1. TCGA Symposium, Opening - Lynda Chin

  2. TCGA Symposium, Keynote and Q&A - Eric Lander

  3. TCGA Symposium, Lead Talk - Peter W. Laird

  4. Predicting Patient Outcomes With Chained Biological Concept Classifiers - Daniel Carlin

  5. Lessons Learned From 24 Completely Sequenced AML Genomes - Timothy Ley

  6. LRpath Analysis Reveals Common Pathways Dysregulated via DNA Methylation... - Maureen Sartor

  7. Multi-Cancer Mutual Exclusivity Analysis of Genomic Alterations - Giovanni Ciriello

  8. Genome-Wide Co-Localization of Somatic Copy Number Alterations and Germline... - Marcin Imielinski

  9. Correlating Protein Phosphorylation With Genomic Alterations in Cancer - Jianjiong Gao

  10. Integrate Analysis and Interactive Exploration of Data from TCGA - Ilya Shmulevich

  11. Absolute Quantification of Somatic DNA Alterations in Human Cancer - Scott Carter

  12. Predicting the Impact of Mutations in Cancer Using an Integrated Pathway Approach - Sam Ng

  13. TCGA Computational Histopathology Pipeline Reveals Subtypes... - Bahram Parvin

  14. Algorithms for Automated Discovery of Mutated Pathways in Cancer - Ben Raphael

  15. The Spectra of Somatic Mutations Across Many Tumor Types - Michael Lawrence

  16. An Integrated View Into Multivariate Associations Inferred From TCGA Cancer Data - Richard Kreisberg

  17. Sequence-Based RNA Profiling - Marco Marra

  18. RetroSeq: A Tool To Discover Somatic Insertion of Retrotransposons - Elena Helman

  19. Patient-Specific Pathway Analysis Using PARADIGM Identifies Key Activities... - Josh Stuart

  20. Morphologic Analysis of Glioblastoma Identifies Morphology-Driven Clusters and... - Lee Cooper

  21. Validated Targets Associated With Curatively Treated Advanced Serous Ovarian... - Douglas Levine

  22. Massively Parallel Validation of Cancer Mutations and Other Variants... - Georges Natsoulis

  23. SuperPathway Analyses of Luminal and Basaloid Breast Cancers... - Christopher Benz

  24. Large-Scale Cancer Genomics Data Analysis - David Haussler

  25. RF-ACE for Uncovering Nonlinear Associations From Heterogeneous Cancer Data - Timo Erkkilä

  26. Supporting Subtype Characterization Through Integrative Visualization... - Nils Gehlenborg

  27. Uncovering the Pseudo-Subclonal Structure of Tumor Sample With... - Yi Qiao

  28. Comparison and Validation of Somatic Mutation Callers - Andrey Sivachenko

  29. Post-Transcriptional Regulators of microRNA Biogenesis Regulate Pathogenesis - Pavel Sumazin

  30. Neuroimaging Predictors of Survival, Pathology, and Molecular Profiles... - David Gutman

  31. TCGA Symposium, Closing Remarks - Elaine Mardis