1. Materials Genome Initiative Session 1: Data Management and Distribution

  2. We Love You, Ruth!

  3. City Off the Hill - Transportation Alternatives

  4. City Off the Hill - Keynote by Mayor Luke Ravenstahl

  5. City Off The Hill - Introduction To Sustainable Urbanism

  6. City Off The Hill - Reflections On Sustainable Urbanism

  7. City Off the Hill - Affordable & Efficient Housing

  8. City Off the Hill - Introduction to the Conference by Hilary Silver

  9. City Off the Hill - Federal Partnerships

  10. City Off The Hill - Greening The Urban Environment

  11. Spring Festival Gala 2012

  12. Career Talk with Alison Friedman '02

  13. Meet Me in Shanghai: Romancing the New Global City on the Eve of the World Expo

  14. Trends of Globalization: Some Perspectives from Asian Universities

  15. Spring Festival Gala: Chorus: My Heart for China

  16. Spring Festival Gala: Fashion Show 2: The Story of Time

  17. Spring Festival Gala: Fashion Show 1: Qipao Show

  18. Spring Festival Gala: Trio: Thousand Miles Away

  19. Spring Festival Gala: Dancing: Dare You to Move

  20. Spring Festival Gala: Comedy: The Blind Date

  21. Spring Festival Gala: Instruments Performance: Harmony

  22. Spring Festival Gala: Dancing: Sexy Back

  23. Mutual Reassurance: How to Steer U.S.-China Relations Towards a New Golden Age

  24. Spring Festival Gala: Solo: Loyalty to My Country

  25. Spring Festival Gala: Kung Fu Show: Tai Chi

  26. China Risk Finance: Riding the Wave of China's Financial Services Industry

  27. Spring Festival Gala: The Story of Chinese New Year

  28. Spring Festival Gala: Millenary

  29. Spring Festival Gala: Solo: The Flying Songs on Earth

  30. Entrepreneurship, Enterprise, and Technology in Modern China

  31. Justin Lin: Demystifying the Chinese Economy

  32. A night for Ruth

  33. The 19th president

  34. Zhejiang University Wenqin Art Troupe Performance

  35. Afternoon with poet Zheng Min [7mins]

  36. Afternoon with poet Zheng Min [30mins]

  37. A piece of history rediscovered: Malcolm X speech

  38. Fit for flight

  39. Serving God

  40. 2011: A Look Back

  41. Pembroke Center 30th Anniversary

  42. Dr. Justin Lin: China's Economic Rise and the Global Economy

  43. Papermaking and the Politics of Skill in Modern China

  44. Wing Tek Lum '68 Reading

  45. Leslie T. Chang: A Century, and More, of Chinese Students Studying Abroad

  46. Janet Yang '78

  47. Prof. Kristine Harris, Shanghai Cinema Behind the Scenes

  48. A passion for clean water

  49. End of Life: Burdensome transitions

  50. President Simmons announces plans to step down

  51. New research to REPAIR the brain

  52. Remembering Together

  53. A Taste of Brown

  54. A catalytic moment in Rhode Island

  55. How to talk to kids about 9-11

  56. President Simmons accepts the Making A Difference for Women Award from the NCRW

  57. Scientists detect Earth-equivalent amount of water within the moon

  58. Closing Remarks - 2010 Achebe Colloquium

  59. Nigeria: The Niger Delta Crisis: The Political, Economic and Environmental Conundrum

  60. Nigeria: Elections and Political Transparency - 2010 Achebe Colloquium

  61. Nigeria: Recovering Looted Funds - 2010 Achebe Colloquium

  62. Keynote Speaker: Ambassador Stephen Rapp - 2010 Achebe Colloquium

  63. Congo: The Impact of the Congolese Crisis On Its People - 2010 Achebe Colloquium

  64. Congo: Why the Resolution of the Congo Crisis Must Be Regional - 2010 Achebe Colloquium

  65. Congo: The Economic Stakes Behind Congo "Africa's World War" - 2010 Achebe Colloquium

  66. Keynote Speaker: Margot Elisabeth Wallström - 2010 Achebe Colloquium

  67. Rwanda: Strengthening Democracy: Challenges Ahead - 2010 Achebe Colloquium

  68. Opening Remarks by the Nigerian Ambassador to the US - 2010 Achebe Colloquium

  69. Welcome by President Ruth J. Simmons - 2010 Achebe Colloquium

  70. Colombian President Urges U.S. to Look South

  71. Brown biologist Casey Dunn wins NSF's Waterman Award

  72. Historian Gordon Wood receives National Humanities Medal

  73. For the Love of Arts: Opening of the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts

  74. A Moment for Japan: On-Campus Vigil

  75. Full speech: "Pursuing Excellence with Racial Equity: A Social Movement for the 21st Century"

  76. Excerpts: "Pursuing Excellence with Racial Equity: A Social Movement for the 21st Century"

  77. Brown bids farewell to playwright Ama Ata Aidoo

  78. Howard Baker's Leadership in the Senate with Prof. Wendy Schiller

  79. President Obama presents National Medal of Science to David Mumford

  80. Free Speech? Citizens United v FEC Revisited

  81. Access and Authority: Is the Internet a Democratizing Technology?

  82. Inventing America with guest poet Michael S. Harper

  83. Brown University Africana Studies Department

  84. "Rebuilding Haiti" with Dr. Paul Farmer

  85. Next Left Meeting Looks at Progressive Agenda

  86. NASA-engineered collision spills new Moon secrets

  87. The Global Conversation - from the Watson Institute for International Studies

  88. The 21st Century Library: The Garibaldi Panorama

  89. Mark Blyth on Austerity

  90. Anthony Bogues - 2010 Opening Convocation Address

  91. It's Brown Puzzle Week at the New York Times

  92. Anticipation, euphoria, and room keys

  93. Freedom to Write: Perspectives from Shahrnush Parsipur and Other Panelists

  94. Tropical Water Temperatures and the Link to Climate Change

  95. Mining Is a Major Driver of Sub-Saharan Africa's TB Epidemic

  96. The Role of Passions and Fear in Contemporary World Politics

  97. Cyberattack As a Tool of U.S. Policy?

  98. Sights and Sounds of Brown's 2010 Commencement

  99. Senior Oration: Tan Nguyen '10