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  2. My Natural Hair Journey!

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  21. The SistahChick & LittleChick Attend ~ NBAF 2011


  23. ♥ 19 ♥ African Threading: Side Swept Flat Twists & African Threaded style (part 1)

  24. Review of Mongolian Kinky Curly 3b 3c Hair

  25. How To Fit A Fedora Over Big Thick Curly Hair "Natural Hair"

  26. Simple Shampoo Method & Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Recipe for Natural Hair

  27. ⚠HIGHLY REQUESTED:My products/recommended products!⚠

  28. Natural Hair Lessons Learned: Part I

  29. 4B Natural Hair Length Check Part 2

  30. Hair regimen: Retaining Length & Moisture for 3c to 4b-c hair type video

  31. Natural Hair

  32. Side Bun on Natural Hair & 2-Strand Twists

  33. Clean Your Braids, Locs and Twists Without Shampoo (Prevent Extra Shrinkage and Frizz)

  34. The SistahChick Attends ~ Happily Natural Day Atlanta 2011

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  36. Natural Hair: Simple and Elegant Updo

  37. 6 months after my big chop + "length" check | LHDC-TV

  38. Easy "Professional" Style on Natural Hair (2-Strand Twists)

  39. Let's Support our Sista!

  40. [Private Video]

  41. How To Detangle Thick Curly "Natural Hair"

  42. Low & fine density hair

  43. Natural Hair Regimen

  44. AFRO Life Ep 3: Stretching Natural Hair

  45. DIY Homemade Greek Yogurt Deep Conditioner | Natural Shine Enhancing, Moisturizing, Detangling Cream

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  47. How I Detangle 4b/Afro Hair- Part 1

  48. I'm Alive....

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  51. The Perfect Winter Wash and Go Method for "Natural Hair"

  52. Natural Hair: Super Easy (3 Minute) "Twisted" Up-Do Style

  53. Natural Hair: BIG Side Puff & Pompadour & How to Make a SAFE Ponytail Holder

  54. How To Maintain Wash and Go for 5 Days or More "Natural Hair"

  55. Casual and Classic Hairstyle "Natural Hair"

  56. Natural Hair is Amazing: My Speech on Going Natural

  57. Natural Hair is Amazing: My Speech on Going Natural

  58. Length Check #3 "Natural Hair" Growth

  59. Length Check #3 "Natural Hair" Growth

  60. loose curls

  61. Co-Washing & Finger-Detangling Natural Curly-Cottony Thick Hair "TUTORIAL"

  62. A Romantic Sultry Hairstyle Big Fluffy Curly Hair "Natural Hair"

  63. How I Revive My Wash-n-gos!

  64. Hair Grease 101

  65. Tribute to Kim Love (KimmayTube) Natural Hair Care- TWA

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  71. Co-Washing & Finger-Detangling Natural Curly-Cottony Thick Hair "TUTORIAL"

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  78. Natural Hair: My Wash n Go Routine 2011

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  83. Tis the Season, From All of Us to All of You!

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  85. How I make my Mud Shampoo Smoothie

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  87. Natural Hair Length Check

  88. Info On Cutting/Trimming My Ends (Short & Simple) - FAQ Friday ***PART 1***

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  105. Natural Hair Holiday... NIGHTMARE

  106. lil update

  107. December Fashion Vintage Goodies, Etc...

  108. Twist Out on Blow Dried hair & My Blow drying Experience

  109. My very 1st BLOW OUT( I'm Amaaaaazed) PT.1

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  113. Mocha Girls: How I consider texture to find the right products

  114. Happy Holidays 2011!!

  115. One Year Natural Anniversary: My Afro!

  116. Two Strand Mini Twists on Short 4b Hair 6 MONTH CHALLENGE

  117. BIG Bun on my Natural 4b/4c Hair

  118. My "Natural Hair" 4 Year Anniversary

  119. 2011 Natural Hair

  120. My 2 yr Natural Hair Growth Journey

  121. Haircare tips for afro textured hair (type 4)


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  140. My Natural Hair Journey so far...

  141. Meet My Sista: Danielle

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  153. What it means to 'go natural'

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