1. Road Safety PSA Russian Federation "Crash"

  2. Road Safety PSA India "Car-O-Bar Enforcement"

  3. Road Safety PSA India "Car-O-Bar"

  4. Road Safety PSA Russian Federation "Family"

  5. Happy New Year from WHO

  6. WHO: Dr Bruce Aylward interview regarding attacks on health workers in Pakistan

  7. Towards making every city a healthy city

  8. WHO: Health and human rights - interview with Professor Paul Hunt

  9. 世卫组织:促使1500万人获得抗艾滋病毒治疗

  10. اليوم العالمي لمكافحة الإيدز 2012

  11. Conseguir 15 millones de personas en tratamiento con antirretrovíricos para 2015

  12. Содействие в обеспечении лечения ВИЧ для 15 млн. людей

  13. OMS : Aider à mettre 15 millions de personnes sous traitement anti-VIH

  14. WHO: Helping to get 15 million people on HIV treatment

  15. I had a black dog, his name was depression

  16. World Mental Health Day - focus on depression (PSA)

  17. WHO: Choosing good nutrition - eLENA

  18. WHO: Put health first in emergencies

  19. WHO: Every blood donor is a hero

  20. WHO: Countries stand shoulder to shoulder fighting "Big Tobacco"

  21. WHO: World No Tobacco Day 2012 - global event Geneva

  22. OMS: Alto a las interferencias de la industria tabacalera

  23. OMS : Halte à l'ingérence de l'industrie du tabac

  24. WHO: Stop tobacco industry interference

  25. WHO: Dr Marie-Paule Kieny on the 11th International Classification of Diseases

  26. رسالة المدير الإقليمي لشرق المتوسط

  27. WHO: Scale up the fight against malaria -- Test. Treat. Track.

  28. WHO: Message by Dr Luis Gomes Sambo for World Immunization Week 2012

  29. WHO: Message by Dr Ala Alwan for World Immunization Week 2012

  30. WHO: Иммунизация спасает человеческие жизни

  31. OMS: La inmunización salva vidas

  32. WHO: 免疫可拯救生命

  33. WHO: التمنيع ينقذ الأرواح

  34. OMS: La vaccination sauve des vies

  35. WHO: Immunization saves lives (World Immunization Week 2012)

  36. 健康老龄化—有益长寿

  37. OMS: Envejecimiento saludable: añadamos vida a los años

  38. Здоровое старение -- прибавим жизни к годам

  39. التمتع بالصحة في مرحلة الشيخوخة- إضافة حياة إلى السنين

  40. OMS: Vieillissement et santé -- une bonne santé pour mieux vieillir

  41. WHO: Healthy ageing -- adding life to years

  42. Buruli ulcer: from a difficult past to a hopeful future

  43. L'ulcère de Buruli: d'un passé difficile à un avenir plein d'espoir

  44. OMS : Salvando las vidas de madres y niños

  45. OMS : Sauver la vie des mères et des enfants

  46. WHO: Saving mother's and children's lives

  47. Unidos contra las enfermedades no transmisibles

  48. 团结起来,抵抗非传染性疾病

  49. Объединяйтесь в борьбе против НИЗ

  50. لنتحد في مكافحة الأمراض غير السارية

  51. Tous unis dans la lutte contre les maladies non transmissibles

  52. Unite in the fight against NCDs - September 2011

  53. 团结起来,抵抗非传染性疾病

  54. Unidos contra las enfermedades no transmisibles

  55. OMS: Journée mondiale contre l'hépatite

  56. WHO: اليوم العالمي للالتهاب الكبدي

  57. WHO: 世界肝炎日 2011

  58. OMS: Día Mundial contra la Hepatitis 2011

  59. WHO: Всемирный день борьбы с гепатитом

  60. WHO: World Hepatitis Day 2011

  61. WHO: Financing health care

  62. WHO: Professor Stephen Hawking supports launch of World Report on Disability

  63. WHO: What's disability to me? Highlights from the video series

  64. WHO: What's disability to me? Feliza's story

  65. WHO Strategy on HIV/AIDS for 2011-2015: "Let's do what's right for everyone"

  66. WHO: World No Tobacco Day 2011 PSA

  67. WHO: 64th World Health Assembly (time-lapse)

  68. WHO: Decade of Action for Road Safety - message by Dr Margaret Chan

  69. WHO: Unite in the fight against NCDs

  70. What's disability to me? Mia's story.

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  74. 2011 UN NCDs summit: the European story

  75. What's disability to me? Rachael's story.

  76. WHO: The power and potential of medical devices

  77. WHO: development of a new meningitis vaccine

  78. OMS: développement du vaccin contre le méningocoque

  79. What's disability to me? Faustina's story

  80. WHO: Neglected Tropical Diseases PSA 2010

  81. WHO: Mental Health Gap Action Programme

  82. WHO: Focus on treating the survivors of Somalia's conflict

  83. WHO: Afghanistan boosts preparedness for humanitarian health crises

  84. WHO: World No Tobacco Day 2010

  85. Pakistan flood crisis: the health impact and response

  86. OMS: Video pour la Journée mondiale sans tabac - 31 mai 2010

  87. WHO: World No Tobacco Day PSA 2010

  88. WHO Regional Committee for Europe 2010

  89. Message from Dr Hussein Gezairy on floods in Pakistan(ARABIC VERSION)

  90. Message from Dr Hussein Gezairy on floods in Pakistan(ENGLISH VERSION)

  91. WHO: Pakistan floods

  92. Polio eradication: reason to act

  93. Polio eradication: reason to believe

  94. Systems thinking for Health Systems Strengthening

  95. Reaching the remote - humanitarian healthcare in Badakshan, Afghanistan

  96. WHO: Urban Health Matters - World Health Day 2010

  97. PSA: Kanu - Kick Polio out of Nigeria

  98. WHO: World Health Day 2010 - Urban Health Matters - PSA

  99. PSA: Kick Polio out of Nigeria