1. Hip Hop Beats: Unstoppable (Hard Banging Rap Instrumental) *Produced By D-Funkdafied*

  2. Hip Hop Beats: Watts (West Coast Instrumental) *Produced By D-Funkdafied*

  3. Hip Hop Beats: Back To Back (YG Style Hip Hop Instrumental) *Produced By D-Funkdafied*

  4. Hip Hop Beats: Under Pressure (Scott Storch Style Instrumental) *Produced By D-Funkdafied*

  5. Hip Hop Beats: Get Up (Club Rap Instrumental) *Produced By D-Funkdafied*

  6. Hip Hop Beats - Take A Ride (G-Funk Instrumental) *Produced By D-Funkdafied*

  7. Banging Ice Cube Style Gangsta Rap Beat "Reckless" - D-Funkdafied

  8. Hip Hop Beats: I Go Hard (Dirty South) *Produced By D-Funkdafied*

  9. Amazing Fight Scenes Compilation - Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Jet Li and More (D-Funkdafied)

  10. Hip Hop Beats: Mercedes Music (Produced By D-Funkdafied) *Exotic Car Compilation*

  11. Malow Mac - It Was All A Dream (Produced By D-Funkdafied) *NEW 2012*

  12. Malow Mac - I'm Strapped (Produced By D-Funkdafied)

  13. Hip Hop Beats: Southern Rap (Dirty South Beat) *Produced By D-Funkdafied*

  14. Young Dazzie Dazz - Laidback Sound (Produced By D-Funkdafied) [2012] *FREE DOWNLOAD*

  15. Hip Hop Beats: Grindin' (Dirty South Instrumental) *Produced By D-Funkdafied*

  16. Hip Hop Beats: Compton (West Coast Instrumental) *Produced By D-Funkdafied*

  17. Hip Hop Beats: Way Too Gangsta (West Coast Instrumental) *Produced By D-Funkdafied* (Original)

  18. D-Funkdafied's Rapstrumentals (2012) *DOWNLOAD FREE BEATS*

  19. Hip Hop Beats: Coast 2 Coast (Smooth G-Funk Instrumental) *Produced By D-Funkdafied*

  20. Beat Making: "On The Level" (West Coast Beat)

  21. West Coast Instrumental "Livin' In L.A." - D-Funkdafied

  22. Hip Hop Beats: Reality (Dr Dre West Coast Beat) *Produced By D-Funkdafied*

  23. Do It Gangsta (West Coast Dr Dre Style Instrumental) - D-Funkdafied

  24. The West Coast Instrumental Collection [D-Funkdafied] (Free Download)

  25. How To: Make A West Coast Synth Lead (Reason 5) (HD)

  26. G-Funk Dedication [Gangsta Music Produced By D-Funkdafied] (Tribute Video 2012)

  27. Young Dazzie Dazz - Laidback Sound [INSTRUMENTAL] (Produced By D-Funkdafied)

  28. Stalin - Who Got Weed [Produced By D-Funkdafied] (Hip Hop 2012)

  29. Living 4 The G-Funk Mixtape (Reprised & Remastered 2012 By D-Funkdafied) [FREE]

  30. Hip Hop Beats: Gangsta Hip Hop (Gangsta Rap Instrumental) *Produced By D-Funkdafied*

  31. Summer Days [Phat G-Funk Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied] (With Clips Of Los Angeles)

  32. Still D-Funkdafied (Gangsta Rap Beat) (With Low Rider Clips)

  33. Way 2 Fonky [G-Funk Beat/Instrumental Produced By D-Funkdafied Music] (HD)

  34. Rollin' Hard [West Coast Banger Produced By D-Funkdafied] (Beat Making Clips)

  35. On The Top [Hip Hop Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied Music] (720p)

  36. Reggae Beach [Reggae Funky Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied] (HD)

  37. Money [Hip Hop R&B Instrumental Produced By D-Funkdafied] (HD)

  38. Fresh Summer Breeze [G-Funk Beat by D-Funkdafied Music] (HD)

  39. Cruizin [Hip Hop/Rap Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied Music]

  40. Return To San Andreas (GTA 5 Trailer D-Funkdafied Version) HD 720p

  41. 4 Tha West [Dr Dre Type Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied]

  42. Summer Coastin' (Smooth G-Funk Beat/Instrumental) [Prod. D-Funkdafied]

  43. West Coast Regulate [G-Funk Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied]

  44. Back It Up (R&B/G-Funk Beat) (Prod By D-Funkdafied Music)

  45. Till I Collapse [Hip Hop Gangsta Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied]

  46. Hip Hop Beats: Smooth Joint (Hot G-Funk Instrumental) *Produced By D-Funkdafied*

  47. Rock It Like This [Hip Hop Banger Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied] *FOR SALE*

  48. Slappin' G-Funk Groove [West Coast Instrumental Beat By D-Funkdafied]

  49. Living 4 The G-Funk Mixtape [Produced By D-Funkdafied] (Download Link)

  50. Pelon 903 - Words For Her [Produced By D-Funkdafied] *SNIPPET*

  51. The City [BANGING 808 Hip Hop Beat By D-Funkdafied & Bronco]

  52. South Central [Emotional Gangsta Rap Beat] (Prod By D-Funkdafied Music)

  53. D-Funkdafied Groove [G-Funk Instrumental/Beat] (D-Funkdafied)

  54. Sunset Paradise [Smooth G-Funk/R&B Beat Prod D-Funkdafied]

  55. West Coast Bounce 2 The Ounce [Funk/Disco Beat By D-Funkdafied]

  56. West Side Rendezvous [Smooth G-Funk Beat Produced D-Funkdafied] *FOR SALE*

  57. Dippin' In My Low Low (G-Funk Beat) [D-Funkdafied] (Lowrider Videos)

  58. Ice Cube "Why We Thugs Remake" Instrumental [D-Funkdafied]

  59. Quik & Battlecat Tribute [G-Funk Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied]

  60. Do Ya G-Thang [Gangsta Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied] *FOR SALE*

  61. Cali Sunshine [G-Funk Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied]

  62. Killa-J Ft Duece - Memories Of The Lane [Produced By D-Funkdafied]

  63. Down The Avenue [G-Funk Beat Prod By D-Funkdafied]

  64. Gangsta Rap 4 Life [West Coast Beat By D-Funkdafied Music]

  65. Lil Dino Ft C-Bone - Just Anotha Day (Prod. D-Funkdafied) (G-Funk)

  66. Just Another Day [G-Funk Beat/Instrumental Produced By D-Funkdafied Music]

  67. West Coast Instrumental - Straight Ridin' [Prod. D-Funkdafied ]

  68. Something 4 The Mood [G-Funk Produced By D-Funkdafied]

  69. Puttin' It Down [Real Smooth G-Funk Beat by D-Funkdafied]

  70. G-Funk Rhythm [Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied Music]

  71. WooFyWooF (aka Young Dazzie) - In The Summer [Prod By D-Funkdafied] (G-Funk)

  72. In The Summer [G-Funk Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied Music]

  73. Lloyd Popp - Los Angeles O.G (Talkbox) [Prod. D-Funkdafied]

  74. Los Angeles O.G [G Funk Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied Music]

  75. Badtripp - G-Funk Forever (Nate Dogg Dedication) [Prod. By D-Funkdafied] *Free Download*

  76. Badtripp aka Tripple Double - G-Funk Forever (Instrumental) (Prod. D-Funkdafied)

  77. Tha Ccreap - My Blunt N My 40oz [Prod. D-Funkdafied Music] (Rare G-Funk)

  78. Summer Fresh [Laidback G Funk Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied Music]

  79. Cruisin' Down Tha LBC [G-Funk Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied Music]

  80. Summer Nights [G-Funk Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied Music]

  81. Strictly G-Funk [Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied Music]

  82. Throw Tha West Up [West Coast Beat Prod By D-Funkdafied Music]

  83. Back To Tha 90s [G-Funk Produced By D-Funkdafied Music]

  84. Time To Bounce [Smooth G-Funk Beat By D-Funkdafied]

  85. Ridin' Low [Smooth G-Funk Produced By D-Funkdafied]

  86. Nate Dogg Tribute [Beat Produced By D-Funkdafied Music]

  87. Mellow G-Funk [Instrumental Beat By D-Funkdafied]

  88. Party Banger Beat 2011 [Produced By D-Funkdafied]

  89. Welsh Pride [Hip Hop Beat Prod By D-Funkdafied]