1. Broken Bonds by Lex Valentine

  2. Z.A. Maxfield Christmas 2012

  3. Author Kelly Jamieson Christmas 2012 Video Card

  4. Dolphins in the Mud by Jo Ramsey

  5. Marcia James - Christmas 2012

  6. NJ Nielsen Christmas 2012

  7. Sweet Tea and Secrets by Nancy Naigle

  8. Rescuing Lacey by Rebecca Heflin

  9. Rent by Rick R. Reed

  10. Chaser by Rick R. Reed

  11. Desperate Soul by Hillary Seidl

  12. Santa's Executive by Carrie Ann Ryan

  13. I Need You for Christmas by Leah Braemel

  14. Beyond the Edge by Elizabeth Lister

  15. Frame of Reference by Christopher Stone

  16. William Neale Tribute

  17. Can't Stand the Heat

  18. Enforcer's Redemption by Carrie Ann Ryan

  19. A Date With Death by Louisa Bacio

  20. Warrior Reborn by Melissa Mayhue

  21. Scrambling by Lex Valentine

  22. Dancing Away by Karenna Colcroft

  23. A Matter of Trust by AC Katt

  24. Beta Test by Karenna Colcroft

  25. There's a Cow in My Yard!

  26. Betrayal by M.L. Guida

  27. The High Bridge by Elizabeth Haysmont

  28. Seeking Truth by Francesca Hawley

  29. Dark Promise by M.L. Guida

  30. Shattered Glass by A.C. Katt

  31. What Can Winterheart Design Do For You?

  32. The Dominatrix Fantasy Series by Shoshanna Evers

  33. The Tilling Passion Series by Nina Pierce

  34. Teach Me To Forget by Mona Karel

  35. Magic Lessons by Lex Valentine

  36. Healer by J.L. Bowen

  37. Somewhere Only We Know by William Neale

  38. Kissing Joan Collins

  39. Demon Seed by Jianne Carlo

  40. The Last Awakening

  41. Train with Christmasy Lights

  42. My Killer My Love by Mona Karel

  43. Cupid Christmas by Lex Valentine

  44. Secret Light

  45. Lords of Aether

  46. Breath of Heaven by Lex Valentine

  47. Chains of Silver by Louisa Bacio

  48. Sunstroked by Lex Valentine

  49. A Picture Perfect Holiday

  50. The Crush by Elizabeth Lister

  51. Warrior's Redemption

  52. Alpha vs Alpha

  53. Shiny Objects by Karenna Colcroft

  54. Encounters: Weylyns Gift

  55. Viking Warriors

  56. Portraits by JP Bowie

  57. Deviant Devil by Jianne Carlo

  58. Cinderella Wore Combat Boots

  59. The Ageless Series

  60. Operation: Spank Me

  61. In Dog We Trust

  62. Blown Away

  63. Lex Valentine Author

  64. Tour of Lex's New House

  65. Breathe Me In

  66. Lex Valentine's 2010 Christmas Wish

  67. Common Ground-Tales of the Darkworld Book 5

  68. Louie Licker

  69. Latin Rhythm by Tess MacKall

  70. Lycan Tides by Renee WIldes

  71. The Phoenix Prophecy

  72. How To Make A Video

  73. Ride the Lightning by Lex Valentine

  74. November Rain by Debbie Gould

  75. Murder by Mistake by J. K. Maze

  76. Fire Season by Lex Valentine

  77. Hedda's Sword by Renee Wildes

  78. When Mariah Smiles by Delores Walker

  79. Butterfly by Clare Austin

  80. Warrior in a Box by Eliza Knight

  81. Courting Trouble by Renee Knowles

  82. Hot Water by Lex Valentine

  83. Shifting Winds by Lex Valentine

  84. Iron Horse 2 Coming Home by Adelle Laudan

  85. Book of Shadows by Dee Carney

  86. Phantom Lover by A.J. Llewellyn

  87. Duality by Renee Wildes

  88. Bound By Deception by Ava March

  89. Waiting For Willow by Bonnie Rose Leigh

  90. Pure Magic by Anne Sorgeson

  91. Her Captain Returns by Eliza Knight

  92. A Celtic Lover's Magic by Lisa Alexander Griffin

  93. Infidelity by Debbie Gould

  94. The Eagle at Midnight by Ava James

  95. The Wagonmaster by Nita Wick

  96. Blood Hunt: The Legend

  97. The Bar: Alaric & Alexandria

  98. There's Only Been You - Trailer

  99. The Bar - An Urban Fantasy Serial Story