1. I Trust Her

  2. Jessica King: "My Story" TV Spot

  3. Jessica King: My Story

  4. Wisconsin Senate Democrats: Thank You!

  5. I Know Dave

  6. Kristen Dexter: Shared Sacrifices

  7. Kristen Dexter: Working Together

  8. Donna Seidel: The Wisconsin Way

  9. Donna Seidel: Opportunities

  10. John Lehman for Senate: Why I'm Running

  11. Kristen Dexter: Shared Sacrifices

  12. Wisconsin Senate Democrats: Majority

  13. Dexter for Senate: Stop The Koch Brother's Misleading Attacks

  14. Terry Moulton Wolf Footage

  15. Kristen Dexter for State Senate: "Darlene"

  16. Donna Seidel for State Senate: "Lee"

  17. 'How Could You, Jerry Petrowski?'

  18. Cry Wolf

  19. Jim Holperin: Amounts

  20. Jim Holperin: Bombarded

  21. Jim Holperin: Show Up

  22. Bob Wirch: Looking Out for Us

  23. Senator Hansen thanks the volunteers

  24. Year after Year

  25. Momentum!

  26. Sandy Pasch: Midnight

  27. Alberta Darling, Are You Kidding?

  28. Bob Wirch

  29. Jennifer Shilling: We're in this Together

  30. 2011 Candidates

  31. Ungrateful

  32. Jess King: Working for Me

  33. Fred Clark: Independent Leader

  34. Dan's Changed

  35. Thank You to our Volunteers!

  36. Senator Dave Hansen, 'What It's All About' Ad

  37. Senator Jim Holperin, Salt of the Earth Ad

  38. Take back Wisconsin