1. Caprisun Challenge

  2. How Guys Get Jenna Marbles to Notice Them

  3. Make Requests!

  4. Snorting A Line of Pepper

  5. Atomic Wedgie!!

  6. Piercing my own ear D:

  7. Eating a live fish

  8. Antiquing Random Hispanics

  9. Karlie singing GREAT

  10. And I was like baby...

  11. Surprised Cohrren XD

  12. Let me entertain you...

  13. And we were cleaning my room....

  14. Claire Rapping

  15. Girls State 2011 ~ Ortega ~ Spirit Showcase

  16. Karlie Does the Cinnamon Challenge!

  17. Zachary Pants' Some Kid!

  18. Random Noogie Time!

  19. Shot Down Proposal

  20. Thriller in Walmart Checkout!

  21. Zachary gets a NUT KICK!

  22. EAT SOAP!

  23. I Kissed A Girl (and she liked it?)

  24. Eating In A Dumpster (and car noises?)

  25. Chinese Fire Drill (too bad you can't really tell?)

  26. Joe Peeing on Boo's Sock!!

  27. Aunt Heather has a heart attack

  28. Jakey doesn't like the maze game anymore ;)

  29. So... I kinda scared myself

  30. The "YOU'VE GOT A BOYFRIEND" Dance

  31. The Fighting Adventures of Luke and Austin

  32. Skool Dayz

  33. Prequal to The Adventures of Slex and Holli (This Is How We Do It)

  34. Lickin' the Bowl (Like a Good Girl)

  35. Lunch time fun (;

  36. Our new trick!!!

  37. Exclamation Point!

  38. Physical [Slex and Holli's Versionn(;]

  39. The Wedding