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  1. Robot carer offers company and security to 94-year-old grandmother

  2. Eye-tracking wheelchair helps the severely disabled steer new course

  3. Newly discovered frog may be facing last dance

  4. Energy group seeks winds of change in rural Argentina

  5. Humble fire hydrant gets 21st Century facelift

  6. Presenting the "Elf", a lean, green driving machine

  7. Organic farming culture brings burgeoning business for Fiji islanders

  8. Ant battles offer insights to gene expression

  9. Fish farmer brings science of aquaculture to urban poor

  10. Study says Earth on brink of mass extinction event

  11. Raptor robot gives Usain Bolt a run for his money

  12. Researchers put the crunch back into frozen vegetables

  13. Cardiopad brings heart health to remote Cameroon communities

  14. Hyundai's hydrogen fuel cell car hits the road in California.

  15. Paying with your veins - a 'handy' way to shop

  16. Scientists hail "Drop of Health" as superior vegetable oil

  17. Cyborg prosthetic lets drummer find his rhythm

  18. Cyborg prosthetic lets drummer find his rhythm

  19. "Clever Buoy" brings sonar and satellites to shark detection

  20. Gazan uses scrap metal to make his own digger

  21. Drones to inspect damaged planes

  22. Scientists grow human cartlilage using stem cells

  23. Micro-needle patches a painless shot-in-the-arm for future vaccinations

  24. Armatix "smart" gun tech keeps watch on weapon safety

  25. Researchers see solar-powered cars on the road ahead

  26. Bed sensor keeps unobtrusive eye on vital signs

  27. Cell transplant recipient celebrates decade without diabetes

  28. Laser scanner could spell the end for airport liquids ban