1. Rafe Mair: BC Liberals Bankrupting BC with $171 Billion Debt Legacy

  2. Northwest Transmission Line Construction

  3. Site C, LNG and the NDP - Damien Gillis in Kelowna

  4. Kinder Morgan Pipeline Debate - Pt. 5: Q&A

  5. Kinder Morgan Pipeline Debate - Pt. 4: The Ocean (tankers)

  6. Kinder Morgan Pipeline Debate - Pt. 3: The Shore (Vancouver Harbour)

  7. Kinder Morgan Pipeline Debate - Pt. 2: Land (the pipeline)

  8. Kinder Morgan Pipeline Debate - Pt. 1: Intro

  9. Justice Cohen Gets Tough on Fish Farms - Inquiry Report Released

  10. Energy Workers Union Leader @ Defend Our Coast: "These Pipelines are Job Killers"

  11. Rafe Mair Honoured with Wilderness Committee's Eugene Rogers Award

  12. Rafe Mair and Economist Erik Andersen, Pt. 2: LNG, Site C Dam and the Global Economy

  13. Rafe Mair and Economist Erik Andersen, Pt. 1: The 'Enronization' of BC Hydro

  14. David Suzuki on Site C Dam and 'The Economy' at Paddle for the Peace

  15. Paddle for the Peace Builds Momentum Against Site C Dam

  16. Ben West on Vancouver Council's Opposition to Kinder Morgan Tar Sands Pipeline, Tankers

  17. William Housty Addresses NEB on Heiltsuk Culture, Threat of Oil Spill

  18. Respecting the Power of the Sea - Testimony from Enbridge Hearings in Bella Bella

  19. Vancouver Says No to Enbridge, Kinder Morgan Pipelines, Tankers

  20. Cancelled Enbridge Hearings to Resume in Bella Bella, Youth Embark on Hunger Strike

  21. Rueben George, Ben West Talk Kinder Morgan, Vancouver Tankers

  22. Ta'Kaiya Blaney Sings "Shallow Waters" at Vancouver No Tankers Rally

  23. Bill McKibben at No Tankers Rally in Vancouver

  24. Rafe Mair: One on One with BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix - Part 2

  25. Spirit Bear Guide Marven Robinson Gets Personal About Enbridge

  26. Rafe Mair: One on One with BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix - Part 1

  27. Drums of the Great Bear - Historic Gathering Against Enbridge in Prince Rupert

  28. First Nations Stand Their Ground Against Prosperity Mine at BC Supreme Court

  29. Whose Economy? Damien Gillis on Choosing Port Expansion Over Food Security

  30. Citizens, First Nations Rally Against Tar Sands Tankers in Vancouver

  31. Lawyer Tim Leadem on Miller Emails - DFO Blocking Salmon Research?

  32. Musgamagw Unite in Response to Marine Harvest Breach

  33. Stop Smart Meter Rally in Vancouver

  34. Site C Would Destroy Prime Farmland, Fuel Fracking & Tar Sands

  35. Joe Foy on Why We Don't Need Site C Dam

  36. Harold Steves: BC's Patriarch of Farmland Preservation

  37. DFO Crime Scene

  38. spOILed: Film & Photography to Protect BC's Coast

  39. Saving the Southlands

  40. Perry Ridge: Sinixt Seek Consultation on Logging

  41. Raven Coal Mine's Port Proposal for Alberni

  42. Mining the Fraser - Ecological Destruction Under False Pretenses

  43. Building the Future of Salmon Farming...in 90 Seconds

  44. 80-Story Towers Coming to Vancouver?

  45. Enter the Great Bear Rainforest

  46. GE's Bute Inlet Private Power Proposal - Update

  47. Voices for BC's Environment - Highlights from "Take Back Our BC" Tour

  48. People of the Kootnenays Stand Up for Glacier & Howser Creeks

  49. Corky Evans on Social Democracy

  50. Historic Fraser Sockeye Fishery Caught in Hi-Def

  51. Historic Joint Declaration from BC Environmental & Indigenous Leaders

  52. Rally for Betty & Harriet: Defying Injustice

  53. Enbridge Pipeline: iLCP Focus on Great Bear Rainforest

  54. Close Encounter with a Humpback Whale

  55. Clayoquot Defenders Rally to Stop Catface Copper Mine

  56. Clayoquot Sound: Wild Salmon in Trouble

  57. William Shatner Supports Bill for Wild Salmon

  58. Stopping Oil Supertankers in Vancouver

  59. Dr. Daniel Pauly on Fraser Sockeye collapse

  60. Maude Barlow on Fish Lake and Canada's Water

  61. Triumphant Victoria Finale for Salmon Migration

  62. Rafe & Bill on Stopping HST

  63. Walking to Victoria for Wild Salmon - May 8!

  64. Canadians in Vancouver Say No to Tankers & Enbridge Pipeline

  65. Wild Salmon Advocates Call for Cermaq Chief's Resignation

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  67. Walk for Wild Salmon Gets Rolling

  68. Rafe Mair on Alex Morton's Historic Walk for Wild Salmon

  69. First Nations' Lawsuit to Protect Wild Salmon

  70. Wild Salmon Advocates Take Letter to Norwegian King at Olympic Nordic Ski Race

  71. Wild Salmon Circle Rally During Games

  72. Dr. Marvin Rosenau: Ecological Impacts of Fraser Gravel Mining

  73. Dr. Marvin Rosenau: False Case for Flood Protection from Fraser Gravel Mining

  74. Otto Langer: DFO & the Politics of Fraser Gravel Mining

  75. John Werring: "Repositioning" Fraser Gravel Mining as Flood Reduction

  76. Fast For BC's Wild Salmon

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  79. Morton Inspires Crowd of 600 in Qualicum

  80. Thousands March in Vancouver Against Prorogation