1. Extra Credits by Blackboard: Dr. Shelley Kinash

  2. Extra Credits by Blackboard: Curtis Bonk

  3. Extra Credits by Blackboard: Eric Sheninger

  4. Extra Credits by Blackboard: Jarl Jonas

  5. Engage With Students on Their Mobile Device

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  7. Customers talk about upgrading to Blackboard Collaborate Mobile

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  10. Upgrading from AlertNow to Blackboard Connect 5

  11. Scandinavian clients comment on the Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference 2012, Antwerp

  12. Road to Success in Online Learning

  13. Discover the New Course Ecosystem: A Webinar with The Chronicle of Higher Education

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  21. The Voice of the Active Learner - Education From a Digital Native's Perspective

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  24. University of Warwick Language Centre - Interview with Teresa MacKinnon

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  27. RUB mobile Ideenwettbewerb - 2. Platz

  28. RUB mobile Ideenwettbewerb - 1. Platz

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  30. Der Einsatz von Blackboard Mobile Central an der Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB)

  31. 2 Minute Recap: BbWorld 2012 Day 3

  32. BbWorld 2012: Day 2 Recap

  33. BbWorld 2012: Day 1 Recap

  34. BlackboardPay provides the Money Network® Enabled Discover Campus Card, provided by your school

  35. BbWorld 2012 Flash Mob!

  36. Why Upgrade to Blackboard Collaborate: Secure, Reliable SaaS

  37. Why Upgrade to Blackboard Collaborate: Mobile Collaboration

  38. Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Blackboard Collaborate

  39. Mobility in Education

  40. Why Upgrade to Blackboard Collaborate: Echo Cancellation

  41. Blackboard Mobile Learn auf dem iPad Werbespot

  42. Blackboard: A Day in the Life (UK)

  43. Ron Huddleston on the Blackboard and Salesforce.com Partnership

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  45. Blackboard: A Day in the Life (Nederlands)

  46. Blackboard: A Day in the Life (Deutsch)

  47. University of North Dakota: Building a 21st Century Learning Environment

  48. Meet Mark Drechsler

  49. Jacksonville State University- Providing Support to Make Learning Possibilities a Reality

  50. Jacksonville State University Uses Technology to Drive Student Engagement and Retention

  51. Jacksonville State University Creates a First-Class Distance Education Program

  52. Embry-Riddle Worldwide: Meeting the needs of the Active Learner

  53. Jacksonville State University Builds a Distance Education Program for Today's Student

  54. Kayvon Beykpour at the Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference 2012, Antwerp

  55. Prof. Cor Molenaar at the Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference 2012, Antwerp

  56. Dutch/Flemish-speaking clients comment on the Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference 2012

  57. German-speaking clients comment on the Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference 2012, Antwerp

  58. Blackboard Managed Hosting at the University of Groningen

  59. Highlights of the Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference 2012, Antwerp

  60. University of North Dakota and Blackboard

  61. U. of Northampton, U. of Liverpool & U. College Dublin Implement a Mobile Strategy

  62. An Analysis of Higher Education Megatrends

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  70. 2012 National Online Teacher of the Year shares how to connect with students in an Online Setting

  71. Digital Content: This Changes Everything

  72. Districts Save Resources and Improve Outcomes

  73. Advantages of Blackboard Collaborate webinars

  74. An Introduction to Eric Sheninger, BbWorld 2012 Featured Session Presenter

  75. Integrated Campus Safety - Mansfield University and Albany State University

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  77. Tom Rosenberger of the College of St. Rose about Upgrading to Blackboard Collaborate

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  79. DevCon 2012 is Coming!

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  81. Keeping students engaged with digital content and interactivity in Blackboard Learn

  82. Bringing tools to the forefront with Blackboard Learn

  83. ¿A dónde debe ir la experiencia educativa?

  84. Blackboard Offers Openness & Choice

  85. Student Success

  86. Demonstrate Successful Student Outcomes

  87. Introducing Blackboard Learn Service Pack 8

  88. Task Based Navigation in Blackboard Learn SP8

  89. Blackboard Learn Service Pack 8: New Design & Features

  90. Easy Edit with Blackboard Drive for Blackboard Learn SP8

  91. Automated Regrading in Blackboard Learn SP8

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