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  1. PC Yvonne Fletcher deserves justice - @GerardBattenMEP @Ukip

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  7. Mrs Alibhai Brown had better be warned... @GerardBattenMEP @UKIP

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  9. Transposing EU crime directive into UK law would be illegal and void - @GerardBattenMEP @UKIP

  10. 18 months to replace three cracked beams - @GerardBattenMEP @UKIP

  11. Cameron handing out powers on a plate - @GerardBattenMEP

  12. British armed forces being deliberately run down - UKIP MEP Gerard Batten

  13. There is no such thing as "EU money", there is only taxpayers money - UKIP MEP Gerard Batten

  14. Britain's Choice: EU Region or Sovereign State - UKIP MEP Gerard Batten

  15. The Greatest Folly of Our Age

  16. Ms Malmström! Try stepping outside of the Brussels ideological bubble! - Gerard Batten MEP

  17. Another ploy to bring national security services under Commission control - Gerard Batten MEP

  18. UKIP MEP Gerard Batten speaks out for victims of Thalidomide

  19. The indiscriminate collection of information on everybody is extremely dangerous - Gerard Batten

  20. When law enforcement is a tool of organised crime

  21. Buckling under the strain of mass migration - Gerard Batten MEP

  22. EU offers solutions to problems it creates - Gerard Batten MEP

  23. UKIP MEP Gerard Batten expands on his May 20 Bilderberg speech in the European Parliament

  24. Short statement on terrorist murder in London (22.05.2013, Gerard Batten MEP)

  25. Why don't the mainstream media report on Bilderberg meetings? - Gerard Batten MEP

  26. EU relocation scheme for refugees and asylum seekers

  27. "European Citizens' Initiative" another PR sham

  28. Offloading surplus population under EU's open borders policy

  29. Gerard Batten: We already have enough criminals from Kosovo...

  30. Either we vote seriously, or we abandon the pretence - Gerard Batten MEP

  31. Batten: We'd need EU match-fixing police for just one purpose...

  32. European Mutual Society another piece of unwanted EU legislation - Gerard Batten MEP

  33. Britain is the soup kitchen of the world and the soup is running out

  34. European Elections 2014 another milestone towards UK exit

  35. Britain can't solve Bulgaria's problems by importing Bulgarians - Gerard Batten MEP

  36. EU now wants to regulate noise from motor vehicles - Gerard Batten MEP

  37. Imran Firasat: Facing death for criticising a belief system - Gerard Batten

  38. Yet another unwarranted transfer of national sovereignty - Gerard Batten

  39. EU criminal justice system is no improvement on Common Law - Gerard Batten

  40. Extradition on the basis of a hit on the SIS database - Gerard Batten

  41. Using terrorism as a pretext - Gerard Batten

  42. The Tories can never be trusted - Gerard Batten MEP

  43. MEP Gerard Batten stands up for British Constitution Group chairman Roger Hayes

  44. Gerard Batten urges European Parliament to reject ACTA

  45. Gerard Batten: The British people want an IN-OUT referendum now!

  46. EU creating its very own police state - Gerard Batten

  47. Canada's realistic view falls foul of the EU - Gerard Batten

  48. ACTA further criminalises what were previously civil matters - Gerard Batten

  49. ECHR has offered no protection against the European Arrest Warrant

  50. Remembering Cameron's 'cast-iron guarantee' - Gerard Batten

  51. UKIP will vote against handing our privacy rights over to US Dept of Homeland Security - Batten

  52. State benefits for free

  53. EU sugar quota rules resulting in London layoffs - Gerard Batten

  54. EU succession certificate is the introduction of an EU property tax - Batten

  55. A Signal of Distress - Helmer and Batten

  56. UKIP MEPs will vote against ACTA in June 2012 - Gerard Batten

  57. BBC guilty of gross journalistic irresponsibility - Gerard Batten MEP

  58. Subjects of European Arrest Warrant have no meaningful rights - Gerard Batten

  59. When the concept of citizenship is meaningless - Gerard Batten MEP

  60. Let's Stick the EU Heritage Label on the Dustbin of History - Gerard Batten

  61. The insanity of 'more Europe' - Gerard Batten MEP

  62. Serious population explosion in Britain down to migration - Gerard Batten

  63. EU open door policy: selling memory at the scrapyard - Gerard Batten

  64. Professional Qualifications Directive report is ideologically driven - Gerard Batten MEP

  65. EU Economic Governance spells the end of sovereignty - Gerard Batten

  66. The difference between 'Anti-European' and 'Anti-EU' - Batten vs Bisky

  67. EU's Frontex is like a bucket with a hole - Gerard Batten MEP

  68. Media collusion with Bilderberg Group confirms hidden agenda - Gerard Batten

  69. European Arrest Warrant: Prima facie or not, the judge's hands are tied!

  70. Yet another case of Tory doublespeak - Gerard Batten MEP

  71. Assange case: European Arrest Warrant used for political purposes - Gerard Batten MEP

  72. Extending the Failing Schengen to Bulgaria and Romania

  73. EU over-regulation costs UK £49 billion a year - Gerad Batten MEP

  74. Quisling MEPs haggling over terms of surrender of their country - Gerard Batten MEP

  75. EU's Cathy Ashton has opportunity to wage her first war - Gerard Batten MEP

  76. Influx of immigrants from N. Africa another beneficial crisis for extension of EU power - Batten

  77. Solving the 250-million-euro Strasbourg puzzle

  78. The West must not depend on others for vital energy supplies - Gerard Batten

  79. A European Arrest Warrant for a crime that hasn't happened - Gerard Batten MEP

  80. Will Bank of England shareholders' names be disclosed? - Gerard Batten MEP

  81. UK coalition government is a driving force behind EU patent law - Gerard Batten

  82. Motion to discuss possible abuse of European Arrest Warrant in Assange case

  83. Just how far will the British have to be pushed before they rebel like the Egyptians?

  84. 'Are some MEPs more equal than others?' - Gerard Batten MEP

  85. 'Grotesque fantasy world of endless EU integration' - Gerard Batten MEP

  86. Cross-border healthcare another massive burden on the British taxpayer - Gerard Batten MEP

  87. Parallels between EU and rioting Tunisia - Gerard Batten MEP

  88. Gerard Batten in support of Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo

  89. Batten calls for an inquest into Litvinenko's death

  90. The cost of the EU's Common Fisheries Policy - Gerard Batten

  91. Throwing good money after bad - Gerard Batten MEP

  92. Buzek okays balloons in European Parliament following Batten's point of order

  93. UK must regain control of immigration policy - Gerard Batten MEP

  94. If we have rules we must follow them - Gerard Batten MEP

  95. Gerard Batten against prisoners' voting rights

  96. If the French don't like it they should adopt UKIP's policy - Gerard Batten MEP

  97. If they can hold up banners, can I hold up mine, please? - Gerard Batten MEP

  98. Cheap immigrant labour drives wages down and living costs up - Gerard Batten MEP

  99. Roma issue is direct result of absurd EU legislation - Gerard Batten MEP

  100. Terrorism must not be used as excuse to spy on citizens - Gerard Batten MEP

  101. EU-US deal on data transfer lacks democratic legitimacy - Gerard Batten MEP

  102. EU's power to empower itself further is totally illegitimate, Gerard Batten

  103. Gerard Batten on harmonisation of European legal systems

  104. British citizens held in the worst prison in the EU: Korydallos

  105. EU Economic Government would destroy the British economy - Gerard Batten MEP

  106. European Arrest Warrant: Gerard Batten (UKIP) vs Baroness Ludford (Lib Dems)

  107. Where is the money to come from? - Gerard Batten MEP

  108. Mediterranean Union is a costly fantasy - Gerard Batten MEP (UKIP)

  109. European Arrest Warrant - gross miscarriage of justice in itself - Gerard Batten MEP (UKIP)

  110. EU refugee scheme increases immigration to Europe - Gerard Batten MEP (UKIP)

  111. Cameron's golden opportunity to keep referendum promise - Gerard Batten MEP (UKIP)

  112. 'This place looks more and more like the Soviet Union every day' - UKIP MEP Gerard Batten

  113. Proposals will attract more illegal immigrants from non-EU countries - Gerard Batten MEP

  114. It's called politics - Gerard Batten MEP

  115. Gesture of support to Chinese democracy activists - Gerard Batten

  116. Communism is a form of terrorism - Gerard Batten

  117. We are governed by communists and quislings - Gerard Batten

  118. Gerard Batten on Sharia law

  119. Persecution of Christians in Islamic countries - Gerard Batten MEP

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  121. Batten urges Turkey to preserve its independence from EU

  122. European Arrest Warrant: the lowering of standards

  123. Stockholm Programme is about law not justice

  124. Gerard Batten on EUROPOL, Police State

  125. Is Lord Kinnock guilty of treason?

  126. Open Borders: British voters will deliver verdict next May - @GerardBattenMEP @UKIP