1. The Thought Leadership of the CEIR Board

  2. CEIR Custom Research with Nancy Drapeau

  3. Nancy Drapeau - New Research Director for CEIR

  4. The CEIR Index

  5. Doug Ducate on the CEIR 2010 Census

  6. Doug Ducate Being the Exhibition's Oracle

  7. NYC Chapter Meeting February 15th

  8. Panasonic at CES 2011

  9. CES Response on the Show Floor

  10. Roger Dow at Expo! Expo! Part 3

  11. Roger Dow at Expo! Expo! Part 2

  12. Roger Dow at Expo! Expo! Part 1

  13. Doug Ducate: New CEIR Employee

  14. Doug Ducate - How the Exhibition Industry Has Changed - or Has It?

  15. Doug Ducate on Expanding the Thought Leadership of CEIR Board

  16. Doug Ducate - Changes to the CEIR Index

  17. Doug Ducate on the 2010 Census

  18. Doug on the Recovery Indicators of the Exhibition Industry

  19. Doug Ducate How is the Exhibition Industry Doing Today?

  20. Cathy Breden: Digital + Exhibiting Marketing Insights 2010

  21. Stacy from ATS Unmasked for Expo! Expo! 2010

  22. Alan from AAPG Unmasked for Expo! Expo! 2010

  23. Janie from AACRAO Unmasked for Expo! Expo! 2010

  24. Janice from SLA Unmasked for Expo! Expo! 2010

  25. Expo! Expo! IAEE's Annual Meeting and Exhibition

  26. IAEE SouthEast Meeting

  27. Allen Reichard - How to Sell to Corporate America

  28. Allen Reichard Brand Definition

  29. Allen Reichard Talking About Brand

  30. Allen Reichard Part B

  31. Allen Reichard Part A

  32. Doug's Economic Crystal Ball

  33. Insights on the Generational Study

  34. Doug Ducate on the New Coalition

  35. Doug Ducate & Virtual Events

  36. Doug Ducate 2010 State of Industry

  37. EIF Interview Sandy Angus

  38. EIF Interview Dan Spigner

  39. EIF Interview Carrie Freeman

  40. Expo Expo Daily - Show Wrap HD

  41. Chris Brogan @ EXPO EXPO

  42. IAEE - Expo! Expo! Daily [Day 2]

  43. IAEE - Expo! Expo! Daily [Day 1]

  44. Trade Show Guerrilla Marketing

  45. Ian McGonnigal talking about LinkedIn

  46. Ian McGonnigal Talking About Story Telling

  47. Ian McGonnigal Talking About Social Media

  48. Chris Brogan for EXPO EXPO - promotion

  49. Ian McGonnigal Talking About Twitter

  50. Ray Pekowski and Shawn Pierce #2

  51. Ray Pekowski and Shawn Pierce

  52. TS2 Power Panel Part Seven V2

  53. TS2 Power Panel Part Six

  54. TS2 Power Panel Part Five

  55. TS2 Power Panel Part Four

  56. TS2 Power Panel Part Three

  57. TS2 Power Panel Part Two

  58. TS2 Power Panel Part One

  59. Attending Expo! Expo! in 2009

  60. Ed Jones

  61. Arran Coole and David Lutz at TS2

  62. Lead Follow-Up: No Excuses

  63. Ian Sequeria on how to recover from a missed show season

  64. Ian Sequeria

  65. Social Media: Fish Where the Fish Are

  66. GPJ's Ian McGonnigal on Twittering

  67. GPJ's Ian McGonnigal Encourages Marketers to Use Digital More

  68. Bringing the A-Team

  69. Some Hidden Benefits of Exhibiting

  70. ROMI: Return on Marketing Investment

  71. Managing Expectations while Managing an Exhibit

  72. Dialogue Moves the Sale

  73. When it Comes to Exhibiting, Government is Different

  74. Ian McGonnigal - Goerge P Johnson

  75. Digital & Exhibiting Marketing with Ian McGonnigal

  76. The International Center for Exhibitor and Event Marketing Launch Trailer

  77. EIF

  78. CEIR - The Thought Leader for the Trade Show Industry

  79. CEIR Index Discussion

  80. CEIR Index and Other Metrics from the Marketing Mix

  81. The Frugal Show Organizer

  82. Doug Reflects on the Issues in Washington and the Industry

  83. 2009 Index Results: It's Not all Bad News

  84. IAEE Exhibiting ExpoExpo09

  85. Doug Dishes on Four Different Degrees of Cutting Costs

  86. What We Can Learn from CEIR's Report on Recessions

  87. CEIR's Report on Recessions: Exhibitions Offer "Real Value, Real Benefit, Real Return" Part 2

  88. CEIR's Report on Recessions: Exhibitions Offer "Real Value, Real Benefit, Real Return"

  89. CEIR's Doug Ducate and Bill Swelbar

  90. CEIR's Doug Ducate with Roger Martin-Fagg

  91. Doug Dishes on the Bailout

  92. Doug Dishes on the Bailout

  93. Save the Date for Expo! Expo! 2008

  94. IAEE Career Center Video