1. The Japanese Student Association's annual event: Dinner Show

  2. A Student From Saudi Arabia Speaks in Arabic about the library

  3. Thai student talks about the homecoming game

  4. A Korean student talks about College life at EMU

  5. Thai Student talks about the Student Center

  6. Chinese Students Celebrate the Moon Festival at EMU

  7. Studying in the United States.

  8. Experiences at Eastern Michigan University - Vietnamese

  9. Reasons to Choose Eastern Michigan University

  10. Reasons to Choose Eastern Michigan University

  11. Graduate Research Fair

  12. Sports and Activities.

  13. Campus Life

  14. Latin American students at EMU.

  15. Turkish staff at EMU.

  16. How to make friends.

  17. Professors and classmates.

  18. Transportation.

  19. Organizations.

  20. Living on Campus

  21. Saudi Student at EMU

  22. Campus Life

  23. Similarity & Difference

  24. Food

  25. Sports

  26. Campus Safety

  27. Student Organizations

  28. The College of Education

  29. Why did I Choose EMU

  30. The Library

  31. Indian Students Talk about EMU

  32. Jophie at EMU

  33. Chinese Students Talk about EMU

  34. Eastern Michigan University: Arabic speaking students