1. Chinita - A Short Story Animation

  2. Bumalik ka na sa akin - A Short Story Animation

  3. The Love Story of Warren and Norielyn (Courting Animation)

  4. The Love Story of Fretzely and Ivan (Wedding Animation)

  5. Pagsuko - A Short Story Animation

  6. Tadhana - A Short Story Animation

  7. A Mother's Day Special - Animation

  8. Thoughts - Animation

  9. Buko - A Short Story Animation

  10. Wall Post - A Short Story Animation

  11. Kay Risa Hontiveros by Vernsrock

  12. Christmas Single by Rocksteddy

  13. I Believed by Jimmy Bondoc

  14. The Love Story of Karen and Bert (Wedding Proposal Animation)

  15. Without You by David Guetta

  16. Smile At Me by Rocksteddy

  17. Dahil Ikaw - VernsRock

  18. The Love Story of Bing and Vic (Wedding Animation)

  19. Memories of Miguel Garabiles (A.K.A Daddy Yow)

  20. Miss Kat Soap's AM/PM Soap Commercial

  21. Phoenix by Typecast

  22. My Speed Painting using MS Paint and Adobe Photoshop

  23. MMK (Maala-ala Mo Kami) by Kamikazee

  24. Dance with my father by Luther Vandross

  25. Pangarap lang kita by Parokya ni Edgar

  26. Till My Heartaches End - Animation

  27. One More Chance - Animation

  28. Synesthesia by Mayonnaise

  29. Way back into love by Toni and Sam

  30. Kahit habang buhay by Yeng and Sam

  31. Patunayan by Silent Sanctuary

  32. Okay lang ako by Parokya ni Edgar

  33. Simbang Gabi by Parokya ni Edgar

  34. Parol by Silent Sanctuary

  35. Forever by Ambassador

  36. 14 by Silent Sanctuary

  37. Sandali Lang by Silent Sanctuary

  38. Di Lang Ikaw by Juris

  39. Alay by Kamikazee

  40. Dahil Ikaw by True Faith

  41. Minamahal Kita by Parokya ni Edgar

  42. Officially Yours by Craig David

  43. Say it again by Marie Digby

  44. Smile by Uncle Kracker

  45. Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler

  46. Nandito by Parokya ni Edgar

  47. Magbalik by Callalily

  48. Maalala mo sana by Silent Sanctuary

  49. Ikaw Lamang by Silent Sanctuary

  50. Gusto ko lamang sa buhay by Itchyworms

  51. Halaga by Parokya ni Edgar

  52. Hiling by Silent Sanctuary

  53. Torete by Moonstar88

  54. Naghihintay by Jacob

  55. The Last Song by The All American Rejects

  56. Ikaw Pa Rin by Letter Day Story

  57. Sampip by Parokya ni Edgar

  58. Another Heart Calls by The All American Rejects

  59. Wag mo na sana by Parokya ni Edgar

  60. Your Song by Parokya ni Edgar

  61. Love Team by Itchyworms

  62. Director's cut by Kamikazee

  63. Gitara by Parokya ni Edgar

  64. Rebound by Silent Sanctuary