1. Vintage Neumann U67 vs. Peluso P67 Microphone Shootout Video and Demo

  2. Suhr Antique Classic T w/ Butterscotch Finish - Tele Style Electric Guitar Demo

  3. Michael Tuttle Standard Classic T Fiesta Red - Electric Guitars Demo

  4. Tom Anderson Short T Classic Translucent White - Electric Guitars Demo

  5. Tuttle Standard Classic S Olympic White - Electric Guitars Demo

  6. Moog MF-104M Analog Delay Pedal - Moog Music, Inc.

  7. Moog Music, Inc. - Moog MF-104M Analog Delay Pedal

  8. Suhr Guitars Classic T Daphne Blue Finish - Electric Guitars Demo

  9. Nolatone Ampworks - Nolatone Road Hogg 22 Watt Amp Demo

  10. Vintech Audio 573 Preamp on Drums - Neve 1073 Clone

  11. Buscarino Monarch Archtop Guitar w/ Custom Midnight Blue Finish - Demo

  12. LR Baggs M80 Acoustic Pickup Demo

  13. Avid HDX System - HD I/O 16x16 and 8x8x8 Converter Systems - Video Demo

  14. Lynx Aurora Converters Advanced Routing Capabilities - Analog/Digital Inputs and Outputs

  15. Pork Pie Percussion 3 Piece Drum Kit - Curly Maple, Pocaro Blue

  16. Avid ProTools 10: Window Configurations Demonstration

  17. Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass Kickin Team - "Girls With Glasses" Session

  18. TELEFUNKEN ELEKTROAKUSTIK Multi-Track Session with The Olympic Ass Kicking Team

  19. Pro Tools 10 - Disc Schedular Demo by Avid

  20. Nolatone Road Hogg 22 Watt Amplifier - Nolatone Ampworks

  21. Melancon Pro Artist T Burgundy Mist - Electric Guitar Demo

  22. Pitch Shift Using Elastic Audio Properties in Pro Tools 10 - Avid Tutorial Demo

  23. Comins GCS-1 Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitars - Demo

  24. A Designs Ventura - EQ/Microphone Preamp/DI - Part 3

  25. Ventura from A Designs - Mic Preamp, EQ, and DI - Part 2

  26. A Designs Ventura Microphone Preamp, EQ, and DI - Part 1

  27. Avid Pro Tools 10 Demo: Plug-Ins

  28. Stevenson Pop Classic Firemist Gold Electric Guitar Demo

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  30. Eastman AR371CE Sunburst Archtop Guitar Demo

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  32. Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387 Large Diaphragm FET Condenser Microphone

  33. Michael Tuttle Standard Classic S Electric Guitar Demo

  34. James Tyler Black Classic Electric Guitar Demo

  35. Tuttle Guitars Standard Classic T 3-Tone Sunburst

  36. Suhr Pro Series C1 Electric Guitar with 3 Tone Sunburst Guitar Demo

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  40. Eddie's Corner - How to Play Over Dominant Chords in the Keys of A minor and C major

  41. Royer 101 and Royer 121 Comparison Demo at Sound Pure Studios

  42. Close Mic'ing a Brady Spotted Gum Drum Kit with a Jazz Trio at SoundPure Studios

  43. GCS-1 from Bill Comins - Bigsby, Autumn Burst, Semi-Hollow Body Guitar - Rhythm Guitar Demo

  44. Eddie's Corner - Alternate Approaches to a I-iii-IV-V Chord Change in E - Guitar Lesson

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  47. How to Mic a Hammond B3 Organ with a Leslie Speaker - Jimmy Miller Technique

  48. EMEQ2 from A Designs - Pultec Style Stereo Equalizer Demo on Drums

  49. How to use a Pultec style EQ - A Designs EMEQ2 on Kick Drum Demo

  50. A Designs EM-EQ2 Stereo Equalizer - Recording Studio Demo

  51. Tom Bills Natura Deluxe 16" Archtop Guitar Demo - Organ Drum Guitar Jazz Trio

  52. K Line Single Cutaway T Style Electric Guitar - Truxton Vintage Shoreline Gold Demo

  53. Victoria Amps Ivy League 14-watt Combo Amp Demo

  54. Anderson Classic Tobacco Burst Electric Guitar from Tom Anderson Guitarworks - Clean Tones

  55. Comins GCS-1ES Semi Hollow Body Guitar w/ Tangerine Burst - Guitar, Organ, Drums Trio

  56. Brady Drums Spotted Gum 5 Piece Ply Drum Set with Natural Satin Finish - Demo

  57. Tom Anderson Guitarworks Classic Tobacco Burst Electric Guitar Demo

  58. Nash S-57 Pink Paisley #1 Electric Guitar Demo

  59. Lynx Aurora Digital Audio Converters from Lynx Studio Technology - Overview

  60. Slide Guitar Techniques and Tunings on the Santa Cruz RS Acoustic Guitar

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  63. Ladder Filter 500-Series from Moog Music - Demonstration Video

  64. Moog Music 500 Series Ladder Filter - Demo Video

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  67. How to Mic an Electric Guitar Amplifier

  68. Fargen Blackbird VS2 20 Watt Combo Amp Demo

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  75. James Tyler Studio Elite Electric Guitar with Hazmat Schmear

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  77. Eastman's Traditional Series E20D Acoustic Guitar Played by John Garris

  78. Rivera Silent Sister Isolation Cabinet for Electric Guitar

  79. OM2H G SS from Collings with Keith Ganz

  80. Eastman E20P Acoustic Guitar Played by Keith Ganz

  81. L.R. Baggs Anthem Acoustic Guitar Pickup Demo

  82. Tony Rice Dreadnought - Santa Cruz Bluegrass Acoustic Guitar

  83. Collings D2H G Acoustic Guitar with Keith Ganz

  84. Avenson Audio Mid-Side Demo - AES 2011

  85. Brazilian Rosewood/Adirondack Acoustic Guitar by Luthier Wes Lambe

  86. Collings OM2H Cutaway Acoustic Guitar played by Keith Ganz

  87. DocDerr 500-Series by Empirical Labs Vocal Demo - AES 2011

  88. Culture Vulture Solo from Thermionic Culture - AES 2011 video 2

  89. Empirical Labs DocDerr Multi-Purpose Channel Strip - AES 2011

  90. The 500-Series DocDerr by Empirical Labs Guitar Demo at AES 2011

  91. E20D Acoustic Guitar by Eastman preformed by John Garris

  92. Sound Devices PIX 240 & PIX 220 Video Recorders

  93. DPA SMK4061 Stereo Mic Kit - AES 2011

  94. Collings CJ SB Acoustic guitar played by Keith Ganz

  95. Lynx Hilo A/D D/A Converter from AES 2011

  96. Santa Cruz Tony Rice Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

  97. Trident A-Range Dual Channel Mic Pre with Equalizer from AES 2011

  98. DPA Microphones 2000 Series Demo - AES 2011

  99. Trident Series 80B Mic/Line Pre with Equalizer