1. Jasmine Undergraduate Profile

  2. Marcela Undergraduate Profile

  3. Rachael Undergraduate Profile

  4. Taylor Undergraduate Profile

  5. Radar Shows Promise for Detecting Concussion

  6. Let's Talk Business Live! hosted by Mitch Schlimer - IMPACT

  7. Stephen Hill, Author - Europe's Promise: Why the European Way is the Best Hope for an Insecure Age

  8. Joseph Nye - Harvard University, Distinguished Service Professor, IMPACT April 4, 2011

  9. ‪Trimensional 3-D Scanner iPhone App‬

  10. Georgia Tech MSE Undergrad Tyne Dutzer

  11. Georgia Tech MSE Undergrad Torus Washington

  12. Georgia Tech MSE Undergrad Shannon Wilson

  13. ImaginingMorning

  14. Georgia Tech MSE Undergrad Sean Dixon

  15. Georgia Tech MSE Undergrad Claire Campbell

  16. The Future as a Critique of Past with Mayne, Diller; Que Sera Sera with Meredith, Bonner

  17. Students Who IMPACT: I2S Finals

  18. IMAGINING A BETTER FUTURE Symposium, Keynote Address

  19. The Smart Grid and Energy Data: Measurement and Management

  20. Bill Bolling, Founder and Executive Director, Atlanta Community Food Bank - IMPACT

  21. How Can Robots Get Our Attention?

  22. Tom Linton, Chief Procurement Officeer and Executive CP, LG Electronics - IMPACT

  23. Joanne B. Bauer, President, Kimberly-Clark's Global Health Care - IMPACT

  24. Teaching Robots to Move Like Humans

  25. How Do People Respond to Being Touched by a Robot?

  26. The State of the Smart Grid

  27. Argon, the Augmented Reality Web Browser

  28. Frank Blake; CEO, The Home Depot - IMPACT

  29. Brian Cayce; Principal, Gray Ghost Ventures' Social Venture Group - IMPACT

  30. Seaweed May be Source of New Antimalarial Drug

  31. The Water/Energy Nexus

  32. Sarah Mudrinich

  33. Admiral James O. Ellis, Jr. (Ret), President and CEO, INPO - IMPACT

  34. David Jernigan; Executive Director, KIPP Metro Atlanta - IMPACT

  35. Southeast Biomass: Project Development Incentives and Challenges

  36. Southeast Biomass: Highest and Best Use

  37. Southeast Energy Demand to 2030

  38. Low Hanging Fruit: Energy Efficiency in the Southeast

  39. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management in Complex Times

  40. Southeast Solar: Project Development--Incentives and Challenges

  41. Southeast Solar: Ready for Prime Time?

  42. Southeast Wind Energy: Is An Answer Blowing in the Wind?

  43. The Future of Coal for Southeast Power Generation

  44. Talking Sustainability at Georgia Tech

  45. Research Pioneers New Approach for Space Electronics

  46. OpenStudy

  47. Daryle Higginbotham, President Marietta Nondestructive Testing, Inc. - IMPACT

  48. Let's do it again: A Journey Through a Security Start-up - Kevin Heineman

  49. Improving Nanogenerators

  50. Building the Next Generation Walmart, Mike Duke President and CEO, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

  51. Patrick F. Loughlin, Vice President, Environment, Health, Safety and Quality - IMPACT

  52. Michael A. Young, CEO, Grady Health Systems - IMPACT

  53. Kathleen Kurre, CEO, TechBridge - IMPACT

  54. Bill Nuti, Chairman and CEO, NCR Corporation - IMPACT

  55. Georgia Tech Diversity Symposium 2010

  56. Georgia Tech Diversity Symposium 2010

  57. Georgia Tech Diversity Symposium 2010

  58. I2S (SERVE - Socially & Environmentally Responsible Value Enhancement)

  59. Penelope McPhee, President, The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation - IMPACT

  60. Joseph R. Bankoff President and CEO, Woodruff Arts Center - IMPACT

  61. Donna Callejon, CBO, GlobalGiving - IMPACT

  62. Georgia Tech 2010: Legendary Heritage. Limitless Future

  63. The Process of Making Epitaxial Graphene

  64. Epitaxial Graphene Research at Georgia Tech

  65. History of Epitaxial Graphene at Georgia Tech

  66. Epitaxial Graphene for the Electronics Industry and the Future

  67. Defining Epitaxial Graphene

  68. Keynote Panel Discussion: John Romero, Christiane Paul, Harvey Smith, Richard Lemarchand

  69. Image Games

  70. One Falls for Each of Us: The Prototyping of Tragedy

  71. Over Games

  72. Interactive Storytelling is our Project Xanadu

  73. Sixteen Tons

  74. Art History of Games Panel Discussion (see description for details)

  75. Play's the Thing: Games as Fine Art

  76. Art History of Games Panel Discussion with Jesper Juul, Frank Lantz and John Sharp

  77. Art History of Games Panel Discussion with Jay David Bolter, Celia Pearce and Henry Lowood

  78. Players are Artists Too

  79. Videogames & the Two Avant-Gardes

  80. The Pure Game: A Short History of Video Game Aesthetics

  81. Doorknobs and Butterflies: Games After Art

  82. The Art History of Games

  83. What is an Art History of Games?

  84. Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Presents "Building Social Business"

  85. Masters Among Us

  86. Georgia Tech MRSEC Summer 2010 STEP-UP Program

  87. Resolving the Paradox of the Antarctic Sea Ice

  88. Georgia Tech MRSEC Summer 2010 STEP-UP Program

  89. Georgia Tech MRSEC Summer 2010 STEP-UP Program

  90. On You 2: The Fashions

  91. On You 2: The Controls

  92. Georgia Tech Student's Haitian Earthquake Relief Effort Project

  93. Glitch Game Testing Program

  94. Georgia Tech Music Technology Camp

  95. Take a Professor to Lunch

  96. Georgia Tech professor Raquel Lieberman awarded Pew

  97. TEC Camp at Georgia Tech

  98. Nicholas Hud

  99. iPad Branching Remote