1. The Citadel Tailor Shop preps for the new school year

  2. The Citadel Awards Parade 7 Sept 2012

  3. The Citadel Canteen: Back in Business!

  4. Gold Star and President's List Parade

  5. PROMO: Honoring a football standout- Bob Carson No. 41

  6. Honoring a football standout -- Bob Carson No. 41

  7. Knobs relax at The Citadel beach house

  8. The Citadel/Military Appreciation Night RiverDogs Baseball Game Promo

  9. Welcome back Citadel Graduate Students

  10. Preview of The Class of 2016's Oath Ceremony

  11. Class of 2016 Matriculation

  12. Citadel moms - Class of 2016 Matriculation Day

  13. Citadel professor and student study cells and talk about majoring in biology

  14. Byrd Hall Construction

  15. The Citadel's new Criminal Justice Department

  16. The Citadel Year in Review 2011-2012

  17. Employee Appreciation Day 2012

  18. Citadel Professor Awarded Fulbright

  19. The Citadel Recognition Day

  20. It's Up To You - The Citadel (Honor Duty Respect)

  21. Commencement Week at The Citadel

  22. Citadel Graduate College 2012 Commencement in Pictures

  23. SC Corps of Cadets Class of 2012 In Pictures

  24. The Citadel Ring Tradition

  25. Congratulations On Your Retirement!

  26. The Citadel Graduate College Commencement

  27. SC Corps of Cadets Class of 2012 graduates

  28. Class of 2013 Summerall Guards

  29. Long Gray Line - Class of 2012

  30. Citadel Class of 2012 Legacy Gathering

  31. Capt. Ryan Hall Leadership Sword - The Citadel

  32. The Citadel Star of the West Competition

  33. Three National Leaders Discuss the Future of the Conservative Movement

  34. Former Secretary of Defense Donald Henry Rumsfeld at The Citadel

  35. Pop Tabs Collected for the Ronald McDonald House

  36. Meet The Citadel's 2012 Employee of the Year

  37. The Citadel's 5th Annual Leadership Symposium

  38. Political Activist Phyllis Schlafly Speaks to Citadel Cadets

  39. In Photos - Recognition Day - The Citadel Class of 2015

  40. The Citadel Class of 2015 Recognition Day

  41. Citadel Physics Students Awarded Grant

  42. Knobs Prepare for Recognition Day

  43. Citadel Regimental Band and Pipes recruitment video 2006

  44. Citadel Top 9 chevron presentation

  45. Citadel School of Engineering Sponsors FIRST Robotics Competition

  46. Study Abroad Programs at The Citadel

  47. Cato Institute Senior Fellow Daniel J. Mitchell

  48. The Citadel Beautiful Bulldog Contest 2012

  49. Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas J. Feith

  50. The Citadel 2012 Corps Day

  51. South Carolina Corps of Cadets 169th birthday

  52. Former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese

  53. NRA President David Keene

  54. The Citadel Bulldog Challenge 2012

  55. Yaron Brook, Director of the Ayn Rand Institute at The Citadel

  56. Conway Saylor - 2012 Governor's Professor of the Year

  57. Storm The Citadel! Trebuchet Competition 2012

  58. The Conservative Intellectual Tradition in America at The Citadel Video Promo

  59. Citadel Seminar: Historian Burton W. Folsom, Jr.

  60. Citadel Seminar; Political Commentator Michael Barone

  61. Recyclemania at The Citadel!

  62. Citadel Seminar: Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the House

  63. Academics: Citadel professors explore the legend of Robin Ho

  64. Celebrating the life of The Citadel's Harvey Dick

  65. Civil Engineering at The Citadel

  66. Citadel Seminar: David A. Norcross, RNC leader

  67. Citadel Seminar: Alfred S. Regnery of American Spectator

  68. Remembering Harvey Dick

  69. 27 Jan 2012 Gold Star/President's List parade

  70. Happy Holidays to The Citadel Community

  71. The Citadel magazine - Writers discuss college values

  72. WASA Organization Makes Care Packages

  73. Homecoming 2011 -- Alumni memories

  74. Citadel cadets rehearse for annual Candlelight Service

  75. Spike the Bulldog Gets PUMPED for Citadel vs. Coastal Carolina

  76. Citadel biology students create curiosity cabinets

  77. Get to know Cadet Clay Settle

  78. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving p.2

  79. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving p.1

  80. Medal of Honor recipient Bruce Crandall visits The Citadel

  81. Medal of Honor recipient Sal Giunta visits The Citadel

  82. S.C. Corps of Cadets celebrates Thanksgiving

  83. Citadel Homecoming 2011 - Cadet Chorale

  84. Citadel Homecoming 2011 Memories

  85. Greater Issues Lt. Gen. Hussein al-Majali, '81

  86. Go Citadel Bulldogs Beat VMI!

  87. Citadel Class of 2012 Ring Presentation

  88. Citadel Graduate College TV commercial --Cafeteria

  89. Citadel Graduate College TV commercial - Deli Tray

  90. The making of a ring statue

  91. Parents' Weekend in Photo

  92. The Citadel Class of 2012 Ring Presentation

  93. Citadel Ring Monument

  94. Cadets become Suborbital Space Scientists

  95. The quad shot

  96. African-American Society visits MLK Memorial

  97. Cadet Night at the RiverDogs game

  98. Naval Academy superintendent visits The Citadel

  99. The Citadel -- Gold Star and President's List Parade