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  1. Uzbekistan Midwifery

  2. Ecuador provides birth choices to save lives

  3. Kyrgyzstan: Finding a Place to Feed

  4. Congo: Helping Survivors of Wartime Rape to Rebuild Their Lives

  5. Bangladesh: Reducing Maternal Deaths

  6. Haiti: Caravan Zero Cholera

  7. Malawi: Standing Up for Women's Land Rights

  8. Lebanon: First Female Electrician

  9. Kenya: Mobile Weather Forecast Helps Farmers

  10. Cambodia: Bringing Schools and Culture Back to Life

  11. Brazil Drylands: The Promise of Water

  12. Bangladesh: Seeking Justice

  13. Sudan's Oldest Voter

  14. Haiti: Hip-hop

  15. Cancer: Africa's Emerging Epidemic

  16. Jordan: Tracking Nuclear Explosions

  17. Bosnia: Healing the Wounds of War

  18. Nuclear Science Preserves Art

  19. Gaza: Birth Amid Death

  20. Sudanese Migrants in Greece

  21. Jordan: In the Name of Honour

  22. Kenya Maasai: the Race to Preserve the Past

  23. Chad: Malnutrition

  24. Yerevan: The Paper Garden

  25. Kenya: Telemedicine and Broadband

  26. Iraq: Living and Dying for Journalism

  27. Senegal: Beyond Tradition

  28. Haiti: UNFPA privides care for women after the earthquake

  29. Haiti: UNFPA privides care for women after the earthquake

  30. South Africa: Tackling Tuberculosis

  31. South Africa: Tackling Tuberculosis

  32. Greenland: The Lookout For Nuclear Explosions

  33. Bangladesh: Mapping local solutions

  34. Georgia: Cervial Cancer

  35. Tunisia: Saving a sea, Saving a Culture

  36. Columbia: Wayuu Women's Gold-water

  37. Cambodia: Home-based Women Workers

  38. Botswana: Mobile HIV Testing For Women

  39. Liberia: Women On The Frontline

  40. Bosnia: Healing the Wounds of War

  41. Colombia: Wayuu women's gold-water

  42. Cambodia: Rights of home-based women workers

  43. Botswana: mobile HIV testing for women

  44. Liberia: Women on the frontline

  45. Haiti: Violence against women - The enemy within

  46. Bhutan: Tsunami from the Sky

  47. New approach to HIV treatment could save 10 million lives, says UN report

  48. Batwa Demand Rights and Equality

  49. Sri Lanka: Cleansing Toxic Waters

  50. From child soldier, to international prosecutor

  51. Kiribati: Protecting the Children

  52. Iraq: Living and dying for Journalism

  53. Mongolia: Community Initiatives

  54. Ecuador: Biodiversity Conservation

  55. Tajikistan: Education

  56. Tuvalu: Food Security

  57. Identity Theft in Jamaica Rising

  58. Alliance of Civilizations: Plural+

  59. Philippines: Women and Climate Change

  60. Nepal: Women Migrant Workers

  61. Trinidad and Tobago: Drugs and Crime

  62. Kabul: Women Behind Bars

  63. Exercice de déminage

  64. L'aide alimentaire continue en Haïti

  65. Les soins médicaux d'urgence à la suite du séisme en Haïti

  66. L'opération de recherche et secours en Haïti

  67. Durement touchée par le tremblement de terre en Haïti

  68. Haiti: Food aid continues

  69. Haiti: Emergency medical care after the quake

  70. Haiti: Search and rescue

  71. Haiti's Earthquake disaster

  72. MINUSTAH hit hard by Haiti's earthquake

  73. Haiti Earthquake: UNICEF help children to reunite with their families

  74. Cameroon: drive against malnutrition

  75. Afghanistan: an unlikely place for tourism

  76. Seeking justice: Sexual violence in the DRC

  77. Guyana: Adolescent moms graduate

  78. Bulgaria: energy efficient cities

  79. Haiti: mangrove protection

  80. Bolivia's glacier: a vanishing future

  81. Grenada grapples with climate change

  82. Mine-action Exercise

  83. Hong Kong: changing perceptions on disabilities (long version)

  84. UN champions security at major events in Europe

  85. Rwanda: Sexual Violence

  86. Guyana: UNFPA'S campaign against HIV/AIDS

  87. Turkey Earthquakes

  88. Guyana: The Gold Rush

  89. IAEA inspects radioactive waste in Serbia

  90. Uganda Maternity Leave

  91. Pakistan: Refugees' Maternal Health

  92. [Private Video]

  93. Cambodia: Food security gains urgency at a time of economic crisis

  94. Haiti: Prison Education

  95. Afghanistan: Using religious values to advance women's rights

  96. The Central African Republic: A people at risk

  97. Lighting Up: Global Crisis

  98. ILO: Protecting Filipino nurses migrating abroad

  99. Haiti: Capoeira for Peace

  100. Timor-Leste: Women make a difference in politics

  101. Palm Oil: Sustainable Crops in Peru

  102. Ethiopia: family in crisis

  103. Equal pay in Portugal's restaurants

  104. Peru: A coca grower's predicament

  105. Costa-Rica: The road to equality

  106. Biogas in China

  107. One woman's battle: Fight for justice in Niger

  108. Fistula in Afghanistan

  109. Ecotourism in Bolivia

  110. Central African Republic: The forgotten crisis

  111. Nepal: Sushma's story

  112. Crossing the divide

  113. A radio star in Sudan's boomtown Juba

  114. Brazil: The ethanol revolution

  115. Powering Asia-Pacific

  116. Resettling expelled Burundi refugees

  117. Syphilis in Haiti

  118. UN Provides generator for a hospital in Haiti

  119. UN helps ensure voluntary return of IDPs in eastern Sri Lanka

  120. Paraguay: Jorge and Julios story

  121. Burundi: Ex-combatants face poverty

  122. UNICEF Executive Director visits Zimbabwe, pledges more support for cholera fight

  123. Vietnamese brides for export

  124. Rwanda today: Rising from the ashes

  125. Cameroon juvenile justice

  126. Mexico: UNFPA helps pregnant teenagers

  127. Trafficked and exploited migrant labourers in Thailand

  128. Haiti: Medika Mamba

  129. Bangladesh: Fishing village devastated by climate change

  130. Burundi: Fistula surgery changes lives

  131. Bangladesh: Mapping local solutions

  132. South Sudan: Driving out Landmines (Chinese)

  133. South Sudan: Driving out Landmines (Arabic)

  134. India: Fishing For Freedom (Chinese)

  135. India: Fishing For Freedom (Arabic)

  136. Sierra Leone: Democracy at the Crossroads (Chinese)

  137. Sierra Leone: Democracy at the Crossroads (Arabic)

  138. Global Trafficking: Waging War on Criminal Cargo (Chinese)

  139. Global Trafficking: Waging War on Criminal Cargo (Arabic)

  140. Global Trafficking: Waging War on Criminal Cargo (French)

  141. Global Trafficking: Waging War on Criminal Cargo (Spanish)

  142. Sierra Leone: Democracy At the Crossroads (French)

  143. Sierra Leone: Democracy At the Crossroads (Spanish)

  144. India: Fishing For Freedom (French)

  145. India: Fishing For Freedom (Spanish)

  146. South Sudan: Driving Out Landmines (French)

  147. South Sudan: Driving Out Landmines (Spanish)

  148. Sierra Leone: Democracy At the Crossroads (Russian)

  149. South Sudan: Driving Out Landmines (Russian)

  150. India: Fishing For Freedom (Russian)

  151. Global Trafficking: Waging War on Criminal Cargo (Russian)


  153. Italy: Breaking the Slave Trade

  154. Tanzania: The Long Walk for Water

  155. Nelson Mandela: Carrying on His Legacy

  156. The Philippines: Bottleman

  157. 埃塞俄比亚:拯救儿童生命

  158. 印度:松针发电

  159. الأردن: إحداث فارق/تغيير



  162. إثيوبيا: إنقاذ الأطفال


  164. Ethiopie: Sauver des vies d'enfants

  165. Jordanie: faire la difference

  166. Jordania: Cambiando las cosas

  167. Etiopía: Salvando la vida de los niños

  168. الهند: قوة إبر الصنوبر

  169. Inde: Le Pouvoir Des Aiguilles de Pin

  170. India: El Poder de Las Agujas de Pino

  171. الأطفال في جنوب السودان-

  172. 南苏丹的儿童

  173. Les enfants du Soudan du Sud


  175. [Private Video]

  176. Sudan: Peace from the Past

  177. Somalia: The Diaspora Returns

  178. India: Managing Menstrual Hygiene

  179. Guinea: Ebola Virus Claims Lives

  180. Brazil: The Water and Waste Warrior

  181. Nepal: Women Weavers Launch Businesses

  182. Nuclear Science and Ocean Acidification

  183. Thailand: Losing Ground

  184. Nepal: Les tisserandes lancent leur entreprise

  185. Soudan: La paix par la voix de son passe

  186. Thailande: Perdre la bataille du sol

  187. Les sciences nucleaires et l'acidification des oceans

  188. Непал: ткачихи открывают собственный бизнес




  192. 尼泊尔: 妇女纺织工开创新事业

  193. 苏丹: 传统带来和平

  194. 泰国: 保卫家园

  195. 核技术应对海洋酸化

  196. [Deleted Video]

  197. [Deleted Video]

  198. [Deleted Video]

  199. ٥. صحة الأمهات

  200. ٤. معدل وفايات الأطفال