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How to Make The Perfect Omelet

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Uploaded on Dec 22, 2010

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Mahalo cooking expert Miranda Valentine shows you how to make the perfect omelette.

What You'll Need

3 eggs* Oil (canola or olive), cooking spray or 
butterMilk (optional)* Non-stick skillet
* Spatula
* Fork or egg beater
* Mixing bowl
* Ingredients to fill your omelette, such as cheese,
ham, onion, tomato, bell peppers, sausage, bacon and mushroom are popular.* Ingredients that are placed on top of the omelette once it has been cooked, such as
salsa, avocado, sour cream and cilantro.

Step 1: Prepare Ingredients

Have all of your ingredients ready before you turn on the stove. This will make cooking your omelette much easier.

Break the eggs and place them in your bowl. Add milk, if desired, to make the eggs fluffy.
2. Take your fork or egg beater and whisk the eggs until the yolk has been broken.

3. For a fluffier omelette, whisk the eggs longer than usual. The more you whisk the eggs, the more air gets in them. The more air you have in your eggs, the fluffier they will be.

4. Grate your cheese.

5. Cut up all of your vegetables and prepare any meat you will be putting in your omelette.

Step 2: Cook the Omelette

Turn on the stove to medium/high.2. Coat the skillet with either the oil, spray or butter and place onto the stove.

3. Wait for the skillet to get hot and add any vegetables/meat. This is a must if you plan on using the 'flip' technique. If you plan on doing the 'fold' method you can pre-cook your meat and veggies or you can add them in prior to the fold.

4. Use your spatula to help stir the ingredients. You won't have to do this for long because they will still be cooking once you add your egg.

5. After a minute or so, add the egg.

With your spatula, push the egg from the outer edge of the skillet toward the center. This allows the runny egg on top to spread out to open skillet space and cook.
7. You can also tilt the pan so that the egg runs to open areas.

8. Continue to do this until the egg starts to turn white and the edges get a little crispy.

Method 1: The 'Flip' Technique

The 'flip' technique is flashy, fun and all in the wrist. It might take a few flips to perfect, but it's worth a try. Remember, if you want to make an omelet, you will have to break a few eggs. In this case, if you want to flip an omelet, you will have to deal with a potential misfire. At any rate, a successful flip is almost as satisfying as the omelet itself.

1. If the egg is stuck to the pan, add a touch of oil to the edge of the skillet and let it run down between the egg and the pan to provide lubrication.
2. Take the skillet off of the fire and move the omelet around so that you know it isn't stuck.

3. Now you are ready to flip. Very quickly, draw the skillet toward you and then in a sudden sharp movement thrust the pan away from you and flip the egg pancake. Hopefully, the eggs flipped and landed runny-side down. Because the eggs have been cooking, they won't need much more time on the skillet.

4. Once you have flipped the eggs, place your cheese in the middle so it can start to melt.

5. When you think that it's done, fold the egg into a semicircle with your spatula and slide it out of the skillet and onto your plate.

6. Garnish the top of your omelette with whatever you wish. More cheese, salsa, sour cream and avocado work very well.

Method 2: The 'Fold' Technique

The 'fold' technique is the preferred method of omelette-making. It is safer than flipping the egg, but not as risky, showy or fun.

Now that the edges are a little crispy, add your cheese and any other veggies/meat on top of one side of the eggs.
2. With your spatula, fold the other side of the eggs over so that it covers the ingredients and makes a semi-circle.

3. Let cook for 30 seconds to one minute.

4. Take your spatula and run it under your omelette to make sure it is not stuck to the skillet.

5. Now you can slide it off the skillet and onto your plate.

6. If you have toppings, this is the time to add them.

7. Enjoy your new culinary creation!!

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