1. Bay's first band gig, 7 Nation Army, White Stripes Cover

  2. Bay Stewart "12" Covers "Turning Tables" by Adele

  3. Missy Franklin Austin Grand Prix Day 2 Post Race Interviews.mov

  4. Janet Evans makes her Olympic Trial cut at AUSTIN GRAND PRIX

  5. Bay sings the Hippo song (1st concert solo)

  6. 2011 RCP Tiburon Mile - Highlights

  7. SwimMAC Time Lapse & Rope Climbing: Nick Thoman, Cullen Jones, Nick Brunelli

  8. Adele, Rolling in the Deep, Helium version.MOV

  9. Cayman Island Vacation, Bayley 11

  10. Ian Crocker, Olympic Gold Medalist, Plays the Guitar

  11. Peter Vanderkaay on GOLD MEDAL MINUTE

  12. Chip Peterson on Gold Medal Minute

  13. Christine Jennings on GOLD MEDAL MINUTE

  14. Josh Schneider on GOLD MEDAL MINUTE

  15. Berens & Walters, The Olympic Odd Couple on GMM

  16. Bay Stewart Sings "Memories"

  17. Gold Medal Mel: SwimMAC Coaching Retreat

  18. Rowdy Gaines on Gold Medal Minute

  19. Garrett Weber-Gale cooks on Gold Medal Minute

  20. Christine Magnuson on GOLD MEDAL MINUTE

  21. Diana Nyad on GOLD MEDAL MINUTE

  22. Ryan Lochte, Pan Pacific Championships GOLD MEDAL MINUTE

  23. Nathan Adrian on GOLD MEDAL MINUTE

  24. Rebecca Soni GOLD MEDAL MINUTE

  25. Jessica Hardy GOLD MEDAL MINUTE

  26. Slip 'n Slide

  27. Dana Vollmer, Gold Medal Minute

  28. Ryan Lochte Pool Party, Part I

  29. Ryan Lochte Pool Party, Part II

  30. Fran Crippen 2010 Open Water National Champ


  32. Odd Man Out: a Gay Black Swimmer

  33. Matt Grevers, 2010 GOLD MEDAL MINUTE

  34. Michael Alexandrov: GOLD MEDAL MINUTE

  35. Chloe Sutton, GOLD MEDAL MINUTE

  36. Gold Medal Minute: Tyler McGill

  37. The Dreaded DQ: a breaststroke flip-turn

  38. Bayley Stewart, Junior Olympic Freestyle

  39. Natalie Coughin Returns, 2010, GOLD MEDAL MINUTE

  40. Cesar Cielo, Gold Medial Minute

  41. Ous Mellouli, Gold Medal Minute

  42. David Marsh, Gold Medal Minute

  43. Nick Thoman, Gold Medal Minute

  44. Ariana Kukors, Gold Medal Minute

  45. Cullen Jones, Gold Medal Minute

  46. Tyler Clary, GOLD MEDAL MINUTE

  47. Amy Van Dyken, Gold Medal Minute

  48. B.J. Bedford, Gold Medal Minute

  49. Magnuson, Olympic Silver Medalist, on Gold Medal Minute

  50. Megan Jendrick, Gold Medal Minute

  51. Misty Hyman, Gold Medal Minute

  52. Byron Davis, Gold Medal Minute

  53. Elizabeth Beisel, Gold Medal Minute

  54. Eric Shanteau, Gold Medal Minute

  55. Golden Goggles, 2009 Preview

  56. Ous Mellouli, Olympic Champion, The Mile

  57. Michael Phelps v. Milorad Cavic

  58. Rich Roll, Super Endurance Ultraman Athlete

  59. Ricky Berens, GMM Cribs

  60. Michael Phelps' agent Peter Carlisle

  61. Brendan Hansen, Gold Medal Minute

  62. Aaron Peirsol, Race for the Oceans

  63. DANCING WITH THE STARS, Natalie Coughlin

  64. Ricky Berens Revealed, Gold Medal Minute

  65. David Walters, Gold Medal Minute

  66. Natalie Coughlin, Gold Medal Minute

  67. Michael Phelps: beaten by technology?

  68. Ryan Lochte, 200 IM Winner

  69. Dara Torres, 50 Free Winner of '09 WORLD CHAMP TRIALS



  72. ON THE ROAD: The Cullen Jones Make a Splash Tour

  73. Reactions before the FINA Suit Ruling

  74. How Olympians Hangout: Ryan Lochte & Matt Grevers

  75. USA SWIMMING HEADQUARTERS: A Behind the Scenes Tour

  76. Olympic Reunion at '09 YMCA National Champs

  77. ON THE ROAD: Matt Grevers, Long Drive Golf Pro

  78. ON THE ROAD: Los Angeles Swim Club (Clinic)

  79. Bay's 1st Lap of Butterfly!!!!

  80. The Salt Lick, Austin, Texas Bar-B-Que (in honor of Olympic Gold Medalist, Garrett Weber Gale)