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  1. The Whistling Supercut

  2. Supercut: I Hate Christmas

  3. Supercut: Awkward meal time

  4. Supercut: We don't negotiate with terrorists

  5. Supercut: Turn around, the monster's behind you!

  6. Supercut: Don't check it out, don't split up

  7. Supercut: It's just a cat

  8. Supercut: I don't believe this guy!

  9. Supercut: People in movies never kiss

  10. Rappers love Jewish lawyers

  11. SNL actors breaking character

  12. Twin Peaks: All the pie and coffee

  13. Supercut: We're not so different, you and I

  14. Gunplay: A tribute to gunfights in film

  15. Arrested Development's fakest websites

  16. Don't go in the phone booth

  17. Game Over Man: Video games in movies

  18. Arrested Development ubercut: 18 running gags

  19. Doctor Who's fakest sites and apps

  20. Supercut: Venture Bros. - Best of Colonel Hunter Gathers

  21. Supercut: Villains of the Venture Bros.

  22. All the Cougar Town title card jokes

  23. Law & Order's fakest websites

  24. TV's best fake websites

  25. Game of Fucks: All the swearing from Game of Thrones

  26. An Ode to Movie Mainframes

  27. Supercut: Terrible karate

  28. It's a no-brainer

  29. This isn't TV, this is real life!

  30. Parks and Recreation: Drunk Pawnee

  31. Squint Eastwood

  32. 30 Rock's Dot Com is a persecuted intellectual

  33. Archer: Insulting Nicknames Edition

  34. Supercut: I can explain!

  35. Training montage montage

  36. "Sex and the City" is one long segue

  37. Supercut: There's no time to explain!

  38. Supercut: Liam Neeson always gets the last word

  39. Adventure Time: Finn the Human's crazy shouts

  40. Supercut: Bruce Willis causes massive property damage

  41. The Claire Danes Cry Face Supercut

  42. Supercut: Celebrities on Law & Order

  43. Every on-screen drink in Mad Men

  44. Bob's Burgers supercut: All of Tina's moans

  45. Breaking Bad: 45 Seconds of Walt Freaking Out

  46. All the shouting on The Newsroom

  47. Every "Aw, here it goes!" from Kenan & Kel

  48. Louis C.K. Is Sorry for Everything

  49. Supercut: What's that in the sky!?

  50. Supercut: Great "Dudes" in Film History

  51. Supercut: Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?

  52. Supercut: Links in the Sidebar

  53. Every Wes Anderson Slow-Motion Shot, Set to Ja Rule

  54. Supercut: Reaction Videos (turn down your headphones!)

  55. Supercut: Animals Playing With iPhones

  56. Slacktory Supercut: Rebirths, Mutations and Resurrections on Screen

  57. Slacktory Supercut: Rapper Spelling Bee

  58. Slacktory Supercut: YouTube Haul Videos

  59. Every "Facebook" in The Social Network

  60. Please Subscribe

  61. Supercut: Animals Being Dicks

  62. "What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger" Pop Song Supercut


  64. [Deleted Video]