1. Down in History By: Shangrala

  2. Everything/ Nothing By: Shangrala

  3. Girls, Spiders & Rattlesnakes By: Shangrala

  4. Fall Together By: Weezer

  5. Love Explosion By: Weezer

  6. Possibilities by: Weezer

  7. Space Rock

  8. Voodoo Vince: Zombie Guidance Counselor

  9. Voodoo Vince: Jean Lafitte's Ship

  10. Voodoo Vince: Glowberry Tangle

  11. Voodoo Vince: Crawdad Jimmy's Place

  12. Gyroscope By: The Dismemberment Plan

  13. Jamie By: Weezer

  14. Only in Dreams By: Weezer

  15. Time By: Shangrala

  16. Zilla By: Shangrala

  17. Surf Wax America By: Weezer

  18. Race For Ages By: Shangrala

  19. Walt's Waltz By: Shangrala

  20. San Blas By: Shangrala

  21. Clearance to Land By: Shangrala

  22. All You Love You Lose By: Shangrala

  23. American Gigolo By: Weezer

  24. Golden Streets By: Shangrala

  25. December By: Weezer

  26. Pink Triangle By: Weezer

  27. Pardon Me By: Weezer

  28. Do it Again By: Nada Surf

  29. Killian's Red By: Nada Surf

  30. Voodoo Vince Sarcophagus Hustle

  31. Voodoo Vince The Bones Theme

  32. Voodoo Vince The Voodoo Shop

  33. The Academy By: Massive Attack

  34. Are You Lightning By: Nada Surf

  35. Danny the Dog By: Massive Attack

  36. Weightless By: Nada Surf

  37. Two Rocks and a Cup of Water By: Massive Attack

  38. Death and Destruction By: Weezer

  39. No One Else By: Weezer

  40. Tired of Sex By: Weezer

  41. Across the Sea By: Weezer

  42. Peace By: Weezer

  43. Welcome Ghosts By: Explosions in the Sky

  44. Paperface By: weezer

  45. Clouds Race Across the Sky By: Joe Satriani

  46. Comes a Time By: Nada Surf

  47. Always Love By: Nada Surf

  48. Catastrophe and the Cure (Four Tet Mix) By: Explosions in the Sky

  49. Paper Boats By: Nada Surf

  50. Slave by Weezer

  51. Weezer Burndt Jamb

  52. Voodoo Vince The Square

  53. Voodoo Vince Main Street

  54. Voodoo Vince Crypt City

  55. Voodoo Vince Back Stoop