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Shit guide on Runescape Dungeoneering

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Uploaded on Apr 16, 2010


Here's a quick guide on how to power level slowly through dungeoneering because the whole point of runescape is to fuck the ass of time.

The video is just me going through a standard level of dungeoneering, I find it faster to just solo and i never party with randoms
as it just doesn't work out. If you have an equally efficient friend it's ok to 2 man party but i wouldent reccomend any more.

Prestige: We all see this at the end of each level and how our score is calculated from the prestige score and level score yet most people got no idea what this is.
You get prestige xp when it's the first time you play a dungeon. So what you do is play though every dungeon you can (when all are ticked) then you can reset using the reset button i show at the begginning of the vid.)
Then you go in prestige mode and keep receiving bonus xp. So set prestige when you've completed all stages, and never repeat a stage.

-At the start i always buy Tinderbox+hammer+pickaxe (and hatchet if i can sell something),
This saves me having 2 visit the smugler.
-Every time you enter a room, check the doors first, most people think they have to kill EVERY SINGLE MONSTER to move on
but thats only true with guardian doors (the one with the eye and quit runescape while you can) other ones you can run straight through (as you see in vid)
-Don't waste time making armour (or do dungeoneering), most of the time you won't need it, and wearing plate armour is not reccommended, dungeon full of magic attacks!
-Try avoiding long puzzles if possible, the bonus room bonus isn't worth the time for some of them.

If you do it properly you'll get through a level around every 5-7mins. repeat this 5000 times and you can kill frost dragons and most of your life will be gone, especially if you have cancer.

Bonus rooms: Bonus rooms give a nice little "bonus" at the end of each round to your score, however some of them takes time which is why i don't bother with some of them. Usually i can get all the bonus rooms if all it requires is opening a door, but the bonus rooms with the lengthy puzzles are too time consuming (what a suprise). Just open the door and make the room appear, you don't even have to go in it to get the bonus and if you find the boss early but there's a few unopened doors close by you should go and open them quickly.

I know this is in membs but f2p works just as well.

I always welcome hate comments, without them we will both be impotent.

Updated Notes: On the later stages is MAY sometime be better to do medium (in a team of 2 or so), when your on the earlier stages you can rush through more than the later stages, remember you don't have to leave everything alive or everything dead there is a balance.

The shit ass of a game Runescape belong to Jagex , a company that will never pass the solvency test because of the ever high contingent liabilities of child abuse cases filed against Fagex, I am in no way associated with Andrew Gower as I'm not into getting small boys hooked on a game where you can whip other men for fun only to grow an ambition to work at Scamorb so that they can receive daily whippings by Gower then being slapped by his wart-covered penis all day so this video belongs to me and so does God.

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