1. Round Trip at the Artists' Quarter 6/5/2013

  2. Kenny Werner Trio at the Artist's Quarter #TCJazzFest

  3. Phil Hey Quartet -60th Birthday at trhe Artists Quarter

  4. Jerry Weldon at the Artists Quarter, Star Eyes

  5. Thomson/Harris Collective: Cheese Cake

  6. Straight No Chaser - at the Artists Quarter

  7. Straight, no chaser Magraw/Nichols Quartet at the Artists Quarter

  8. Ari Hoenig Trio w/ Bill Carrothers and Chris Bates at the Artists Quarter Saturday, October 13.

  9. Ari Hoenig, Bill Carrothers & Chris Bates at the Artists Quarter

  10. Babatunde Lea Quartet

  11. Fat Kid Wednesdays @ Icehouse 8/20/2012

  12. Monk's Dream - Brandon Wozniak, Adam Linz, Eric Kamau Gravatt

  13. Alone Together - Dean Magraw, Bryan Nichols, Billy Peterson and Kenny Horst at the Artists Quarter

  14. Let's Cool One - Dean Magraw, Bryan Nichols, Billy Peterson and Kenny Horst at the Artists Quarter

  15. Good Vibes Trio Jump Monk at the Artists Quarter

  16. Good Vibes Trio at the Artists Quarter

  17. Sue Orfield and the Tuesday Night Band at the Artists Quarter

  18. Matt Slocum Trio "Avenida del Paraiso" at the Artists Quarter

  19. Bryan Nichols, Anthony Cox and Dave King at the Artists Quarter

  20. Eddie Gomez Trio at the Artists' Quarter "You Don't Know What Love Is"

  21. Day Waves

  22. Debbie Duncan and the TNB "I Remember You"

  23. Phil Hey Quartet "Mahjong" at the Artists' Quarter

  24. "Once In My Lifetime" Brandon Wozniak, Dean Magraw, Kenny Horst & James Buckley

  25. "Monk's Dream" Brandon Wozniak, Dean Magraw, Kenny Horst & James Buckley

  26. Brad Bellows, Donald Washington, Brian Rossler, Pete Hennig at the Black Dog Cafe

  27. John Patitucci and Billy Peterson at the AQ with Dave Hagedorn and Kenny Horst

  28. Danilo Perez, John Patitucci and Adam Cruz at the Artists' Quarter

  29. Sue Orfield. "Softly as in a Moring Sunrise"

  30. Maurice Jaycox "Georgia on My Mind"

  31. Phil Aaron Trio with Billy Peterson, and Kenny Horst "Body and Soul"

  32. Eric Kamau Gravatt & Source Code "juju"

  33. Eric Alexander, My Funny Valentine

  34. Eric Alexander "Cherokee" at the Artists Quarter

  35. Eric Alexander, "She's Out Of My Life"

  36. Eric Alexander, "Freddie the Freeloader"

  37. Insurgent: "Threat Level Orange"

  38. Insurgent: "In Memoriam"

  39. Atlantis Quartet "Isle of Flightless Birds"

  40. Charmin Michell, Joel Shapira "West Coast Blues"

  41. Dsavid Hazeltine "Ask Me Now"

  42. Dave Graf at Jazz Central

  43. Brian Grivna, Brian Nichols, Chris Bates, Kenny Horst "Isfahan"

  44. Brian Grivna, Brian Nichols, Chris Bates, Kenny Horst "Four"

  45. Brian Grivna. Lonnie's Lament

  46. Dean Magraw Trio "Back At The Chicken Shack"

  47. Willie Akins Quartet at the Artists' Quarter

  48. Willie Akins Quartet, "Ask Me Now"

  49. They All Want to Play Hamlet

  50. Jon Weber Trio - Green Dolphin Street

  51. Jon Weber, stride piano "It's Only a Papaer Moon"

  52. Cory Wong Quartet

  53. Dean Granros Trio, Vantage 0.9

  54. Dean Magraw's Red Planet

  55. Louis Hayes Trio featuring Abraham Burton

  56. The Bryan Nichols Quintet at the AQ

  57. Jon Pemberton Trio "Cool Streams"

  58. Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress

  59. Laura Caviani - Mary Lou Williams' "Scorpio"

  60. Laura Caviani - Mary Lou Williams' "Why" at the AQ

  61. Laura Caviani "What's Your Story, Morning Glory"

  62. Laura Caviani Trio, "Nicole" by Mary Lou Williams

  63. Laura Cavian"Syl-O-Gism"

  64. Paul Bollenback "My One and Only Love"

  65. Paul Bollenback Trio plays Monk at the AQ

  66. Paul Bollenback at the Artists Quarter

  67. KyleAsche Trio "If I Were A Bell"

  68. Kyle Asche Trio "Loose Change" by Mel Rhyne

  69. Phil Hey Quartet, "Blues Conotaion" Part 1

  70. Phil Hey Quartet, "Blues Conotaion" Part 2

  71. Greg Skaff Trio "Avalon"

  72. Joey DeFrancesco and Byron Landham sitting with Greg Skaff at the AQ

  73. Kelly Rossum Quartet "I'll Remember April" at the AQ

  74. Jesse Stacken Kirk Knuffke Duo- Sunset and the Mockingbird

  75. Jesse Stacken Kirk Knuffke Duo at the AQ "Such Sweet Thunder"

  76. Bettye LaVette at the Dakota Jazz Club

  77. Ted Nash Quartet at the Kitano

  78. Irv Williams with Loren Walstad In a Sentimental Mood

  79. Dan Musselman and Friends

  80. Davina and the Vagabonds

  81. Kendra Shank Blue Skies

  82. Kendra Shank The Whole Wide World is Round

  83. Locally Damaging Winds at thr Artists Quarter

  84. Kendra Shank - "Throw It Away"

  85. Dave King Trucking Company: "Fort Worth" at the AQ

  86. Dave King Trucking Company: Blue Candy

  87. Tanner Taylor Trio + Dave Graff

  88. Eric Alexander Caravan Part 1

  89. Eric Alexander Caravan Part 2

  90. Eric Alexander "Minority" at the Artists' Quarter May 2010

  91. Jeremy Pelt at the Artists' Quarter

  92. Jeremy Pelt at the AQ

  93. Brad Bellows/Dave Graf Quintet "Blight of the Fumble Bee"

  94. Dave Graf "Sail Away"

  95. INSURGENT at Studio Z, Part 2

  96. INSURGENT at Studio Z part 1

  97. Snowblind at the AQ, Second set

  98. A little bit of Snowblind at the AQ

  99. Snowblind at the AQ