subcommittee Questions

  24. Rep. Kelly Discusses President Obama's "You didn't build that" comment on Fox & Friends

  25. 7 18 12 Kelly OGR Regs Subcommittee Hearing Questions

  26. Rep. Kelly Asks Questions at Oversight Committee Hearing Regarding Delphi Pensions

  27. Rep. Kelly talks with WJET about the Supreme Court ruling on the president's health care law

  28. Rep. Kelly Discusses H.R. 6016 during OGR Markup Amendment RAW

  29. Rep. Kelly from the House Floor: Affordable Health Care Act will destroy jobs

  30. 6-19-12 Kelly OGR Green Energy Hearing Questions 2.mov

  31. 6-19-12 Kelly OGR Green Energy Hearing Questions.mov

  32. Rep. Kelly to Attorney General Eric Holder: It's time to fish or cut bait.

  33. Rep. Kelly talks to Sean Hannity about the Fast and Furious Investigation

  34. Rep. Kelly on Green Jobs: "We're just looking for red, white and blue jobs"

  35. Rep. Kelly Turns the Table in a Testimony on Wasteful and Unnecessary Regulations

  36. Rep. Kelly on the New Health Care Center at the Butler VA Medical Center

  37. 5-30-12 Kelly OGR Energy Hearing Questions.mov

  38. Rep Kelly on Fox and Friends on May 19

  39. OGR Hearing on DOE Loans Featured on Fox News Channel

  40. "The Obama Administration's Green Energy Gamble: What Have All The Taxpayer Subsidies Achieved?"

  41. Mike Kelly Meals on Wheels

  42. Rep. Kelly's Mother's Day Floor Speech

  43. Rep. Kelly Speaks from House Floor on H.R. 1259

  44. Rep. Kelly to GSA Officials: "Thank God this time what happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas"

  45. Rep. Kelly Addresses Government Waste on CNN

  46. Rep. Kelly Talks with Neil Cavuto about Nancy Pelosi, the Tea Party, and the Keystone Pipeline

  47. Rep. Kelly during "Learning from the Upper Big Branch Tragedy" committee hearing

  48. Rep Kelly Questions Energy Secretary Steven Chu during OGR Hearing

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  50. 110119 Rep Kelly

  51. Reps. Kelly and Benishek Discuss Erie VA Hospital tour

  52. Rep. Kelly Reacts to GM's Decision to Halt Production of Volt on Fox & Friends

  53. Rep. Kelly Speaks from House Floor on H.R. 4105

  54. Rep. Kelly on GM, the Volt, and Nat Gas Vehicles

  55. Rep. Kelly Speaks from House Floor on Cabot Guns

  56. 2 28 12 Kelly Q&A

  57. Rep. Kelly Talks to WSEE Erie about the Butler Field Hearing

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  59. 2 16 12 Kelly Q&A

  60. Rep Kelly on Neil Cavuto discussing President Obama's plan to increase electric vehicle subsidies

  61. Rep. Kelly Honors Joe Paterno on House Floor

  62. Rep. Kelly speaks from House floor on Civilian Property Realignment Act

  63. Cafe Full

  64. Cafe Standards

  65. 2-2-12 Kelly Questions Holder.mov

  66. Rep. Kelly Continues Fight to End Electric Vehicle Subsidies

  67. 12.21.11 FBN Eric Bolling Tim Tebow.mp4

  68. Rep. Mike Kelly Discusses House Push for Year-Long Payroll Tax Cut

  69. Thanks from Rep. Mike Kelly

  70. MK Pro Life Press Conf 12 6

  71. Rep. Mike Kelly on Neil Cavuto Discussing the Chevy Volt

  72. Rep Kelly on Fox Business News Discussing Solyndra.wmv

  73. Rep. Mike Kelly on Fox and Friends

  74. Rep. Mike Kelly on Fox Business Network

  75. Rep. Mike Kelly Releases Video Statement Supporting the Balanced Budget Amendment

  76. Rep. Mike Kelly Discusses Keystone XL Pipeline with Eric Bolling on FOX Business Network

  77. Representative Kelly Speaks at Keystone Pipeline Press Conference

  78. Rep. Kelly on Neil Cavuto

  79. Representative Mike Kelly Speaks from the House Floor in Support of the Access to Capital

  80. Rep. Mike Kelly Floor Speech on HR 72 Regulations

  81. Rep. Mike Kelly Discusses Chevy Volt on Fox Business Network

  82. Rep. Mike Kelly Q & A at Operation Turnaround Press Conference

  83. Rep. Mike Kelly at Operation Turnaround Press Conference

  84. Rep. Mike Kelly on Operation Turnaround

  85. Operation Turnaround Full Press Conference

  86. Rep. Kelly at OGR Hearing on Government Regulations and Private Sector Job Growth

  87. Kelly 8 02 111

  88. Rep Kelly speaks at a press conference today in support of the Budget Control Act of 2011

  89. Rep. Kelly in Chair at OGR Hearing: Disposal of Federal Real Property: Legislative Proposals

  90. Rep. Mike Kelly White House Press Conference - 7/19/2011

  91. Rep. Mike Kelly Defends Ryan Budget

  92. Rep. Kelly's Statement During Education and Workforce Committee Markup

  93. American Job Creators: What's Holding Back Your Business?

  94. Those Who Authorized Operation Fast & Furious Must Take Responsibility

  95. Kelly: Oversight Will Deliver Answers on Administration's Deadly Gunrunner Operation

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  97. 5-26-11 Rep. Kelly on Fox Biz on Regulations

  98. 5-26-11 Rep. Kelly Asks Questions of Cass Sunstein at OGR Hearing

  99. Kelly: Burdensome Regulations Harm Businesses & Impede Job Growth