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  1. Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" (New Single) - Behind the Scenes

  2. [Deleted Video]

  3. Justin Bieber Surprise at Selena Gomez Concert 7/24/11 O.C. Fair

  4. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez {{One Year Anniversary}} || The Only Exception

  5. [Private Video]

  6. [Private Video]

  7. Justin Bieber - Boyfriend

  8. Justin Bieber - Boyfriend

  9. Justin Bieber performing " Boyfriend " on The Voice

  10. Justin Bieber - Turn To You (Mother's Day Dedication) (Audio)

  11. Justin Bieber - Born To Be Somebody (Official Music Video) By Juan Andres

  12. Blessings

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  14. Justin Bieber on Billboard Music Awards + Jelena kisses

  15. Justin Bieber - Billboard Music Awards - Social Media Acceptance Speech -

  16. Justin Bieber asks Cady to the Billboard Awards

  17. [Deleted Video]

  18. Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (Behind The Scenes)

  19. Justin Bieber - New Viddy "Soundchecking for Germany's Next Top Model in my onesie"

  20. Justin Bieber: Viddy 'New Tattoo'

  21. Justin Bieber - One Time (Behind the Scenes)

  22. me to you backstage in mexico

  23. Justin Bieber & Usher Dancing in The Ellen Show

  24. Ellen Sings with James Blunt and Justin Bieber!

  25. Justin Bieber - #VEVOCertified Baby (Video Commentary)

  26. Making of BELIEVE Webisode - As Long As You Love Me

  27. Justin Bieber - #VEVOCertified The Artist

  28. Justin Bieber and Mrs Bieber - RIP Avalanna

  29. [Deleted Video]

  30. Justin Bieber's Funniest 2012 Moments

  31. Justin Bieber // One Time Anniversary ♥

  32. Justin Bieber BELIEVE TOUR PROMO

  33. Justin Bieber Tokyo 2012,07,10 Baby acoustic ver.

  34. Justin Bieber Singing One Time Acoustic 2012

  35. Justin Bieber almost calls Selena his girlfriend

  36. justin bieber busking in Stratford Ontario

  37. Justin singing Refine Me

  38. Justin Bieber! Singing Waves of Grace and Spontaneous Worship

  39. Justin Bieber Teen Choice Awards 2012

  40. Justin Bieber And Michael Trevino Lip Syncing To Call Me Maybe

  41. Justin Bieber's Favorite Things

  42. [Private Video]

  43. Sneak Peek - "As Long As You Love Me" Video Clip - JUSTIN BIEBER

  44. Justin Bieber y Selena Gomez en el backstage de los Teen Choice Awards 2O12

  45. Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me ft. Big Sean

  46. Selena mouthing along to Justin's "Be Alright" performance- Apollo Theater 6/18/12

  47. "All around the world" - Jazzy & Justin

  48. Carly Rae Jepsen ft. Justin Bieber - Beautiful PREVIEW

  49. Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me ft. Big Sean

  50. Justin Bieber 'Just Getting Started' Book Trailer

  51. Justin Bieber 'Just Getting Started' Book

  52. Justin Bieber shows his grumpy side

  53. Sophia Grace & Rosie Do Tea with Justin Bieber!

  54. Pattie Mallette on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

  55. Justin Bieber: Kiss Comes Out At Midnight!

  56. Pattie Mallette-Justin Bieber 1/4

  57. Pattie Mallette-Justin Bieber 4/4

  58. Justin Bieber in God's Hand

  59. Pattie Mallette-Justin Bieber 3/4

  60. Pattie Mallette-Justin Bieber 2/4

  61. Justin Bieber says he believes in God and prays every day

  62. Justin Bieber about Job and Jesus Christ multiple clips

  63. Justin Bieber about Job and Jesus Christ multiple clips

  64. Justin Bieber! Singing Waves of Grace and Spontaneous Worship

  65. Justin Bieber - As long as you love me on Daybreak

  66. [Deleted Video]

  67. [Deleted Video]

  68. Justin and Avalanna

  69. One Less Lonely Girl Tribute to Avalanna - Believe Tour - Glendale, AZ 9/29/2012

  70. Justin Bieber apologizes and sings Beauty and a Beat (AZ)

  71. [Deleted Video]

  72. [Deleted Video]

  73. Justin Bieber Avalanna Dedication One Less Lonely Girl Believe Tour Phoeniz Arizona

  74. Justin Bieber - Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj

  75. [Deleted Video]

  76. As Long As You Love Me | Beauty And A Beat MashUp (Keenan Cahill and Justin Bieber)