1. KICK-ASS WOMEN...Caught on Tape!!!

  2. SUICIDE DRAMA! Jumper at the window...!!

  3. An Action Movie in 29 seconds...!

  4. Horrific Bike Accident! Caught on Tape!!

  5. Strange People Caught on Tape!

  6. Escape From Deadly Accidents! Part II

  7. Man Eaten By Shark! Caught on Tape!!

  8. Soccer Hooligans Clash! Unbelievable Rumble!!

  9. The Most Awesome Skateboard Jump Ever Filmed!

  10. Snowmobile Accident! Caught on Tape!


  12. Deadly Skateboard Accidents! Caught on Tape!!

  13. The Best Love Story in Cinematic History!

  14. A Savior is Born - Merry Christmas from OrionEdWood

  15. Escape From Deadly Accidents! Caught on Tape!!

  16. Ice Hockey Player Almost Loses Eye in Accident!

  17. Racer Cheats Death in Deadly Accident!

  18. The Lamest Brawl in the World!!

  19. Giant Wave Almost Kills Windsurfer!

  20. Motorcylce Comes Alive, Attacks People!!

  21. Terrorists Take Hostages! Awesome Rescue!

  22. Motocross Jump Almost Kills Rider!

  23. Old Man Jumps From Bridge!!

  24. Man Plummets Hundreds of Feet to the Ground!

  25. Man Taunts Bull, Gets Attacked!

  26. Greatest Muay Thai Fight Ever Filmed!

  27. Lion Eats Boy! Caught on Tape!!

  28. Cop VS. Crazed Criminal = Unbelievable Street Fight

  29. Beautiful Woman Attacked! Caught on Surveillance Camera!

  30. Boxer Goes Insane!

  31. Racer Crushed by Motorcycle!

  32. Streetfighter VS. Four Cops! Awesome Streetfight!!

  33. Bull Gores Man!!

  34. Kids Gone Wild...!!

  35. Teenager Injured in Dangerous Stunt!

  36. Gang Members Surrounded By Cops!

  37. Avalanche Buries Snowmobile Rider!

  38. Skydiving Team Accident, Caught on Tape!

  39. Man Attacks Preacher!

  40. Awesome Helicopter Rescue!

  41. Whitewater Rafting Disaster!

  42. Man Injured in Dangerous Fall!!

  43. Plane Crash Video Bids Farewell......

  44. Man Plummets From Bungee Platform!

  45. Race Car Driver Burns in Accident!!

  46. When Elephants Attack!!

  47. To Save a Horse

  48. Rumble at the Racetrack!

  49. Vicious Attack by a Bully! Caught on Tape!

  50. Man Sets Himself On Fire!

  51. Parasail Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong!

  52. Fiery Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong!

  53. Scrambled Eggs : Horrible Rodeo Accident III

  54. Tupac Shakur - GRIDLOCK'd, The Ending

  55. Fire Traps Young Boys !!

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  60. The Show Must Go On...!!!

  61. Tupac Shakur (from the movie GRIDLOCK'd -Universal Pictures)

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