1. Wooden Eiffel Tower Demolition

  2. Wooden Eiffel Tower Movie

  3. The Carrot Cannon Movie

  4. The Armour Piercing Candle Movie

  5. dominoids - how to knock over a 16kg domino with a 4g domino

  6. hovercraft

  7. Spinning a hose to pump water

  8. single helix pump

  9. Vacuum Railway

  10. sunbeam exploder

  11. Neil A. Downie - The Ultimate Book of Saturday Science

  12. "The Ultimate Book of Saturday Science" Launch Day

  13. The ultimate "book launch."

  14. Ultimate Book of Saturday Science - The Gunpowder Book Launch!

  15. The Gunpowder Launch

  16. Air powered book launch with bursting disc technology........Charterhouse School

  17. Ultimate Saturday Science: Cannon Book Launch

  18. Ultimate Saturday Science: Trebuchet Book Launch

  19. gunpowder rocket launch of "The Ultimate Book of Saturday Science"

  20. pneumatic drum

  21. helitower -tethered helicopter

  22. bending a laser beam

  23. take apart microwave

  24. movie of how to make a carrrot cannon

  25. take apart a video recorder

  26. How to make a Newton's 3 laws cannon

  27. Movie of Ferrofluid railway

  28. seeing a sound wave

  29. How to launch a book

  30. Duncan on the vacuum lollipop