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The Evolution Handbook

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Uploaded on Sep 19, 2007

The Evolution Handbook
Nearly 1000 pages of over 3,000 scientific facts which annihilate evolutionary theory.
Including 1,350 scientific quotations (chapter 23, Evolution scientists say the theory is unscientific and worthless) or references, 43 pages of illustrations, a research guide, and a complete index.
This book is based on extensive research and is highly recommended by scientists and educators. The Evolution Handbook - http://www.evolution-facts.org/Handbo...

Download The Evolution Handbook -

MORE info - http://www.evolution-facts.org . EVOLUTION FACTS, INC.
PO BOX 300 - ALTAMONT, TN. 37301 USA
Only $5.00 at The Bible Baptist Bookstore 1-850-477-8812

Quotes by Evolutionary Scientists Against Evolution - http://www.warneveryone.com/evolution...

Live broadcasting with instant message - http://www.justin.tv/warneveryone

KJV1611 Bible - http://www.youtube.com/results?search...

"I personally hold the evolutionary position, but yet lament the fact that the majority of our Ph.D. graduates are frightfully ignorant of many of the serious problems of the evolution theory. These problems will not be solved unless we bring tham to the attention of students. Most students assume evolution is proved, the missing link is found, and all we have left is a few rough edges to smooth out. Actually, quite the contrary is true; and many recent discoveries..have forced us to re-evaluate our basic assumptions." Director of a large gratuate biology department, quoted in Creation: The Cutting Edge (1982). (to find out what happened to an evolutionary professor who became a creationist, search Dr. Dean Kenyon)

"Evolution..is not only under attack by fundamentalist Christians, but is also being questioned by reputable scientists. Among paleontogists scientists who study the fossil record, there is growing dissent from the prevailing view of Darwinism." James Gorman, "The Tortoise or the Hare? Discover, October 1980, p. 88.

"Scientists have no proof that life was not the result of an act of creation." Robert Jastrow, The Enchanted Loom: Mind in the Universe (1981). p. 19

"Evolution is baseless and quite incredible." Ambrose Flemming of Science, president, British Assocoiation for Advancemant of Science, in The Unleashing of Evolutionary Thought.

"Today our duty is to destroy the myth of evolution, considered as a simple, understood and explained phenomenon which keeps rapidly unfolding before us. Biologists must be encouraged to think about the weakness and extrapolations that the theoreticians put forward or lay down as established truths. The deceit is sometimes unconscious, but not always, since some people, owing to their sectarianism, purposely overlook reality and refuse to ackowledge the inadequacies and falsity of their beliefs." Pierre-Paul Grasse, Evolution of Living Organisms (1977), p.8

" 'Scientists who go about teaching that evolution is a fact of life are great con men, and the story they are telling may be the greatest hoax ever. In explaining evolution we do not have one iota of fact.' [Tahmisian called it] a tangled mismash of guessing games and figure juggling." Fresno Bee, August 20, 1959, p. 1-B [quoting T.N. Tahmisian, physiologist for the Atomic Energy Commission].

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