1. Oscar Pistorius defense team goes on the attack

  2. Sequestration poses threat to government agency budgets

  3. SEC freezes suspicious Heinz trade

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  20. "In Search of the Jaguar" update

  21. Breakthrough in battle against melanoma

  22. Politically predetermined: Does brain chemistry sway vote?

  23. December home prices highest since 2008

  24. Biden: "get a double-barreled shotgun"

  25. WWII plane discovered off Fla. coast

  26. British PM defends Kate Middleton

  27. Headlines at 8:30: USPS to launch clothing line

  28. Gingrich: "GOP not competitive at presidential level"

  29. Failing NOAA satellites could have serious consequences

  30. Tweet happy? New happiness study looks to Twitter

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  32. Different justice for cops and civilians?

  33. Jesse Jackson Jr. and wife expected to plead guilty

  34. Outrage over Fla. trooper behavior

  35. Charlie Rose offers to caddy for Obama, Tiger Woods

  36. Pistorius case: Police find testosterone, needles in bedroom

  37. Gen. Allen announces retirement to care for wife

  38. Gingrich: US is too young and diverse for GOP to deal with

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  40. Police search for bodies at scorched Kansas City restaurant

  41. Obama on budget cuts: Jobs will be lost, services cut

  42. March budget cuts: "Everybody loses"

  43. Multiple injuries in Kansas City explosion

  44. Original Iwo Jima sculpture up for auction

  45. Dorner targets share their stories

  46. Pistorius to be charged with pre-meditated murder

  47. India's women revolt against a culture of rape

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  68. "Silver Linings Playbook" author talks inspiration

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  70. Pistorius murder charge upgraded

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  72. Hip replacement study: Women face higher risk of failure

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  83. Miller: Adam Lanza blacked out bedroom, game room

  84. White House: Obama leaked immigration plan was incomplete

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  86. Immigration reform proposal

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