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  1. Chester See - God Damn You're Beautiful (Official Music Video)

  2. So Goodbye (This Time Lies Wont Explain) Official Music Video

  3. Who Am I To Stand In Your Way (Original Song) - Live ft Andy Lange on guitar

  4. I'm Falling For You - Original version

  5. Bromance (Acoustic)

  6. Why Won't You Smile (Original)

  7. Tonight I Know Remix (Official Music Video)

  8. "I'm Falling for You" (NIKI Part 2)

  9. High (Official Music Video)

  10. Wicked

  11. It's time to go (Original)

  12. "Is it Meant to Be" (NIKI part 4)

  13. "Keep Waiting" (NIKI Part 3)

  14. Fairy Tales (Original)

  15. "You Will be Loved" (Original)

  16. "Never knew" (NIKI part 1)

  17. A Life of Regrets (Original)

  18. My Time Has Come (Original)

  19. Wondering (Original) - An insight into a song-writer's world

  20. Tonight I know (Original)

  21. "Sex All Night" (Original) PG13

  22. Baby Come Home (Original)

  23. Where Are You Now (Original)

  24. Hold On (Original)

  25. A Relationship in 3 songs Part 1 (Written in the Stars)

  26. Words I never got to Say

  27. "I'm Falling For You" Original

  28. "Your Kiss" (Original)

  29. I can't walk away (Original)

  30. From LA to Rome (The Wedding Song)

  31. A relationship in 3 songs part 3 "Losing You"

  32. Under My Breath (Original)

  33. everytime she walks on by (Original)

  34. When She Walks Into a Room (Original)

  35. "Say it's Just a Dream" (Original)

  36. A Relationship in 3 songs Part 2 (Holy Water)

  37. That's What I'll Be (Original)

  38. Safety word (Original)

  39. "Living the Good Life"

  40. When All You Need is Love (Original)

  41. This song's for... Haiti Relief

  42. I'll Say My Piece

  43. different (original)

  44. Safe (Original)

  45. Who will be our Superhero

  46. I Want to Live Tomorrow Today (Original)

  47. loved and lost

  48. Myspace Love

  49. A little preview of the Upcoming EP

  50. Girl of My Dreams (collab with Andrew Garcia) - Original

  51. Lullaby

  52. Whistle While I Work It - Ft. Toby Turner with Wayne Brady + lyrics