1. Panel 2 - Addressing GSA's Culture of Wasteful Spending

  2. Issa: GSA Chief of Staff Informed White House of Las Vegas Conference Scandal in Spring 2011

  3. GSA Chief of Staff Spills Beans on When He Told White House About Vegas Spending Spree

  4. Chaffetz: GSA's Wasteful Spending & Lack of Accountability Goes Beyond Party Lines & Is Unacceptable

  5. Issa: How Can We Trust GSA To Prevent More Shrewdly Executed Fraud & Waste In The Future?

  6. Issa on the Today Show: GSA Wastes Taxpayer $$ -- "Tip of the Iceberg"

  7. Issa on CBS: Exposing Waste, Abuse & Mismanagement at the GSA & Secret Service

  8. Issa on Face the Nation: Secret Service Scandal - How Do We Prevent Future Breaches?

  9. Issa Addresses 2012 NRA Convention -- Updates on Operation Fast & Furious

  10. Party in the GSA Spending Spree MASHUP

  11. Chairman Issa Previews Oversight GSA Spending Hearing

  12. CNN: GSA Spent $330K Relocating Employee

  13. Issa on Fox News: Obama Administration Knew About GSA's Wasteful Spending - Part Of A Pattern

  14. Why is CWA Union Leader So Defensive About Accountability & Transparency?

  15. ISSA Goes on the Record on GSA "American Idle," Lavish Vegas Convention

  16. POTUS Wants A Press Event - Long Version GSA

  17. POTUS Wants A Press Event - GSA

  18. ABC's Tapper on on GSA Talent Show, Lavish Vegas Convention

  19. CNN's Dana Bash and Wolf Blitzer Break Down GSA "American Idol" Video

  20. UNCOVERED: Federal Government Worker "American Idle"? GSA

  21. UNCOVERED: Federal Government Worker "American Idle"? - Long Version and GSA Awards Ceremony

  22. Are Security Policy Changes Jeopardizing USAID Reconstruction Projects & Personnel in Afghanistan?

  23. Issa: Why Is White House Ordering Former Aide To Not Speak To Oversight On Fast & Furious?

  24. ISSA: FISMA 2.0, Ensuring Security from Cyber Threats for Federal Agencies

  25. Issa on Fox Business: How Will Supreme Court Handle Federal Government Overreach & Obamacare?

  26. Is the Government Doing Enough to Protect Vulnerable Workers?

  27. Can A USPS-Run Health Plan Help Solve Its Financial Crisis? Panel 2

  28. Can a USPS-Run Health Plan Solve Its Financial Crisis? - Panel 1

  29. Amash Questions Postmaster General Donahoe on Business Practices to Save USPS

  30. Amash: Postmaster General Donahoe, What Do You Like About Issa-Ross Postal Reform Act?

  31. TSA Oversight Part III: Effective Security or Security Theater?

  32. Issa Shares Americans' TSA Stories from Facebook

  33. CNN: Who are the Top Congressmen & Senators on Twitter?

  34. Fox News Covers "Catch & Release" of Fast and Furious Gun Traffickers

  35. Issa: Obama Administration Can't Keep Wasting Taxpayer Dollars on All or Nothing Energy Programs

  36. New Audit Finds Problems in Army Military Pay

  37. FOIA in the 21st Century: Using Technology to Improve Transparency in Government

  38. Issa on Fast & Furious: ATF Agents Let Gun Trafficker Go - Across Border to Drug Cartel

  39. Panel 2 - The State of Housing Markets, Mortgage Servicing Practices & Foreclosures

  40. Fox & Friends Grade Energy Secretary Chu on Gas Prices & Issa Tweet on Chu's SUV

  41. Issa on Fox News: Obama Administration Cannot Have Both Ways On Green Energy

  42. Europe's Sovereign Debt Crisis: Causes, Consequences for the United States, and Lessons Learned

  43. Panel 1 - The State of Housing Markets, Mortgage Servicing Practices & Foreclosures

  44. McHenry: Protecting U.S. Economy from European Debt Crisis

  45. Gowdy: How Big Would Be Treasury Dept's Very Last Debt Ceiling Request?

  46. Issa: Gov. Policies Must Continue to Protect Taxpayers

  47. Jordan: U.S. Energy Priorities? Sec. Chu & Obama Administration Distracted From Lowering Gas Prices

  48. Issa on Squawk Box: What Is U.S. Plan If Dominoes Fall From European Debt Crisis?

  49. Issa on Bloomberg: Do Geithner & Bernanke Have A Plan If Sovereign Debt Expands?

  50. Oversight of the Department of Energy's Stimulus Spending

  51. Catch and Release: Fast & Furious Let Major Suspect Go Free?

  52. ROSS: No One Fired Over Botched Green Energy Home Modifications Program

  53. BUERKLE: Does the White House even appreciate the pain at the pump?

  54. Issa to Chu: Where there contacts between DOE and White House on loans?

  55. CHAFFETZ: What's DOE's ethical standard for approving loans?

  56. JORDAN: DOE Investing in Companies Expected to Fail

  57. McHenry: Buying a Nissan Leaf isn't an option for the 10% unemployed in North Carolina

  58. Issa to Secretary Chu: Higher than an A- on Gas Prices?

  59. Fox News Reports -- Most Damning Evidence Yet on Deadly Operation Fast & Furious?

  60. Issa: Energy Dept Breaks Own Loan Rules on "Green" Tech

  61. Issa: Murdered Agent Zapata's Family Speaks Out, Demands Accountability Fast & Furious

  62. So Easy a Congressman Can Do It!

  63. Chaffetz: Hold the Obama Administration Accountable for Fast & Furious

  64. Union Workers' Violated Rights: Forced to Donate $$ to Partisan Politics They Oppose

  65. Issa on Cavuto: Obama Energy Policies Cost Americans at the Pump

  66. Food Stamp Fraud as a Business Model: USDA's Struggle to Police Store Owners

  67. How Many Taxpayer Dollars Lost in Food Stamp Fraud?

  68. Issa: "Food Stamp Fraud Hurts American Children and Families"

  69. Tierney: "This is Exactly the Type of Oversight we Need"

  70. Food Stamp Fraud EXPOSED

  71. The Pros & Cons of Making the Census Bureau's American Community Survey Voluntary

  72. Issa on Bloomberg: Car of the Year? Not the Chevy Volt

  73. Main Justice Is Not Exempt From Responsibility for Fast & Furious

  74. Shouldn't NJ Union Teachers Have a Right to Choose Who Their Money Supports?

  75. "The Status of Government Financial Management"

  76. Preventing Stolen Valor: Challenges and Solutions

  77. Honoring George Washington's Legacy: Does America Need A Reminder?

  78. Issa: Protecting Americans From Food Stamp Fraud

  79. Issa: Obama White House & Democrats Blocking Access to Affordable American Energy

  80. AG Holder, the Failure of Fast & Furious is Your Responsibility

  81. Government 2.0: GAO Unveils New Duplicative Program Report

  82. How Much is Too Much? Examining Duplicative IT Investments at DOD and DOE

  83. Issa on Fox News: Protecting Religious Freedom for All Americans

  84. Lines Crossed: Separation of Church and State - Part 2

  85. Lines Crossed: Separation of Church and State - Part 1

  86. Walberg: Obama Healthcare Law Steps On First Amendment Rights For Americans

  87. Obama Health Care Law Violates Constitution, Conscience & His Own Promises

  88. Issa: Protecting the Right to Freedom of Conscience, Trampled by Obama Administration

  89. Issa with Megyn Kelly: We Need To Know Who in Main Justice Approved Fast & Furious

  90. Why Reshuffling Government Agencies Won't Solve the Federal Government's Obesity Problem

  91. Issa with Imus: Updates on Fast & Furious, Payroll Tax Debate

  92. Issa: Obama Admin. Tramples on Religious Freedom in the Name of Politics

  93. Field Hearing "South Texas as a Leader in Creating Jobs & Strengthening the Economy"

  94. Field Hearing "South Texas as a Leader in Creating Jobs & Strengthening the Economy"

  95. ABC Corpus Christi: How Does South Texas Succeed in Energy Production & Job Creation?

  96. ISSA: Obama Admin's $27.2 Billion Green Energy Earmark Doubles Down on Solyndra

  97. TERRY BOWMAN: Denied the Right to Choose by Union Leaders

  98. Why Is Port of Los Angeles Spending $500K in Taxpayer Dollars on a VIP Yacht?

  99. Who Knew About Fast & Furious? Not Just ATF and Justice Department