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  1. National Prevention Week 2014 Promotional Video

  2. National Prevention Week 2014 Promotional Video -- 15-Second

  3. Eat for a Healthy Heart (Consumer Update)

  4. 7 Tips for Cleaning Fruits, Vegetables

  5. Don't let your food take you by surprise. Read the label!

  6. Food Safety in the College Dorm

  7. Being Fooled by Empty Diet Promises

  8. Choosing Nutrient Dense Foods

  9. Did You Know? Melanoma

  10. The Marketplace for Individuals & Families

  11. The Marketplace for Small Businesses

  12. Stories of Hope and Recovery: Kay Jamison

  13. Stories of Hope and Recovery: Demi Lovato

  14. Newly Diagnosed

  15. Caring for a loved one

  16. Considering Other Choices

  17. Resources for You and Your Baby

  18. [Private Video]

  19. Looking Forward to Getting Covered

  20. Enrolling Is a Click Away

  21. Medicare & You: National Colorectal Cancer Awareness

  22. CDC: Chris's Story, Let's Stop HIV Together

  23. CDC: Phill's Story, Let's Stop HIV Together

  24. CDC: Michelle's Story, Let's Stop HIV Together Campaign

  25. Medicare & You: American Heart Month

  26. Super Bowl Cooking with Martie Duncan

  27. HealthCare and You

  28. [Private Video]

  29. Treatment Cascade

  30. You Are Not Alone: Support for parents of teens with Epilepsy

  31. Babies on the Move: Protecting Babies with Vaccination

  32. Medicare & You: National Family Caregivers Month

  33. Don't Catch The Flu [BR4]

  34. Medicare & You: Open Enrollment - Time Is Running Out

  35. Parents Want To Do What's Best

  36. Do Nation

  37. Pediatric Product Development for the Treatment of Childhood Cancer

  38. CDC: Keep It Close National PSA

  39. To Succeed in Life PSA: Dominique Dawes, 3-Time Olympic Gymnast

  40. Welcome Back to School

  41. Medicare & You: National Immunization Awareness Month

  42. Prevention & Wellness: Services to Keep You Healthy

  43. Preventive Care for You and Your Family

  44. Andrea's Million Hearts™ Story

  45. Know Your Risk Factors

  46. Introducing MyCare

  47. No Excuses (:60)

  48. CDC: Tips from Former Smokers - Roosevelt's Ad

  49. CDC: Tips from Former Smokers - Jessica's Asthma Ad

  50. CDC: Tips from Former Smokers - Cessation Tips Ad

  51. Text4baby: I have one smart mom!

  52. Making our next generation tobacco free

  53. The Benefits of Breastfeeding

  54. Teaching Kids About Using Medicine Safely

  55. Smoke Screeners

  56. Be One in A Million Hearts: Gail's Story

  57. Arthritis Pain Reliever

  58. Celebrities Against Smoking Christy Turlington PSA

  59. LASIK Surgery and its Risks

  60. Get Smart About Antibiotics

  61. An African American Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor: Melanie Nix's story

  62. Waiting Room: Ask Questions

  63. Waiting Room: Ask Questions

  64. A Message to Health Care Professionals: Teen Pregnancy

  65. EnhanceFitness: A New Rx for Arthritis

  66. Medicare Plan Finder at a Glance

  67. Know Your Health Benefit Rights

  68. Asthma Can Be Tackled

  69. 30 Years of HIV/AIDS in the US

  70. White House Chef - Career Spotlight

  71. Using Video Games to Get Fit

  72. NBA All-Star Alonzo Mourning

  73. I Am More Than Meets the Eye

  74. Electronic Health Records: What's in it for Everyone?

  75. PSA: Safe Unrefrigerated Food

  76. Milestones 2011 PSA - Shorter

  77. Steps 2011 PSA - Shorter

  78. International Travel and Risk of Measles

  79. Skin Cancer Prevention

  80. Living With Diabetes

  81. Chill

  82. Cook

  83. Separate

  84. Clean

  85. Reach Out & Offer Her a Helping Hand: NCI Smokefree Pregnancy Video

  86. [Private Video]

  87. Radon PSA

  88. Employees are the FIRST Line of Food Defense (English)

  89. How Sunscreen Works

  90. USDA Introduces Mobile Food Safety For Smartphones

  91. Make the Call, Don't Miss A Beat 60 second PSA

  92. We Can! Parents Have the Power PSA 60s

  93. Perspectives

  94. Let's Talk about Safely Handling and Preparing Eggs

  95. Science Nation - Babies and Learning


  97. QUIT Smoking Today: 1-800-QUIT-NOW

  98. Let's Talk about Cooking a Turkey

  99. Let's Talk about Stuffing a Turkey

  100. Women and Diabetes

  101. Hand Hygiene Saves Lives

  102. Tour of the Website

  103. Blood Sugar & Fears

  104. What Is It? - Be Smart. Be Well.

  105. Binge Drinking

  106. Pain Control

  107. CPSC Advises Parents "Use extra caution with infant carrier slings"

  108. Start at the Store: Prevent Foodborne Illness (Consumer Update)

  109. National Cancer Institute: Video Journey Into Nanotechnology

  110. I never get the flu: 60

  111. Reducing Radiation from Medical X-rays (Consumer Update)

  112. Elmo & Rosita: The Right Way to Sneeze!

  113. Amy Ryan: Flu Tips for Pregnant Women

  114. You Only Have One Brain

  115. H1N1 Flu: Individuals Working with Seniors

  116. Fortify Your Knowledge About Vitamins (Consumer Update)

  117. Avoiding Medication Mistakes (Consumer Update)

  118. NIDA Painkillers: Get Back in the Game---Use Painkillers Safely.

  119. President Obama: Address to Congress on Health Insurance Reform

  120. Elmo Flu PSA 4

  121. Elmo Flu PSA 3

  122. Elmo Flu PSA 2

  123. Elmo Flu PSA 1

  124. H1N1 Flu: Pregnant Women and New Moms


  126. [Private Video]

  127. Heather Whitestone McCallum, Miss America 1995 :30 PSA

  128. Clean, Separate, Cook & Chill

  129. President Obama's National HIV Testing Day Message

  130. The Best Care Anywhere - Women Veterans Health Care

  131. Contact Lens Safety

  132. Asthma Awareness

  133. Healthy Swimming Is No Accident

  134. Take The Lead

  135. Your Wake-Up Call

  136. Clean Hands Help Prevent the Flu

  137. Get The Picture: Child Immunizations

  138. Health Begins at Home

  139. Close the Door to Cancer

  140. Clean Up the Mold