1. The EHR Report Vodcast

  2. New drugs, strategies advance rheumatoid arthritis treatment

  3. More vaccine options available for new flu season

  4. Sen. Cardin hears doctors' concerns on ACA

  5. AMA president optimistic on SGR repeal

  6. Mystery leg lesions and low vitamin C? Think scurvy

  7. Mystery leg lesions and low vitamin C? Think scurvy

  8. 2013 an active year for ban on youth indoor tanning

  9. Technology is set to change dermatology practice

  10. FDA: Acetaminophen linked to rare, serious skin reactions, fatalities

  11. Understand potential bone toxicity in patients with prolonged retinoid use

  12. AAD: Avoiding Pigmentary Complications in Darker Skin

  13. How can physicians boost HPV vaccination rates?

  14. Algorithm helps DETECT pulmonary hypertension in systemic sclerosis

  15. Apremilast effects sustained at 1 year in psoriatic arthritis

  16. Ustekinumab's benefits in psoriatric arthritis last through 1 year

  17. Annual PAH screening recommended in systemic sclerosis

  18. Proposed scleroderma classification criteria 'more inclusive'

  19. DSM-5 launches, digital version planned

  20. Primary care is early warning system in infection outbreaks

  21. Are atopic dermatitis and ADHD linked?

  22. Hemangiomas in children: an expert update

  23. AAD13: Dermatologists give back to Miami Beach

  24. One Health explores animal to human spread of disease

  25. 'Choosing Wisely' targets more medical procedures

  26. What's new in hyperhidrosis therapy?

  27. Are atopic dermatitis and ADHD linked?

  28. Happy patients, happy physician practice

  29. Social media tips to build your practice

  30. Psoriasis and Pregnancy

  31. How to optimize your waiting room

  32. Do Biologics Cut Mortality in Rheumatoid Arthritis?

  33. 'Death Rashes' Are More Than Skin Deep

  34. Starving in the Shadows: Physicians With Eating Disorders

  35. How to Boost Flu Vaccine Rates Among Patients, Providers

  36. Health Groups Warn of Medicare Fiscal Cliff

  37. Kaposi's Sarcoma Makes an Unwelcome Return

  38. AIDS Clinicians Back Treatment as Prevention

  39. HIV Incidence Higher in Young Black MSM Community

  40. HIV/AIDS Reseachers Focus on a Cure

  41. An HIV Cure -- What Clinicians Can Do

  42. An HIV Cure -- What Clinicians Can Do

  43. Treating Comorbid Chronic Pain and Opioid Addiction

  44. Reapplying Earth's Natural Sunscreen

  45. Injection Techniques for Facial Fillers

  46. Frozen Fat Returns Volume to Aging Face

  47. ASCO: Dabrafenib Delays Melanoma Progression

  48. ASCO: Dabrafenib Delays Melanoma Progression

  49. ACMS President: Mohs Surgery is Cost Effective

  50. Strategies That Boost Physician Behavior

  51. Lasers Used to Treat Scars

  52. Motivate Staff With Nonmonetary Rewards

  53. Tips on Extramammary Paget's Diagnosis, Treatment

  54. Derm Filler Device May Ease Injections

  55. Telemed Project Connects Primary Care, Specialists

  56. Tips to Tailor Cannula Technique

  57. Antibiotics Are Top Adverse Skin Reaction Trigger

  58. Match Day 2012 at Howard University

  59. 2012 Contact Allergen of the Year: Acrylates

  60. Dermatologists Volunteer in San Diego Shelter

  61. Acne Guidelines for Children Debut

  62. Farm Living Linked to Low Asthma Prevalence

  63. Tips for Treating Pediatric Acne

  64. What AMA, AT&T Portal Merger Means for Doctors

  65. Dermatoses in Children With Darker Skin

  66. How to Diagnose Neonatal HSV

  67. Is That Joint Pain Psoriatic Arthritis?

  68. Topical Cyclosporine Treats Ocular Rosacea

  69. Senator Says SGR Fix Unlikely Soon

  70. State AGs Assess Individual Mandate

  71. Botulinum Toxin Tips for the Lower Face

  72. Marketing Tips for Cosmetic Surgery Practices

  73. Topical Therapy Choices for Psoriasis

  74. Start Psoriasis Treatment at a Younger Age

  75. Steps to Enhance Your Injectables Practice

  76. Dermatologist Detective Solves Fictional Murders

  77. Prolonged Aspirin Use Prevented Recurrent Blood Clots

  78. mHealth's Growth Raises Hope, Questions

  79. Probiotics Cut Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea

  80. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cancer

  81. Pregnancy Safe in Stable Lupus

  82. Airway Abnormality May Be Linked to Autism

  83. Best Ways to Boost Vitamin D

  84. HPV Vaccine Recommended for Boys

  85. Antimicrobial Shortages Threaten Patient Care

  86. Younger Physicians Doubt Vaccine Efficacy

  87. Drug Firms Want More Access to Genetic Specimens

  88. Drug Shortages Trouble U.S. Health System

  89. Propranolol Gains Favor for Infantile Hemangiomas

  90. With Flu Shots, Doctors Lead by Example

  91. Post-Anthrax Public Health Advances Threatened

  92. Botulinum Toxin Treatment for Chronic Migraine

  93. Genotyping to Treat Advanced Melanoma

  94. Genotyping to Treat Advanced Melanoma

  95. How to ID and Treat Fire Ant Bites

  96. Eczema and Food Allergies Often Go Hand and Hand

  97. Preventing Gonorrhea's Spread in MSM

  98. When Patients Stalk Physicians

  99. Medicare Part D Cut Nondrug Spending

  100. FDA Panel Rejects Gouty Arthritis Drug

  101. AMA Backs Individual Mandate

  102. FDA Sharpens Sunscreen Rules

  103. Steroid-Eluting Stent for Sinuses

  104. Adalimumab and Methotrexate in RA

  105. Clean Before and After Nail Avulsion

  106. Mohs Surgeries Rise Sharply in Medicare Patients

  107. Tofacitinib Promising in Rheumatoid Arthritis

  108. Omalizumab for Milk Allergy

  109. Sharing Bad News With Patients

  110. Food Allergy and Wheal Size in Infants

  111. Severe Psoriasis and Cardiovascular Risk

  112. Sexual Abuse or Crohn's Disease?

  113. Treat Head Lice With Suffocants

  114. Serum Antibody Profiling in Melanoma

  115. High-Dose PDT May Offer "Cure" for Acne

  116. How Patients View Chronic Disease

  117. With MRSA, Look Past the Nose

  118. Med Students Open Their Match Envelopes

  119. Ipilimumab for Metastatic Melanoma

  120. Capecitabine to Prevent Squamous Cell Carcinoma

  121. Cannula Reduces Facial Filler Pain

  122. Cannula Reduces Facial Filler Pain

  123. Tips for Using Voluma Filler

  124. Consumer Perceptions of Genetic Testing

  125. Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

  126. New Tar Formulations for Psoriasis

  127. Field Therapy Options for Actinic Keratoses

  128. Foam Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins

  129. Mohs Effective for Lentigo Maligna

  130. Melasma Often Goes Untreated

  131. Acute Kidney Injury in Cancer Patients

  132. Direct-to-Consumer Genomic Tests

  133. Hospital Swim-a-thon Unites Community

  134. Melanoma Tops Beach Dangers

  135. Medical Hair Restoration

  136. Safety of Office-Based Surgery

  137. ODAC: Use Caution With Lasers on Darker Skin

  138. AAD: Avoiding Pigmentary Complications in Darker Skin

  139. July Skinny Podcast

  140. Technology is set to change dermatology practice

  141. 2013 an active year for ban on youth indoor tanning

  142. The Skinny: August's dermatology podcast from Skin & Allergy News

  143. Many psoriasis patients are untreated or undertreated

  144. ASDS 2013 Roundup with Dr. Kavita Mariwalla