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  1. Apple cuts iPhone 5C orders -source

  2. Obama says "we have to put a stop" to default threat

  3. JPMorgan casts cloud over bank earnings

  4. Debt talks- not deal- boost stocks

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  10. Londoners go underground to boost homes

  11. Liquidnet: Go ahead, shut down dark pools (just not ours)

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  13. Lew: U.S. economy hurt by "manufactured political crisis"

  14. Yellen yields praise for consensus building

  15. London landlords eye cash rich students

  16. DC headache partly offset by corporate outlooks

  17. Tableau Software CEO turns data into dollars

  18. Daily Digit: Alitalia default fears

  19. London gambles with Chinatown's future

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  21. 11/4 - the UK's odds of a US default

  22. Gaza's tunnel trade cash crisis

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  25. Breakingviews: U.S. debt crisis is China's yuan opportunity

  26. In China, diamonds become an investor's best friend

  27. Higgs boson scientists share Nobel Prize for physics

  28. Yum profits sink and so does the stock

  29. Business pain with no gain in shutdown

  30. Wall Street dumps 2013 winners

  31. Daily Digit: $30.8 mln dimond

  32. Housing bubble fears as UK helps to buy

  33. GSK aims to market first malaria vaccine

  34. "Last chance" job cuts at Alcatel-Lucent

  35. In Asia, prepare for the post-superpower era

  36. Corporate Japan's power struggle

  37. Airbus Japan deal may hurt Boeing

  38. US investors eye recovering Greece

  39. S Africa strikes spark investment rethink

  40. Macy's shelves China expansion

  41. Daily Digit: $195 mln for Juicy Couture

  42. Fear spikes with shutdown progress elusive

  43. Negotiating in D.C.: Just say no

  44. U.S. set to debut new hundred dollar bill Tuesday

  45. Daily Digit: Monte Paschi's revival plan

  46. Independents challenge big bank research model in Asia

  47. Weak rupee boosts medical tourism

  48. China's netizens want payback from Washington

  49. Twitter IPO big pay day for investors

  50. Senate panel votes to expel Berlusconi