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How to Skateboard in THREE days or LESS

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Uploaded on Oct 5, 2011

http://9nl.com/HowToSkateboard - How to Skateboard - Hi Rob Dunfey here and today I'm going to teach you how to skateboard. Now the first thing that you wanna do is you wanna look at your equipment. Hopefully you've just picked up a skateboard, if not you might wanna be borrowing one from a friend, either is fine.

You always wanna look first at the bolt. Now this bolt in the centre of your truck dictates how much your wheels can turn on the skateboard. If that bolt is too loose, then you're going to be doing woobly turns and might not have a lot of control over your skateboard. If that bolt is too tight, you're going to have very little control over your skateboard as well because you won't be able to turn it. So you wanna find a good balance between too loose and too tight when you learn how to skateboard.

If you have ever surfed before, if you have ever snowboarded before, you'll notice that either your left foot is forward or your foot is forward. Right meaning goofy and left meaning regular. After you've determined which stance you want, you wanna place your front foot over three out of the four top bolts. Leaving this fourth bolt open. Place your board down onto the ground. Place your front foot over three of the four top front bolts. Now your body placement is absolutely crucial to learning how to skateboard.

You wanna learn keeping your front shoulder directly over your front foot with about 95% of your weight, directly over your front foot and you're gonna place your back foot on the ground just in front of the back two wheels keeping your weight centred over your front foot. Then what you're going to do is you're going to kick off the ground and place your back foot onto the back four bolts and ride forward. The entire time you're doing this, you're keeping your weight committed onto your skateboard over your front three bolts.

One of the biggest mistakes for beginners is not keeping your weight forward and committed onto the board. A sign of that happening is you're gonna be pushing it like this. And you're gonna be pushing more than necessary using up more effort than you need to. You're gonna get tired easily and you're going to wear yourself out so it's absolutely crucial that you lean over your front foot the entire time when you learn how to push.

When you start to slow down, that's when you wanna take one big push off of the ground and place that back foot back onto too back four bolts. After you have mastered on how to push on a skateboard, you'll then want to learn how to turn. Before you learn how to turn, you should place your board down and practice how to do front liftups which is a pretty simple technique. With your skateboard placed in front of you, place your back foot 100% on the tail, the portion which comes up. Your toes should not lapse over the side of the board but should slightly be removed backward being right here. With your back foot you wanna press directly straight down and simutanously lift up as well with the front foot, keeping your knees slightly bent and arms out.

Once you can do fifteen to twenty of those front liftups, you'll then want to do at the same time instead of going straight up and directly straight down is to add in a little bit of forward movement into the front foot. You'll wanna keep your back foot doing the exact same motion going straight down and straight up and slightly forward with your front foot. When learning how to turn on a skateboard, you'll wanna always be keeping your eyes looking directly where your front two wheels will be landing. So if you're turning this way, you'll be looking this way. If you're turning backwards over your shoulder, you'll wanna be looking over your shoulder.

After you have learned how to push and how to turn on a skateboard, you've really learned a lot of the basic beginner techniques. You also wanna be thinking of your skatebaord at all times kinda like a boat. If you put too much weight on the backend of your board, it's gonna lift the frontend of the board up. Too much on the front, do the opposite. Too much on the side, too much on the other side and that's gonna cause you to fall. So you always want to keep your weight centred, balanced and your arms out as if you're riding a boat, surfboard or snowboard or any other type of things.

After you've learned how to be good at turning, good at keeping your balance, you'll then be able to go down inclines, hills and ride your board down the sidewalks. Check out some of our video because now you are ready for some skateboarding tricks.

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