1. Susan Desmond-Hellmann: Help your doctor; share your data

  2. UCSF Mission Bay: A San Francisco Success Story

  3. UCSF Chancellor Provides Update on Strategic Plan

  4. San Francisco: Center of Innovation

  5. Chancellor to Form Board to Help UCSF Fulfill its Public Mission

  6. Short Version: Chancellor to Form Board to Help UCSF Fulfill its Public Mission

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  8. UCSF Chancellor Celebrates 2012 Commencement Season

  9. Chancellor's Plan to Secure UCSF's Future

  10. Chancellor Outlines Vision in Three-Year Plan for UCSF

  11. 2011 UCSF New Student Orientation with Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann

  12. UCSF Chancellor Celebrates Commencement 2011

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  16. UCSF Chancellor Delivers First Anniversary Message

  17. The Power and Promise of UCSF: Economic Impact Report, June 2010

  18. Budget, Operational Excellence Report to the Campus

  19. Leadership Panel on Diversity: Progress, Challenges, Solutions

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  30. In Conversation with UCSF's Elizabeth Blackburn