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  30. Sex, Race Are Factors in Lifetime Knee Osteoarthritis Risk

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  103. Motivate Staff With Nonmonetary Rewards

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  131. Senator Says SGR Fix Unlikely Soon

  132. What Matters: Head and Neck Cancer

  133. State AGs Assess Individual Mandate

  134. Anemia Tripled Post-Stroke Mortality Risk

  135. Aspirin, Warfarin Show Equal Heart Failure Efficacy

  136. Monitor Longer to Detect Post-Stroke AF

  137. Clot-Busters Safely Treated Wake-Up Strokes

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  139. Chemo, Radiation in Head/Neck Cancer

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  144. Gene Profile May Predict Breast Cancer Return

  145. Emergency Physicians Fight Medicaid ER Limits

  146. Prolonged Aspirin Use Prevented Recurrent Blood Clots

  147. Early Intervention Improves Long-term Outcomes After DVT

  148. Adjuvant Zoledronic Acid Reduces Breast Cancer Deaths

  149. LDL Cholesterol and Systolic Blood Pressure Have Different Cardiovascular Effects

  150. Dual HER2 Blockade Defers Breast Cancer in CLEOPATRA

  151. Combo Boosts Breast Cancer Survival in BOLERO-2

  152. Brachytherapy Doubled Mastectomy Risk

  153. mHealth's Growth Raises Hope, Questions

  154. Trial Tests Surgical Infection Prophylaxis

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  164. Phone-Based Coaching Works for Obesity Weight Loss

  165. Obesity Didn't Alter IUI Pregnancy Success

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  167. Drug-Eluting Angioplasty Underwhelms

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